It's nice to be so highly regarded by the Republic government. Turns out you only need to discover a vast Oikoumene installation for the Senate to devote any attention to you.

- Dané Elenya, speaking with Apollo in Martex, 06 NE.

Dané Elenya is a female Libertus who works with the New Republic Xenoarchaeological Corps, specialising in Oikoumene culture and technology, in addition to a variety of other roles within New Republic scientific circles, including special scientific adviser to the Republic Senate. An immensely intelligent, enthusiastic and witty individual, Elenya is well regarded throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy as one of the most intelligent Libertus in the last century, being a noted polymath at the front and centre of many of the latest scientific enterprises in multiple far-reaching fields.

Elenya is a close friend with President Apollo, having known him from childhood. During the Cyrannian Cold War, the relationship between the two grew intense, though remained platonic. Nevertheless, the two share a mutual attraction and devotion to one another, though neither open admits it, hiding their feelings through near-constant bickering. During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Elenya began researching Oikoumene technology which could be used against the Empire's superior numbers and forces.


Early Life[]

Born in 34 BNE, though Elenya was born on the Inner Rim world of Corament, at a young age she and her family moved to the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón, where a young Dané went to school with Aedanius Cretacea, with the two being nigh inseparable during their formative years before Elenya and her family moved back to Corament at the end of her primary education. From an early age, it was clear that Elenya defied even elite Libertus educational standards, allowing her to ascend incredibly rapidly through many of the Cyrannus Galaxy's proudest institutions. At the age of fourteen, Elenya had already published her fourth doctoral thesis in which she discussed ancient Phaedric horticulture techniques.

Upon her early graduation in 19 BNE, Dané was quickly employed by the University of Capricaepolis, where she spent the next several years developing her considerable talents as a polymath, dipping her toes into a multitude of different scientific fields including, but not limited to, palaeontology, astrophysics and the medical sciences ultimately using her talents to pioneer many technological breakthroughs in the final decades of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Her interest in science did not translate into an interest in politics however, and she remained quite aloof of current events to the point where she had barely registered that her old friend Aedanius was now President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Though inconvenienced by the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War and the subsequent rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, she remained at her post in the University of Capricaepolis until the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE. Desiring a change of pace, Elenya joined the New Republic Xenoarchaeological Corps, specifically the branch relating to Oikoumene artifacts discovered throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy. She still however found time to become involved in the Republica's mission to the Milky Way Galaxy to participate in the landmark Project Exodus, where she aided in the relocation of Indoctrinate Collective space to the Borealis Galaxy.

Apollo and Dané say their goodbyes as Gorf and the Adjunct look on.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Adventure with Apollo

Don't you have some... device thing that can triangulate our position on a galactic map?"
"Erm... I'm a politician, not an explorer. Anyway, it's not like I'm the one with magical powers."
"Dream magical powers."

- Dané, Apollo and Gorf, lost on an unknown world

During the first year of the Cyrannian Cold War, Doctor Elenya led a science team on the frontier Republic world of Rainerudh, where an ancient Oikoumene installation had recently been discovered. During the excavation, she was surprised to see her old friend Apollo, now the Proconsul of the New Republic, pay the site a visit with his companions, the mysterious entity Gorf and the Oikoumene AI, the Adjunct. Overcome with scientific zeal, Doctor Elenya rushed forward to inspect the Adjunct, only to awkwardly greet Apollo when she composed herself.

To Dané shock, Gorf became bored with the excavation and grabbed hold of both her and Apollo's leg, transporting them across space and time, all the way across the Gigaquadrant to New Draka, capital of the Indoctrinate Collective. There, they briefly met with the infamous scientist Errr before being transported yet again to the Quadrantia world of Yudumarth. There, Gorf managed to save them from the nefarious claws of Zillum and Tyrant, transporting them to a seemingly peaceful grassy world. As the group bantered amongst themselves, they failed to realise that a sticky substance covered the ground. To Dané's horror, she discovered that the substance was the saliva of a hungry Ryderallo Monster, which rose from its slumber and attempted to attack the group, only for Gorf to transport them to safety again, this time to the Imperial Palace on Orbispira.

As they explored the corridors, making sure to avoid any Imperials, Apollo began to reminisce about his time as President of the URC, sadly overlooking the Imperial controlled capital, prompting Dané to comfortingly hold his hand. Suddenly, the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon arrived, using his powers to levitate the intruders into the air before him. Dané was certain that they were going to die, but the Emperor simply dropped them to the floor, in mock politeness asking them to leave before his guards arrived to execute them. Once again, Gorf transported them, this time back to Rainerudh, where Apollo and Gorf bid Dané farewell.

Growing Friendship

Tiaa and Yanhar corner Apollo and Dané for an interview at the Republic City Spaceport.

Dané: "Our relationship is strictly professional. Apollo is too scrawny for my taste."
Apollo: "Gee thanks."
―Dané and Apollo, while speaking to reporters on Mou'Cyran

Over the next four years, Apollo and Dané would grow closer and closer, with his transition from his busy role as Proconsul to the less taxing position of Senator allowing the two to see each other frequently. This close and often inseparable relationship prompted Republica News correspondent Tiaa Garyae to suspect that the two were romantically involved, which the reporter brought up when she caught the two together on Mou'Cyran in 10 NE, during the airing of Out and About with Tiaa and Garyae. Both Apollo and Dané reacted awkwardly to the question, though Dané shrugged it off, claiming that Apollo was "too scrawny" for her tastes.

After the encounter, Apollo and Dané travelled to the Senate Tower, where she began inspecting the Adjunct—who had grown very fond of the fawning scientist. When Apollo left for the inaugural session of the new Senate term, Dané informed him that she would likely not see him for a while, as she was travelling to a top-secret installation in the Quadrant Galaxies to study Atlantican technology.

Crisis on Aecor and Aldár

The group and the Zevian Skull.

Upon arriving at Aecor, the Quadrantia installation she had travelled to, Doctor Elenya worked closely with the Rambo and Cognatus authorities studying the mystical Zevian Skull. To her great shock, several weeks later, she was informed that Apollo and Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo were travelling to the installation on a top secret mission. Engrossed in her studies however, Dané payed little attention when Apollo, Rambarth and the crew of the Auethnen Raptor arrived, though she did have a brief conversation with Apollo's children, Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá. Along with the Cogsangui warrior Rtas'Shagili, Dané and the group approached the Skull, only for the young humanoid known as Aoirtae Valaeris to touch it and transport the group all the way to the Cyrannus Galaxy, or more specifically, the planet Aldár.

Struggling to work out the mere logistics of the translocation, Dané and the group were caught unawares by the sudden arrival of the dark forces of Morgandaûr, Venatorius and Meketanor. During the ensuing battle, Dané, Rambarth, Laoi and Apollo attempted to escape the calamity, only for them to re-emerge when their allies began to triumph over Morgandaûr, utilising blasters and debris to distract the former Emperor. When the battle ended with Morgandaûr's defeat, Dané was shocked, struggling to even comprehend what had occurred. As the others recovered, she attempted to scan Du'utahrovin, the mysterious dragon, without whom the day would have been lost.

Borderland Alliance Crisis
Dané: "While you'll be dealing with the Senator, I'll be undercover! Undercover, Aedanius!"
Apollo: "Believe me, I'll make a note in my diary about how my heart leapt."
―Dané and Apollo

Over the next two years, Dané joined the Republic Strategic Intelligence as a consultant specialising in the application of Oikoumene technology. She was assigned by President Nexarón Valkistair himself to aid Senator Apollo during his efforts to negotiate with the Eastern Borderland Alliance, a faction of worlds seeking considerable concessions from the Republic government. Upon arriving at Rihanae, where Apollo was due to meet with Borderland representatives, they were attacked and captured by Inquisitor Vandalion. Two days later, a group of Aldárae knights arrived to rescue them, drawn to the ship by Apollo's emergency transmission. After a few moments of bickering with Apollo, she thanked her rescuers, including Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar, who escorted them to Aldár. There, Dané was shocked to learn that the Order had ventured into another reality, returning with the ancient Oikoumene known as Apolithanatár. Though she hoped to barrage the entity with questions, she did not have the chance before returning to Republic space.

Second Great War[]

A few months later, Dané was horrified to learn that the New Republic capital Mou'Cyran had been destroyed by the Empire, sparking the Second Great Cyrannus War. She quickly met up with Laoi Cretacea, with the two desperately trying to ascertain Apollo's whereabouts. She was relieved when he returned to Capricaerón unharmed, though surprised to learn that he had become the President of the Republic. Before he made his famous Capricaerón Address to the people of the Republic, Dané gave him a short kiss on the cheek, before listening to the speech.

Rise of the New Remnant

The leaders of the Empire and the Republic face off.

You say this is it, that you've failed, but you only fail if you give up. I know you, maybe better than you know yourself—you can't give up. I saw that in you when we first met, it's what made me believe in you. It's what made everyone here, the Republic itself, believe in you. And it's why I'd do it all over again.

- Dané Elenya, to Apollo during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds

Two years later, Dané was present on Capricaerón during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, when the Empire launched a vicious attack on Capricaerón in the hopes of finally destroying the Republic and ending the war. Comforting Apollo when he had almost lost hope that victory could be found, she rallied him to action, standing side by side with him when the Empire stormed the Presidential Pyramid. It was only through the timely arrival of Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris that Dané, Apollo and the others were able to escape to the Republica, where they became the first members of the New Republic Remnant.

During the Battle of Cognalorilos, Elenya was present on the Republica when it was overrun by the Great Star Dominion's soldiers. However, she, and the rest of the civilians on the flagship were evacuated to the Aeolus by Kara. After the battle, Elenya attempted to comfort Apollo after the death of Gorf and his father at the hands of Zillum, though despite her best efforts, she was unable to. Several weeks later, Elenya was placed in charge of surveying the recently discovered planet of Harborage, where the Remnant established their base of operations.

Physical Appearance[]

Dané, in a labcoat.

Dané rarely gives much attention to her appearance, often claiming that she is far too busy to be concerned with such things. As such, her potential to be considered very attractive to fellow Libertus is often hidden by a stack of data reports, an overused labcoat and a mountain of books slung over her back. Nevertheless, her natural charm was enough to catch the attention of a young Apollo during his early teenage years, though ultimately nothing came from the mutual attraction other than a strong friendship. Dané's voice is generally calm and collected, though some who have crossed her have learned that it can also turn quite shrill when annoyed.

Personality and Traits[]

Dané: "Never thought I'd see you again, Aedanius. Or do you prefer your lofty divine title?"
Apollo: "You can call me whatever you want, Doctor."
―Dané and Apollo greet each other

Dané has a highly enthusiastic, playful and witty personality and is deeply passionate about science in all of its forms to the point where she has been described as being singularly devoted to her work and her pursuit of knowledge. This can result in Dané occasionally being quite socially awkward, with the young scientist spending far more time with advanced artificial intelligences than other people. This social awkwardness can also stem from her enthusiasm for science which often leaves people in the dark when she begins rambling about a topic of intense interest.

Exceptionally intelligent, even by the standards of the Libertus, Dané is a noted polymath with a wide range of interests, utilising her studiousness to become an expert in a wide range of an ever growing amount of skills. An unabashed perfectionist, Dané can be quite critical of her colleagues if she considers their work to be sub par and can occasionally be considered overly opinionated and abrasive, though she is not arrogant about her abilities, to the point where she gladly lends a helping hand if asked. Nevertheless, her abrasiveness can sometimes translate into a tendency to be argumentative and tactless.



LoveRelation.pngI love you, you massive jerk.


Green face.pngI'll always be there for you.


Blue face.pngYes, yes. What is it? I'm a tad busy.


Yellow face.pngDo I know you?

  • Errr - I can't believe you committed such crimes...


Orange face.pngTwitchy little morons.


Red face.pngThe most idiotic warts I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

  • Tyrómairon - How an entire Empire could follow you, I have no idea. People really are idiots sometimes.
  • Zillum - Murderous psycho.


The finest... no, the loveliest... no, that's creepy. Erm, she's one of the best lookin- she's the best scientist I know.

- Apollo


- Gorf




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