Do it my way or get out of my sight.

- Count Dalverat

Count Dalverat, codename The Skull, was the leader of the Katel and a former member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's deadly unit UNOC. Vampiric, lightning fast, deadly and potent with Dark Chronoscopic, Dalverat was a force to be reckoned with.



Dalverat about to attack Tuolog

Dalverat's past of mostly unknown, as those who remembered about it are all dead. Dalverat had always been a notable Katel, being stronger and more powerful than the others. He would eventually become their leader and lead them in their battles against the Ioketa. Dalverat tried, and failed several times in killing Tuolog, who eventually defeated him in battle.

The Dark Mask[]

When the Ioketa sealed Dark Powers away in a single mask, known as the Dark Mask, Dalverat spent his life trying to find and unleash the power of this mask. It took him many years to search for this mask, but it was only found when the Hostile Xenoform Threat uncovered and unleashed the mask.


After the Katel were absorbed into UNO, Dalverat was given The System, which turned him into a powerful member of the Unified Nation. He was killed by a Xi'Arazulha during the Second Borealis Galactic War, but was later revived. However, at 2802, Dalverat was killed once again by Voa'reak during Da Ice Cube Trials by being squeezed and crushed into his grasp, with his death being this time permanent.



Dalverat appeared the same as a normal Katel, except his claws were noticeably larger and stronger than those of a normal Katel.


Dalverat was considered posh and antisocial, believing himself to be above most other species in UNO. He preferred to stay in the shadows, alone, and would also rather kill someone instead of trying to negotiate.


Dalverat had no equipment, as he had no need for it.


Dalverat had the abilities of a Katel, but much more powerful. Dalverat has a large resistance to Chronoscopic-based attacks and immunity to most Dark Chronoscopic-based ones.



Blue face.pngHmm, you come somewhere close to my level.

  • UNOL - My supreme leaders.
  • UNOC - You do what I say. No questions.
    • Thr'aloy - Why must I have to share leadership with this nincompoop?
    • Vailisa - Unintelligent brute.
    • Commandant Darwishi - At least you don't go "ohhh my life sucks so much" like everyone else.
    • Kalcedia Myran - Shut up, kid. I'm not your brother.
    • Vaktyl - This ain't no game, moron. Concentrate on the task at hand.
    • Zelfron III - I'm tired of seeing your face everywhere. What's so important about you?
    • Lupercal - ...Eww. Gross.


Yellow face.pngGet out of my sight.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYour blood is MINE.

  • Brag'klogga - You Dark Loron scum make Dark Chronoscopic look like a baby's toy!
  • Kolossus - Ohh, how would I love to stab my fangs in your neck...
  • Voa'reak - Curse you!


YA MOM...Excellent thought pattern, Dalverat. We shall proceed with this plan immediately and I shall carry out these actions...BUT YA MOMS STILL DUM

- Thr'aloy

While you are now my ally, you are still misguided. I wish you could put the past behind you.

- Tuolog

Brother...why must you be so cynical to others? We're all allies!

- Kalcedia Myran

Yeah, baby! Once we got you on our side we know we're winnin' something.

- Vaktyl

The Fist...The Fist like...The Fist smash with vampire!!

- Vailisa

His mind is an incredibly useful asset in controlling and leading the Unit.

- Commandant Darwishi

He's level headed and focused. I like that. But I don't particularly like his attitude much.

- Zelfron III

My leader...I am at your service, Count. Together we will be a formidable force.

- Lupercal




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