My battle meditation will aid our forces in this fight. If we all work together, I'm sure that we will triumph.

- Daera Rosalayne, during the Borealis Front

Daera Rosalayne is a female Bonderae master, who sits on the Ethelnór Aldárae of the Aldárae Order. A wise scholar and a thoughtful strategist, Rosalayane is considered to be the Order's foremost expert on the history of the fabled First Aldárae Order in millennia past, and since arriving on Aldár, she has led numerous expeditions into lost Aldárae ruins, revealing numerous details of the prehistory of the galaxy.

Born on her people's homeworld of Bonderan in the Mid Rim of Cyrannus, Rosalayne was born with an innate skill in the Light, though this remained untapped until well into her adulthood, during which she was called by an unknown voice to Aldár, whereupon she met Ryen and began to plan for the rebirth of the Order.

Though Rosalayne utterly abhors violence, she recognises the necessity of overthrowing the Empire, and has proved herself as a tactician in numerous campaigns in the Second Great Cyrannus War. Nevertheless, in contrast to her colleague Master Alinor Nanuq, Rosalayne is often the last member of the Ethelnór willing to support offensive campaigns, preferring to bide time and preserve strength.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Bonderan in 74 BNE, Daera Rosalayne knew from a young age that she was different from the other children, but in a way she could not hope to comprehend at the time. Nevertheless, she was distinguished by her compassion and her fierce intellect, always willing to lend her voice to her argument if she felt she could advance discourse, or help those in need by offering anything she possessed. When she reached adulthood, Rosalayne put aside a promising career in xenoarchaeology to pursue the source of a mysterious voice from beyond the stars.

After years of searching, she eventually found the mystical planet Aldár, where she met with Ryen, Alinor Nanuq and Aenaró. All three had been drawn to Aldár by the great dragon Du'utahrovin, who told them that together, each would play a role in the rebirth of the Aldárae Order. Younger and less experienced than the others, Rosalayne trained for five years under Master Aenaró, who taught her how to harness her powers and use them for the betterment of a galaxy oblivious to the existence of Aldár.

Second Great WarEdit

After a period of exploration in the unknown regions, Rosalayne returned to Aldár, where she learned that Ryen's young pupils Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá had proven instrumental in summoning the Lord of Light Apolithanatár—an Oikoumene with the power to bring to what seemed to be a hopeless fight. Upon securing the support of the New Republic, Ryen declared the Aldárae Order reborn, with Rosalayne serving as one of the Order's most respected masters.

Liberation of Tilranni's Vigil

Rosalayne speaks with President Apollo during the Borealis Front.

Though she abhorred the violence caused by the war, Rosalayne travelled to the Borealis Galaxy where she worked closely with the Polar Crystal Alliance and Aoirtae and Kara to repel the Empire's bold attack into Republic-held space, as well the return of the dreaded Corruptus. Though the demons were repelled in Borealis, Rosalayne played a key role during the subsequent conflict against Mar-Júun, who returned to Cyrannus with a vision of galactic power. She was later present on Aldár when the Oikoumene Chaneonix arrived to warn them of Mar-Júun's intentions, and his weakness to the ancient artifact known as the Spear of Ramielum.

Months later, after the Fall of the New Republic, Rosalayne and her former tirolenros Kaliyana were approached by Tselaya and Searah with a mission to rescue a mythical Precore Dragon from the Empire's clutches. Feeling that Kaliyana was ready to handle the mission on her own, Rosalayne bid her former pupil good luck, and later welcomed her back to Aldár when her mission was successful.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kind and warm-hearted, Rosalayne is considered by her fellow Aldárae to be one of the beating hearts of the Aldárae Temple, always willing to listen to the problems of her colleagues, and take them upon herself in an effort to fix them. In this way, some of the more aloof masters of the Order consider her to be too compassionate for her own good, as she has been known to put herself in danger, or place added stress upon herself, in order to help those in need.

Highly intelligent and philosophical, Rosalayne's tendency to consider the long game can be somewhat irritating to more compulsive members of the Order, as she is rarely willing to sanction action which she believes will eventually solve themselves. A powerful seer and mage, Rosalayne is proficient in the art of battle meditation, using her mastery over the Light to bolster her allies and hamper her enemies—a power which has proven to be invaluable in several of the Second Great War's most destructive conflicts.



Blue faceIt's good to see you!

  • Ryen: "You'll be missed, old friend."
  • Alinor Nanuq: "We may argue, but I'd never doubt your wisdom, Alinor."
  • Aoirtae Valaeris: "It's a pleasure to know you, young one."
  • Kara Inviá: "She has a power I've witnessed in only a few."
  • Aenaró: "I strive to live up to your example."
  • Kaliyana: "You'll go far, my former Tirolenros."


Orange faceThere's still a chance for reconciliation.

  • Tyrómairon: "Your destruction is necessary for the future of our galaxy."


You are too naive for your own good, Daera, but there's nobody I'd rather stand with in this dark time.

- Alinor Nanuq




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