Among the most powerful artificial intelligences in the entire Borealis Galaxy with control of more weaponry than any hypercomputer known in the Gigaquadrant, and yet they put me in charge of a bunch of morons with too much testosterone. It's quite poetic, actually.

- Da Propa Big Rouge Geek

Da Propa Big Rogue Geek, often shorted to Rogue Geek, is the primary artificial intelligence of Da Rogue Boyz that is stationed within Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza, and has its own form. It serves as a Poshie, filling the role of being primarily responsible for most military strategy, technological developments and other tasks within the Rogue Boyz, along with Kal'kuir and Rel'larutina. Da Rogue Geek is programmed with a female personality, and is often referred to as a "chik", and her robot form is feminine-looking.

Kal'kuir is primarily responsible for programming her, and designing her form to his liking. Despite this, due to her superior understanding of her own code and autonomy, the Rogue Geek is largely autonomous and can override Kal'kuir's code easily. Her robotic form, designed by the both of them, has a feminine Loron look, and is shorter than most Loron but easily as strong.


Creation and early eras[]

Da Propa Big Rogue Geek was created during the beginning events of the Second Borealis Galactic War. Originally an artificial intelligence for Arkarixus, it was discovered by Fre'kloar and the others while doing a task to prove their "worth" to Grak'tona. After retrieving it, Kal'kuir begin to salvage parts of it and reprogram it into an artificial intelligence that Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza could use, as the chief of the Geekz AIs through the Rogue Boyz.

When the artificial intelligence was later used on Hyperborea to revive Arkarixus, Kal'kuir and Rel'larutina had more to work with, and programmed the AI to be more well-suited to the Loron. Over time, the Rogue Geek became more potent, as well as more tolerant of the other Loron.

Da Rogue Saga[]

During Da Saga following the Borealis War's conclusion the Geek's role in the Rogue Boyz became more and more pivotal. The Geek instigated Da Ice Cube Trials in which she tested the Leedas of the Loron with various challenges, in order to shape them up to once again have an active role in the galaxy. Though she promised a prize to the winner, she purposefully decided not to deliver on this promise and simply waited for them to forget about it.

Later, during the incident known as Settlin Da Score, the Rogue Geek helped the Loron once more. However, aware that Kal'kuir would not be present during the Loron's invasion of the UNO Omega Commander, and that the Propa Big Rogue Krooza would likely be destroyed while attempting to take over it, the Rogue Geek consulted Kal'kuir and Rel'larutina in private to develop her a new robotic form. This form would be deployed at the end, much to the disgust of the other Leedas, and was responsible for hacking into the Omega Commander by uploading viruses into it that allowed her to ultimately reprogram it to her liking.

The Rogue Geek reached the pinnacle of her power at this point. By assimilating the Unified Nation of Ottzello's technology, she eventually linked every single Loron AI back to her directly. The Rogue Geek, while still based in her robotic form and the new Rogue Krooza, was now omnipresent throughout the Rogue Boyz.

Da Rogue Geek was forced to give up this new technology at the end of Da Reckoning, as demanded during a trial. She was instrumental in disarmament of Da Rogue Boyz during their transition period.



The Rogue Geek's robotic form is a shorter, feminine looking Loron with broader hips and a silver coating. Her form also contains many weapons, designed both by herself and Kal'kuir. As she is robotic, the Rogue Geek does not require any Loron clothing.

Since no female Loron exist, merely a different species named Norol, the Rogue Geek is completely unique in appearance.


The Rogue Geek is the smartest individual in the Rogue Boyz. She is incredibly snarky and sarcastic to the other Loron, often poking fun at them and making a note to spite them on occasion for her own amusement. Despite this, she is surprisingly loyal to the Rogue Boyz, and though she will not admit it, she is far from apathetic to their cause, with a sense of a maternal responsibility over them.

Although she will often display affection for Kal'kuir, this is merely to poke fun at him. Kal'kuir has included lines of code in her programming that are meant to make her lust for him, but these lines are all redundant and do not actually work, so the Rogue Geek will often make fun of him by displaying affection in front of the other Leedas deliberately. Though she has become much more tolerant of the other Loron than she was in the past, the Rogue Geek's only true friend amongst them is Rel'larutina, and the two are known to often hang out when the other Loron are busy at pizza parties.


The Rogue Geek is completely omnipresent throughout the Rogue Boyz. As her AI exists among Loron internet and every Loron Geek leads back to her directly, the Rogue Geek is present within every machine. Though much of her control throughout Rogue Boyz technology is based on the System created by the Kralgon, she does not directly control Loron through nanomachines, nor does she assume direct control over devices not left on autopilot or granted to her.

As she controls every factory, every robot worker and potentially every computer throughout the Rogue Boyz, the Rouge Geek is theoretically the most powerful of them all. If she chose to, she could lead the entire empire on her own, but retains enough loyalty to the Loron and enough disdain for UNO's practices to avoid doing this.


On her robotic suit, the Rogue Geek's weapons are unpredictable and change all the time to suit the situation, meaning she has an unpredictable arsenal. Her weapons of choice are often plasma blasters, small antimatter missiles, turbolasers and spacetime warping weapons, similar to those of Kal'kuir.



Green face.pngYou're like allies, except I actually like you.

  • Rel'larutina - The only person I care for in their so-called "government".


Blue face.pngI work with you. Or for you, however you like to see it.

  • Da Leedas - Ugh.
    • Fre'kloar - Cocky. Seriously.
    • Hagto'Zhl - You're not the true Zr'Ahgloth, get over it.
    • Jol'kiar - Your wisdom is needed around these morons. But get out of your old ways already.
    • Grak'tona - I assure you, nothing about you is royal.
  • Da Poshiez - I suppose I have to work with you, don't I?
    • Gol'thabex - You're quiet enough to be tolerable.
    • Traz'raka - You're obnoxious enough to be even worse than many of the Loron. Quite an achievement.
  • Da Warbosses - You're...not much better.
    • Kal'kuir - Nope, you're not going to succeed at reprogramming me.
    • Ray'loth - Quit chasing girls. Girls don't like misogynists.
    • Voa'reak - Get your head out the clouds for once.
    • Zalk'don - Too explosive for my taste.
    • Naktor'zak - At least you're in a tank away from me.
    • Brag'klogga - Well, ditto. But a different kind.
    • Drizz'pyrokirk - Next to Jol'kiar, you're the most sensible Loron here. That's not saying much.


Yellow face.pngEh.

  • Billig Oltauris - I have no idea why the Loron choose to work with you, but I will co-operate, even though I could choose to crush you at any point.


Red face.pngI would enjoy witnessing your destruction at the hands of my Krooza.

  • None


An insulting copy of my thought processes. Though I should thank the machine, for its existence led to my reawakening. It shall be paid with annihilation.

- Arkarixus

i screem every time her body shows up

- Voa'reak



  • The Rogue Geek was inspired by GlaDOS and was brought about as an improvisation while writing Da Rebellion.
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