Their universe will fall.

- D'anna

D'anna is a female member of the Quadrantia Humanoids that served onboard Aquillius Cretacea's flagship, the CRS Phoebus in a future timeline under the control of the Xeranbha. Though young and naive, D'anna became a close ally and aide to the captain, who believed that she would one day become a great captain herself. D'anna served onboard the Phoebus during what became known as the Roslia Incident when Helo Roslia travelled forward in time and aided the Republic. She later joined an away mission with Helo, Aquillius and a platoon of Imperial Droids into the heart of a Xeranbha Saucer, during which she was unfortunately infected with the Purity virus.

When she was infected, the Overlords had a plan. Instead of the virus causing a purity alien to gestate within her, D'anna was kept alive to aid in the eventual colonisation of the First Gigaquadrant by influecing events in the past and present to help pave the way for the eventual arrival of the Xeranbha.


Early Life[]

D'anna was born in the year 1235 NE in a timeline in which the Xeranbha had conquered the majority of the First Gigaquadrant. Though her people originate in the Quadrant Galaxies, D'anna's family was forced to escape their home when a massive war between the Hutter and the Regellis Star Empire broke out. Her family eventually settled on Mou'Cyran, the capital of the Cyrandian Republic and brought up their daughter in relative comfort despite the dark times that had enveloped the entire galaxy. D'anna grew up with a strong hatred for the Xeranbha though had sympathies toward the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, alienating some of the Republic's more nationalistic citizens.

Crewmember of the Phoebus[]

The group encounter the Purity Aliens.

My loyalty is to my ship and my captain.

- D'anna

In the year 1247 NE, D'anna graduated from the Republic's Naval Academy on Mou'Cyran, with her strong grades allowing her to be placed on board the Phoebus, flagship of the famed Aquillius Cretacea. Despite Cretacea's gruff exterior, a strong bond formed between the captain and his tactical officer, with Aquillius often relying on D'anna's insight on the eve of battle or in the midst of a diplomatic crisis. When Helo Roslia and the crew of the Avenger arrived in the future, D'anna distrusted them, viewing their presence as an elaborate Xeranbha plot to infiltrate the Republic. However, D'anna grew to trust Helo and started up a friendship with Commander Sevine, a fellow humanoid under Helo's command.

When the time had come to make a strike against the Xeranbha, D'anna insisted on being a part of the away team with Aquillius, Helo and a group of Imperial battledroids. However, despite her skill she was unfortunately infected with the Purity Virus, resulting in the end of her old life and the beginning of her new one...

Servant of the Xeranbha[]

Orthonex speaks with his benefactor.

Instead of having an alien gestate within her, as is typical of infectees of the virus, the Overseer had other plans for her, instead turning her into a vessel with which the modern Gigaquadrant could be prepared for the eventual Xeranbha colonisation. Her first task was to the Cyrannus Galaxy during the Trucinex War when she travelled through time and gave a strand of the virus to the mad scientist known as Orthonex. Orthonex later released the virus into the water supply of the planet Nex creating the fiendish "Viralnex" warriors. Though these warriors would all be destroyed, it didn't hamper the Xeranbha's plans. Though it cannot be proven, she also released the virus on Nosiso during the Great Cyrannus War, though this strand was also destroyed. Years later, D'anna once again supplied the virus to Orthonex during the Dark Times in the hopes of reawakening the Viralnex.

Physical Appearance[]

By all accounts, D'anna is a beautiful woman. Possessing long, silky blonde hair and with skin as orange as a main-sequence star, D'anna has always proven popular with both men and women. Though once she possessed gleaming green eyes, when she was infected with the Purity Virus, her eyes became as black as the darkness of space. Both before and after her infection, D'anna wore a standard issue Republic uniform equipped with everything needed to survive on both the bridge of a starship and in the field.

Personality and Traits[]

Before her infection with the Purity Virus, D'anna was known by her fellow shipmates on the Phoebus as having a strong sense of humour and was able to make light of almost any situation imaginable with her keen wit and soothing voice. She was also not afraid to speak her mind, a trait that annoyed her lecturers in the academy while endearing her to her beloved captain Aquillius Cretacea. However, D'anna was also naive and believed with a strong conviction that one day the Xeranbha's hold on the universe would dissipate. All this changed when she was infected with Purity. Where there was once a kind-hearted young lady, now there is only a sadistic, fiendish and devilish individual devoted only to the will of the Xeranbha's overlords.



Purified face.pngNothing will resist. Nothing can resist.


Purified face.pngAmusing at best.


Purified face.pngThey live only for now.

  • None


I will heal you D'anna.

- Aquillius Cretacea

She is gone. There is no helping her.

- Helo Roslia

Temporal traveller! Monitoring! Hiding is impossible!

- Icolian


  • D'anna is the first Xeranbha character to have a page on the wiki.



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