Cythonia was a female Iemenya who serves as a Lord of the Phaedric Order. Originating as a witch of the Pythonissam, Cythonia was recruited to join the ranks of the Phaedra when the Dark Lord himself visited her planet and commanded her to kill her own clan members as a show of her power over the mystical powers of darkness. Though not the highest ranking Phaedra, Cythonia cared about this little, instead focusing her ambitions on killing any who dare oppose the Dark Lord through her blades, her mind or through the subtle manipulation of events.


Early Life[]

Tyrómairon observes the witches.

Something wicked this way comes...

- Cythonia, immediately prior to the arrival of Tyrómairon

Born on the Iemenya homeworld of Iemenelmë in 26 BNE, Cythonia was raised by a coven of the Pythonissam Witches, a group of Iemenya which managed to tap into the forces of Darkness which permeate the Cyrannus Galaxy. The harnessing of such power garnered the attention of the Dark Lord Tyrómairon who travelled to Iemenelmë during the Dark Times as part of his quest to gain more mortal servants for his new Phaedric Order. Watching the witches perform a ceremony, Tyrómairon singled out Cythonia, whom he commanded to kill her sisters in order to prove her strength and loyalty to the Dark Lord. Infused with greater power, Cythonia gladly did so.

Travelling to Orbispira, Cythonia was introduced to her Phaedric brothers and sisters, though remained behind the scenes for much of the Dark Lord's conflict against the Primercer. Her first true act took place during the New Cyrandia Wars, when she fought during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone against the demonic forces of the Corruptus.

Phaedric Service[]

Cythonia hunts down her prey.

In 08 NE, Cythonia was tasked with travelling to Ezduiin Station in the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, where she communicated with Grand Mandator Mincarione that the Imperial Overseer Thaurlathrón was preparing to inspect the construction of the Empire's new Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser. Cythonia accompanied Thaurlathrón during his time on the station, only to be dispatched to deal with soldiers of the Cyrandia Resistance which had managed to sneak onto the station with the intent to kill the Overseer. With sadistic glee, Cythonia hunted down and brutally murdered all but one of the rebels, who was ultimately killed by the Overseer himself. After the incident, Cythonia returned to the Citadel of the Phaedra on Antemurale.

In 15 NE, she was present at the Battle of Ambar, where she faced agents of the Aldárae Order for the first time. Through overconfidence, she was defeated in a duel with Aoirtae Valaeris, who was powerful enough to slam her blade into Cythonia's with enough force to knock her to the ground. Though defeated, she escaped when Thaurlathrón arrived. When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across the Gigaquadrant, Cythonia became eager to end Aoirtae's life, particularly when she learned that Vandorallen had been killed by her hand.

Ultimately, she would not have her chance. During the pivotal Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, she and her fellow Phaedric Lords confronted Aoirtae, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar in the ruins of the Senate Tower. During the subsequent engagement, Cythonia was defeated and killed by Vanikaimar.

Physical Appearance[]

A humanoid female with green tingled skin, Cythonia could almost be regarded as beautiful were it not for the corruption of her very being. In her capacity as a Phaedric Lord of the Empire, Cythonia wore sinister and sleek black armour emblazoned with the insignia of Empire, leading to many mistaking her for an Imperial Inquisitor. Cythonia's face is almost always covered by a retractable face plate used to inspire dread into the hearts of the unfortunate enemies faced by Cythonia's blade.

Personality and Traits[]

So... who's the first to die?

- Cythonia to the group of terrified Resistance soldiers

Like most of the Phaedric Lords, Cythonia was trained to keep a tight hold on her emotions and as such rarely gives into feelings of anger or frustration. Rather, Cythonia tends to speak calmly, though has been known to grow increasingly maniacal during conflict against the enemies of the Empire. During the Ezduiin Incident, Cythonia found enjoyment toying with the terrified soldiers of the Cyrandian Resistance, sadistically utilising her double-bladed energy sword to mutilate her foes from the darkness.

During combat, Cythonia tends toward a highly athletic style utilising fast speed and impossible reflexes to keep on the upper hand of engagements. In terms of her personal traits, Cythonia is confident to the point of arrogance and has been known to flaunt her status as the Phaedric Lord much to the annoyance of high ranking Imperials. Flirtatious and possessed of a disturbing sense of humour, Cythonia is often regarded as one of the more disturbing Phaedric Lords.



Blue face.pngI suppose I'll tolerate you for the time-being.


Yellow face.png...


Red face.pngI will savour killing you.

  • Primercer - You are now dust. As it should be.


I trust the Dark Lord will finally see fit to finally unleash your powers on his foes.

- Vandorallen

Finally, another servant who shows no fear!... But I am still the master's favorite!

- Meketanor

Loyalty must be proven. Do as you are tasked to by the Dark Lord, witch.

- Thaurlathrón



  • Despite being introduced in 2013, Cythonia did not receive a page on the wiki until 2016.


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