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Unlike most other Overseer templates, Valentinianus Valens Cruon was not taken taken from a warrior race that stood in opposition to the Drakodominatus Tyranny, but from an allied empire, the Imperum of War. He was the son of Warmaster Brutius, one of Imperator Caligustus' many foster sons, born after a wild fling of the warmaster with a Dragowar Berserkress, and demanded as a form of tribute. Caligustus complied because he saw this as a tremendous opportunity to show the Dominatus the Imperium's loyalty, though he made it clear that the Dominatus would not simply be given the child. In accordance with War-Imperial tradition, they would have to take it, and as the bastard of the Imperator's foster son, the child would be well defended. Thus the ruling Tyrant of the Drakodominatus Tyranny send Drachon Dis Brutalis to take the child, who fought trough a whole elite Warlegion to reach the palace. He would then defeat the child's praetorian caretakers. Picking up the child, the infant himself clawed at the Dominatus in a futile attempt to bite trough the towering Drachon's throat. Dis Brutalis was rather amused at the child's behavior and decided that he made fine Overseer potential. Before he could do so, the Archon had to surpass one last challenge in the form of Warmaster Brutius. Dominatus and Dragowar fought, which eventually resulted in Dis Brutalis pinning down Brutius, and Imperator Caligustus declaring the Dominatus the winner - and thus, the rightful owner of Cruon's body and mind. Without a further grudge on the side of Brutius, the infant Dragowar was taken to the Tyranny, and injected by the Ultima Servillis serum. While the serum did not increase his actual size, it did increase his strength and intellect and allowed him to ignite his corrosive breath, making him capable to spit fire at his foes.

Education Edit

Cruon was educated at Stanbridge, and he made his mark there in the frequent fights that broke out. While respected due to his intimidating physique, he was known to create these fights himself as a way to test his strength and to see how far he could take things. Though generally on par with Dominatus Beta children in terms of strength, Cruon's aggression was such that he often challenged Dominatus Alpha, which resulted in a series of knockouts and beatings that only made Cruon even angrier. Slaves were particularly scared of his reactions during combat training due to the fact that when he was angry, he would not just batter them, he would completely and utterly destroy them.

Later on, Cruon was placed in Camvard, something that even took it's toll on an Overseer template such as him. In order to cope with the stresses of combat training, Cruon's reaction manifested itself into a rage the likes of which had never been seen before. He was angry when studying or training to the point of homicidal intent, and often destroyed his room in preparation for a test to vent his stress. While other Overseer templates worked to make themselves into perfect weapons of war, this required a firm grasp of both strategy and tactics, fields which held little interest to Cruon. Rather than just making himself a weapon, he forged them. While Dominatus and other templates saw such toil beneath them and send in biodrones and slaves to do the work for them, Cruon went into the forges himself. From the toil, he learned to become the perfect weaponsmith and to improve upon already existing designs. Here, he finally earned the appraisal of his peers, and here, he finally found himself at peace.

After graduating, Cruon would be put in charge of 100 Dragowar Overseers cloned from his DNA. Being ripped from the rythm of the force would instantly re-ignite Cruon's berserker rage, and he fell opun the enemies of the Tyrany with an infernal wrath. He and the Overseers cloned from his DNA would quickly devlop a reputation for beaming themselves right into the thick of melee combat, the effects of teleportation still flickering around them like infernal flames, and thus gained the moniker of Fiends. Cruon would develop close relationships with Akemainyu, Template of the Eternal Guard, Beezlicus, Template of the Skittering Anhillators and Hag'mar'ah, Template of the Blademasters. Cruon's offensive style of warfare with no room for defense worked especially well in tandem with the defensive style of warfare practised by Akemainyu which was often criticised as not being aggressive enough. With the Fiends as the hammer and the Eternal Guard as the anvil, Cruon and Akemainyu won many victories between themselves and soon would become sworn brothers, even while Beezlicus and Hag'mar'ah would stay Bruteigon's friendly rivals. Likewise, Cruon and his Fiends campaigned alongside Sadis of the Harbingers of Agony and Pestilon Nepphilheim of the Horsemen of Destiny in the Katar Sector without much problem, though his seniority meant he insisted on taking overall command of the combined Overseer force, a request which was denied. Cruon's resulting wrath was so great that he nearly destroyed his own quarters, which at this time had been fortified to prevent such destruction. His relationships with Hedon Morillium and Kuzushimasu were significantly worse than with any other Overseer templates however, feeling nothing but disdain towards the Draconis template and jealousy for his Zi-Yotteram equivalent.

Operational History Edit

Whenever Cruon, and the Fiends in general, entered a battle, they merely went into a berserk rage and broke through enemy lines with nothing to drive them but their incredible fits of anger. As Overseers, Cruon and his Fiends soon became feared troughout the Mirus Galaxy. The threat of them teleporting onto the battlefield was often enough for populations to submit, and then even submittance was no guarantee that they would be spared, for wherever Cruon and his Fiends went, whole worlds would be drowned in blood and fire. Under the patronage of Drachon Dis Brutalis, such massacres after the unconditional surrender of a foe were not only tolerated, they were encouraged.

When death of the Dominatus Sovereign Executioner Angrus Mortarius' death reached his ears, Cruon was outraged, and totally unable to restrain his anger any longer. Going to the nearest barracks that housed the Sons of Hedon, Cruon exhaled a great torrent of flame upon any Son unlucky enough to cross his path. Only the death screams of the Sons being burned alive did cool his terrible rage. From that moment on, Cruon and his Fiends gained an hatred of the Sons of Hedon that was only second to their hatred of the Hounds of Kuzushimasu, though they would later be sanctioned for their actions. Cruon later recieved the death of Kuzushimasu with an unusual calm, though did not feel joy as he felt that his rival Dynast had fallen bravely in battle.

As the enemies of the Dominatus gained momentum and the Tyranny was pushed back to Mirus, Cruon and his Fiends saw a spike in activity. Instead of being told whom to kill, they now had myriad foes to pick from, an slaughtered at their hearts content. To that end, Cruon remembered the early Mirus Campaign as the most glorious moments of his life. Like all Dynasts, Cruon recieved second-stage enhancements at this time as a result of the Ares Initiative. He was also given new gear in the form of custom-made armor specifically designed for his needs. A massive cleaver, fashioned from the ultrahard jawbones and fangs of the Demogorgon Prime's greatest apex preatorsn replaced his own chainblades with their worn-down ceramic teeth. These months of glory would not remain for long, however. At the apex of the Lanat Campaign, Beezlicus was killed. Then began the slow but steady decline of the Drakodominatus Tyranny as they were slowly pushed back to their capital of Demogorgon Prime. Eventually, this offence would cut Drakodominatus territory in half. While Akemainyu marched the Eternal Guard south to Demogorgon Prime and the Eternal Guard's Overseer Citadel, Cruon and his Fiends became isolated in the northern reaches of the Tyranny's Mirusian territories. With no relief from Demogorgon Prime incoming, the Dominatus forces there were reliant on support from the Tyranny's only remaining ally, the Imperium of War, the state Cruon himself hailed from. The Imperium could not however stop the technologically superior technology of the Anti-Dominatus Coalition.

When the Fiends' Overseer Citadel of Caedes was invaded, Cruon found himself on the defensive for the first time of his life. As one might expect, the battle did not go well for the template under such circumstances. The invasion force was composed of the Mirusian elements of the Anti-Dominatus Coalition, the scattered remnants of the Galactic Protector Agency and the Hegemony of Exterioris. This would be the first time where the Mirusian Olympians would have to prove their full worth, as well as where the Hegemony's Scions of Rage would be first tested. The Battle for Caedes would meet a premature end when Cruon abandoned all semblance of tactics and charged forth with his entire Legion. They ripped into landing zones, utterly obliterating the first wave, though the subsequent arrival of new waves of troops saw the Fiends surrounded and slowly bogged down, cut off from all support. Faced with both Temperus Maximus of the Scions of Rage and Istishdon of the Angels Martyr Olympians, Cruon himself was now fighting a losing battle. The template was finally pinned down by Istishdon when Temperus Maximus activated his jump jets and launched himself over a swing of Cruon's cleaver. Had Temperus impacted upon Cruon, it would have been with such force that even the template's enhanced cranium would have cracked open, ending Cruon then and there. Unfortunately for Temperus, Warmaster Brutius rushed to his forsaken child's aid. Just as the death blow was to be delivered, the Dragowar Warmaster activated the tractor beam of his ship and abducted Cruon, ordering the arriving War-Imperial fleet to do the same with whatever of Cruon's Fiends they could find. The carpet of explosives they then unleashed upon the surface of Caedes fractured the planet's flimsy crust and caused magma to spill over it's enture surface. Millions of Dominatus synthetics and anti-Dominatus troops alike were incinerated in seconds, with only the power armor of the Olympians, Scions of Rage and Fiends of Cruon preventing deaths amongst these few individuals. The retrieval of Cruon and the mayority of the Fiends complete, the War-Imperial fleet left the Drakodominatus Tyranny to the vengeful Anti-Dominatus Coalition. First out al all Overseer Citadels, Caedes had fallen.

The aftermath of the Battle of Caedes proved to be disasterous for the remaining Fiends of Cruon. With their Dynast missing and their Citadel nothing but slag and molten rock, the Legion had no way of proper recovery. The few dozen Fiends who formed the honor guard of Drachon Dis Brutalis bunkered down with their liege-lord on Demogorgon Prime and died there. Cruon and the mayority of the Fiends, abducted by the Imperium of War, were purposefully kept in stasis until well after the Battle for Demogorgon Prime. With the dissolution of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, they woke up in a radically different Mirus Galaxy, one in which the position of the Tyranny in Mirus as the dominant bellicose superpower had been inherited by the Imperium of War. With no other empire to call home, Cruon and his remaining Fiends integrated themselves into the War-Imperial military, where they became informally known as the Brazen Butchers, for they had repainted their formerly red armor black and brass, at once colors of mourning and the heraldic colors of the vanquished Drakodominatus Tyranny.

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As a Dragowar, Cruon continuously falls prey to a berserker rage, making him extremely destructive to whoever crosses his path. As he loves violence and the thrill of combat above all else, Cruon often seeks out the strongest of foes to challenge, and failing that, simply kills any slave that happens to be nearby to vent his rage from time to time. While he often vents his rage on watever is available, specially assassins, snipers and sorcerers catch his atention. Cruon is well known to go out of his current path to give them the most agonizing yet quick deaths possible, as he considers giving such cowards a slow death a waste of his effort. He relinquishes in the slaughther, the only thing that actually thrills him, as the Tyranny, upon injecting him with the Ultima Severillis Serum, has changed him so that his bloodlust is now truly insatiable and his anger is constantly boiling in his veins, ready to fume to the surface. Cruon himself cares nought for this, and actually likes the feeling of getting berserk, as it is the closest feeling he can get that gives him something akin to actual combat satisfaction.

Cruon refuses to arm himself with anything other than melee weaponry, causing him some disdain from the tactical Dominatus Omega, but not from the more rash Dominatus Alpha. Indeed, this particular stubbornness made Cruon and his Overseers the favorites of some of the strongest of all Dominatus Alphas, the Drachon Dis Brutalis. Though he does not show it in front of them, Cruon holds a certain disdain for Wolframicht Stahl and Medusa Heimdall, for the latter have the Hounds of Kuzushimasu and the Sons of Hedon as their favorites. While not particuarly showing this, neither does he hide it. After all, to Cruon, hiding in all aspects cowardice and thus weakness, and weakness cannot be tolerated by the strong.

There is a situation where Cruon becomes tranquil, however, and almost docile. This is while toiling in the heat of the forge. The rythm of smelters has an almost therapeutic effect upon the Dragowar Overseer and grants him a modicum of peace. It also grants him a greater focus, which allows him to improve upon already existing weapon designs. When not at war, Cruon could often be found in his personal smithery and was always briefed in it to ensure he would fully take in any plans for the Tyranny's campaigns involving him or his Fiends. In this greatly calmed state, Cruon is capable of forging wonders his brutish form and otherwise wrathful attitude would bely, something which greatly impressed his Dominatus superiors.

Abilities Edit

Not only possessing monstrous strength and toughness, Cruon also possesses an incredible berserk rage that has become his trademark. As with all Fiends, Cruon possesses a network of tubes under his skin which are connected to his blood and lymphatic systems. In battle, via these two systems, these tubes deliver a stimulant to Cruon designed to enhance his natural battle-rage even further. Combined with his self-igniting breath and his skill in turning parries into deadly strikes of his own, this made him into a firewhirl of death on the battlefield.

Relationships Edit

Green face Serving Edit

I serve!

  • Medusa Heimdall - All must bow to the foolish as her personal prefferences are...
  • Angrus Mortarius - I live to serve.
  • Dis Brutalis - I owe you so much!
  • Wolframicht Stahl - Your lapdog is dead! Now it is time to deploy me instead! DEPLOY ME!
  • Caligustus - ...So...are you my...grandfather...or something to the effect?

Blue face Allies Edit

Let us kill together!

  • Akemainyu - Protect the Tyrant...and conquer Mirus with me!
  • Beezlicus - We shall conquer Mirus in the name of the Tyranny!
  • Hag'mar'ah - Such a skilled swordsman. Therefore high on my list.
  • Azathoth - Ah. Someone I can like. His lack of intelligence is unsettling, however.
  • Nosferatu Hexus - Silent but utterly effective.
  • Cravidor - Ah, a very effective subjugator, to say at least.
  • Mosivam - Quite the retoric. And good with his mace. I like that, especially the latter.
  • Corpulus Obesson - I respect thse who can wear me down...if they are on my side, that is.
  • Azuris - A skilled commander, I have to admit. He shouldn't always point me at foes, though. I descide whom I kill.
  • Skali'Draz - Crystal can shatter quite easily if you know how to punch it with enough force.
  • Pestilon Nephillheim - You ride an horse. So what?
  • Sadis - Too much focussed on causing pain and not on killing foes.
  • Xenomortis - Are you even alive?
  • 01 - A tactical killer machine. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Fenris - Nothing but a beast of war. With more intelligence.
  • Scyllraken - And another. Aquatic this time.

Orange face Neutral Edit

I'll slaughter you later.

  • Pathogis - Stealth and deception are for the weak!
  • Crogki - Sorcery...perhaps reality-bending and potentially usefull to get more kills...but still sorcery.
  • Dra'erath - Powerfull sorcery...but sorcery none the less.
  • Oculon - Not only you use stealth, you also are tiny and don't even actively fight. At leasts you do not use sorcery.
  • Anubis - Sorcery AND steath? What do you mean BOTH!? Well, at least he's tactical.
  • Kradik - Look what the Powers of Zarbania send to aid us. Someone claiming to be Dominatus in all but shape. Show me prowess, Titan, not boasts.
  • Kul'Talis - You exist to serve Kradik, not to give me orders, Bygorian. Don't get in my way, and don't get me to repeat that.

Orange face Diskiled Edit

I'll massacre you...later. But do as much as stand in my way and you die here and now.

  • Kuzushimasu - I am better. I am more effective, and it will stay like that!
  • Hedon Morillium - You fool! I will let you scream for allowing Lord Angrus to die!

Red face Enemies Edit



Quotes Edit

Control your rage and your blood-anger. They will be your undoing if you are not careful, soldier.

- Kradik

Scary, little man. Because I could break you anyday I wanted.

- Kul'Talis

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  • Cruon was formerly inspired by primarch Vulkan from warhammer 40K, while his Fiends were inspired by the heretic Salamanders of the Dragon Warriors.
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