Crispy, birth name unknown, is the leader and namesake of the organization known as Crispy's Insurrection, a peaceful political faction that had seperated itself from the main government of the Brood of War. Crispy is the main political rival of the current Brood of War leader, Tyraz, and is renowned for his charming and suave personality and character that allows him to interact with others easily. He enjoys the company of others and believes that a diplomatic solution can be applied to almost all political problems, making him unique amongst the Zazane race as he is the first known Zazane to place diplomacy in front of conflict in terms of priority and application. He is best known for his calm and collected quality.

Although most of his past is unknown to the general public, Crispy claims to have been a victim of war at a young age and lost his family during a certain Zazane conflict in which he and his family were forced to fight, leaving him as the sole survivor. This apparently led Crispy to become the man he is today and desires a more peaceful, or at least reasonable and more tolerant, existence for the rest of his kind for their own good. While regarded as scum or a traitor by high-ranking Zazane officials and military personnel, Crispy is also seen as a "savior" and has managed to win over large amounts of supporters due to his promises of prosperity and co-existence with others both within their organization and outside alien empires.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Crispy's early life, in fact he doesn't even tell his closest friend of it. He prefers to keep his past to himself, although he has at some point took part in the Ramvelkys War and also worked on a Zazane Empire space station alongside his friend, Kharnes. He supposedly lost either a majority or all of his family during the conflict in Ramvelkys which was led by Moxix Breek, who ruled the Zazane Empire at the time.

Golden Movement[]

It is unknown how long it has exactly been in progression, but Crispy currently leads his rebel group, the Golden Movement (a.k.a. Crispy's Insurrection), against the higher authorities of the Brood of War, mainly Tyraz Breek who he harbours a deep hatred for inside of him for unknown reasons, though many assume it is due to Tyraz's demonic nature.

Crispy has managed to influence many planets and alien empires to support his cause against the Brood, however he is trying to minimize the risk of a conflict between the Brood and Insurrection on his end, due to the fact he doesn't like putting the lives of his men at risk, despite his superior firepower to the Brood.



Crispy stands at 8ft tall in height, above the average height limit for most Zazane of his supposed age. He is a slim figure, although he does possess a rather attractive physique in the eyes of female Zazane, for he both retains a slim appearance as well as muscles. Crispy is noticeable for his cyborg implants across his body, although he states that they are required to be in place and are not of his choice, as evidenced by his artificial eyes. Crispy is defined by his black and yellow colouration, an unusual colour mix within the Zazane species although there have been noticeable cases throughout Zazane history, indicating that Crispy descends from a rather hot environment that almost constantly suffers extreme sunshine, although details of his origins are hidden if they are not non-existant. Crispy trims his nails and claws to keep and orderly and civilized appearance, unlike other Zazane which grow their nails and claws to make them look more fierce and threatening. Crispy prefers to hide his scars if possible, with very few scars visible upon his body compared to other regular Zazane.

Crispy prefers to wear casual, eccentric or regal outfits rather than the traditional battle armour that Zazane are usually seen sporting. His fashion sense compliments his charismatic charm and often gives off the impression that he is a true gentleman based upon his attire. His clothes also hide several cybernetic implants that portrude from his body, which he prefers to keep hidden away from strangers and people in general.


Crispy is considered as something of an enigma as a Zazane, as he promotes ideals of diplomacy and democracy rather than violence and kratocracy like most other Zazane. Crispy is generally well-mannered and polite to most, if not all, individuals and displays a rather considerate exterior towards others, although others have said that Crispy can be rather menacing and very intimidating when angry or annoyed, which is rare for him. He is charismatic and smooth, not afraid to use his body language, physique and vocabulary to seduce women and, on rare occasions, men if necessary. Crispy considers the idea of murder and unnecessary war as primitive and unsophisticated, as demonstrated by his diplomatic ability and eagerness to solve problems without violence towards himself or others.

Beneath Crispy's ideal exterior is a far more brutal and carnivorous side. He will not hesitate to betray or lie to an ally if it benefits him and is also known to mislead or misdirect enemies and certain targets to take advantage of the situation for his benefit alone. What he lacks in eagerness to fight he makes up for in deceptive ability, exploiting such a smooth and gentlemanly manner to use people and make them more open towards his suggestion.


As per Zazane tradition, Crispy prefers to keep himself armed at all times just in case a necessary situation arises although prefers not to use his arsenal. Crispy's primary weapon is a modified Brood pistol which is capable of switching between a rapid fire mode and a charged shot mode, implanted with a pair of Shidium power cores instead of the usual one, which makes the weapon much potent than the standard Brood model. Crispy is also equipped with a black, solid Shidium rod with blunt ends known as a Verkido, otherwise called the "Rod of Pain" due to its purpose of inflicting as much pain as possible against the foe rather than killing them. The weapon is mainly used for impalement or striking, with its solid mass and blunt ends inflicting much pain against the enemy either way. Crispy is the only known Zazane to make use of a Verkido in the current age, as the martial art that is required to use it is otherwise extinct and forgotten in modern society.

Crispy makes use of cybernetic implants that are permanently attached to the exterior and interior of his body. His most visible implants are his pair of cybernetic eyes, which are capable of switching between vision modes and is also able to zoom in and out on selected targets and environments. The technology implanted within his body is thought to have been designed by himself and was later created through a hybrid of Brood and alien technology. He also possesses implants upon his ribs, legs, arms and the entirety of his spine, all of which increase his agility and overall strength and reaction timing.


Crispy, despite being a pacifist for the main part, is a capable physical fighter who possesses a professional-level of combat skill. His strength and skill allows him to intimidate foes and those who would dare attempt an assassination up close. He is as agile as he is strong and some have thought he is capable of dodging bullets if he so wished, although such abilities have yet to be seen. The vision modes within his optical implants possibly aid his vision significantly and allow him to detect and see things and people before others can notice.

Crispy is a user of the forbidden Zazane martial art known as Zukai'Verkir, an art prohibited and forgotten in modern Zazane society due to the purpose of its practice; inflicting as much physical pain, torture and suffering against the enemy as possible. It is unknown how Crispy had gained such knowledge of the art, although it is thought that by the possession of his Verkido that he is an adept. Again, his Zukai'Verkir skills have yet to be seen in practice and application. Alongside this supposed skill in martial arts, he is an expert marksman and only requires a single pistol to fight on the frontlines if he ever desired it. He is swift, sharp and incredibly accurate due to his natural aiming ability and requires little to no aid from his optical implants.



Green face.pngYou will always be kept in mind

  • Tagutan - “A fine lieutenant and a loyal friend. Could cheer up a bit, however.
  • Shikan - “A quiet fellow, although what he lacks in conversation he makes up for in power.


Yellow face.pngYou are either my enemy or my ally. I'd make your decisions wisely.

  • Keldar Taran - “Such a pretty face, you desire peace and tolerance as I do.
  • Iovera IX - “The wife of the broken man, perhaps she would prefer somebody with a little more sense and control.
  • Adelheidis - “Allow me to guide you, lost flower.


Red face.pngI do not harbour ill feelings, with some annoying exceptions

  • Tyraz - “You're a broken man, you had better step down.
  • Savas Golge - “I have no place for you in the future, you are a mere artefact of the past.
  • Uriel Ultanos - “A puppet at the strings of Tyraz's wretched fingers.


You've opened my eyes...

- Kryptkor Talsar

dafuq is wiv dis retard

- Fre'kloar


- Falrik Zaarkhun

I like him. He's civilized, and he doesn't look half bad!

- Mr. Paloin


- Xhodocto

Lord Tyraz should do the same thing we do with our rebels with this Crispy: capture him, reeducate him, make him a mindless obedient servant to the Brood's cause.

- Exarch Laurinn Ma'fest

Tyraz or this... "Crispy"? A difficult choice. And one I fear we may need to make sooner rather than later.

- Aeresius

He has good intentions that even I am pleased with but I believe he has his bad points too.

- Dirrik

Interesting. Very interesting.

- Althron

A source of hope in the otherwise barbaric Brood of War.

- A'yir


  • Crispy was given his name due to the creator's liking of barbeque food, though "Crispy" isn't his real name