Money is a girl's best friend!

- Corva

Corva is a female Alavar who works as a privateer in service to the New Cyrannian Republic, as the captain of the freighter Falcon.

Claiming to have seen more of the galaxy than most, Corva is a fun-loving, fortune seeking, wise cracking rogue, whose cunning and intelligence have made her a famous figure in the Cyrannian underworld. A native of the galactic capital Orbispira, Corva soon found friendship with a fellow rogue, the Paladian known as Tironus Manition and ultimately found friendship with the exiled leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Voro Acetenus as well as famed Rambo officer Claire Rambo.

Despite years of working solely in the interest of her crew, Corva's hatred for the Empire led her to support the New Republic as a privateer during the Second Great Cyrannus War. Along with Tironus, she played a key role during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during which she helped rally Orbispira's civilian populace against the Empire. After the end of the war, Corva was hailed as a hero of the Republic, though she soon returned to life as a smuggler in the Outer Rim.


Early Life[]

Corva and her allies aid in the breaking of the Basileus blockade.

Born in the year 21 BNE on the galactic capital world of Orbispira, Corva's parents were killed by agents from the Cyrannian Syndicate, leaving the young girl on her own to wander the streets of Orbispira's underworld, keeping herself alive by scavenging for scraps of food outside restaurants or bars. These early years of hardship installed a great survival instinct within Corva but did nothing to hamper her pleasant personality or tendency to make jokes at even the most inappropriate moments.

Corva's luck seemed to change at the dawn of the Great Cyrannus War, when she became a smuggler on a spice ship in the Outer Rim. The young Alavar gained notability in the third year of the war when she fought in the battle to free the Perliama Run from the forces of the New Basileus Empire. Corva received a medal of honour from Apollo for her role in the conflict, though she soon melted it down to gain a profit. It was during this time in Corva's life that she met Tironus Manition, a Paladian mercenary from the Borealis Galaxy, who managed to transport his way to Cyrannus using a Heleanorian transport ship.

Just as Tironus was about to be arrested by the authorities of the new Empire, Corva rescued him and the two rogues have remained close friends ever since. Corva also became fast friends with famed Rambo operative Claire Rambo during this time and asked her to secure passage out of Orbispira for her, Tironus and her customer the ousted leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Voro Acetenus.

Crewmember of the Falcon[]

What's wrong, lil guy? The smell is nothing compared to hanging out with Tironus.

- Corva to Stench about the smell of the swamps of Sanderhal.

When Claire rescued the trio from the underworld of Orbispira, Corva became a crewmember of the freighter known as the Falcon and looked forward to the voyages across the First Gigaquadrant that lay in front of her. After evading the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Accuser, Corva and her new crewmates travelled to the planet Sanderhal where the ship crashed. When she decided to explore the surrounding area with Stench, she encountered a dangerous Sanderhal dragon. After accidentally waking it up, Corva learned that the dragon had taken a liking to her. Later, after rescuing former Republic captain Xora from the slave market on Sanderhal, Corva and her friends rendezvoused to New Capricaerón, where Commodore Thonaloc took custody over her.

Flying over the ruins of Ramloria City.

Along with the crew of the Falcon, Corva travelled to Terra Prime, the home of many mysterious types of Scions. Along with Claire, they met with a old master known as Kjac, who managed to heal their damaged Owlaron. While Claire went on to train many types of Scions, Corva returned to look after the ship with Voro and Tironus, where they waited for Claire's return. After she did, the crew travelled to Koerband just as the new year was about to begin.

As they flew over Ramloria City, they noticed that the entire settlement was in ruins with Corva claiming that the city must have been destroyed by an earthquake. However, Voro instead claimed that it looked like a battle was raged here instead of a naturally occurring event. When they landed, they discovered a laboratory filled with body parts and other horrors. As Claire made her way into another room, massive tremors suddenly shook the building causing Corva and Voro to draw their weapons.

Voro, Corva and Tironus meet with Morin Ehtar and Thaur Vicliquam.

Eventually, Corva became separated from the group in the midst of the Viral attack, though after several weeks wandering the wilderness, she once again came into contact with Tironus, allowing the two friends to survive long enough to be rescued by rebel Cognatus loyal to Voro, who was soon promoted to the position of Primarch of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. Though Corva was glad to be free of the dreaded virals and back with her friends on the Falcon, she was nonetheless sad to adrantia Adventures and Torments of Arcaniox

After the events on Koerband, Corva remained with Claire Rambo and Tironus. After some free time in the Quadrants the crew of the Falcon went their way again and headed into the Cyrannus Galaxy. Much to their awe they found themselves in the midsts of the battle of Vasuband after Claire wanted to find a Scion there and managed to succeed. Afterwards the crew was heading back to the Quadrantia wormhole when Tironus picked up an old Rambo Nation emergency transmission hailing from a planet within Regellis Star Empire-space, Riphar-15JD. There they discovered lost captain Ramikku Ramoval and Corva played a vital role in saving her from prison, facing the Regellis and Vulketh. During their escape Corva manned the turrets of the Falcon though the timely arrival of New Republic admiral Vinchauk Il'Chaholsaved them from destruction.

Corva and the crew on Nal Amroth

After being awarded a bounty the crew set course back to the Quadrants and headed straight for Nal Amroth and arrived in february 08 AQF. An undercover mission given by Rambo Command to spy on the criminal meeting of The Syndicate the crew found themselves soon in trouble after witnissing Idris Vanguinar fighting an unfair arena battle. Joining Tironus into saving the girl by jumping into the arena, the crew managed to save the Sinleri girl but became wanted persons by the Syndicate afterwards. They brought the girl to Terra Prime where they met professor Kjac again who decided to treat the girl for her wounds.

July 08 AQF, the crew of the Falcon was once again hired by Rambo Command for an important and vital mission, the crew met with Arritzia Dar'Aehl of the Jenassian Regency that informed them about the mysterious Hutter Kingdom activity around the planet Arcaniox. After getting their information the group travelled to Arcaniox and met with the native Ragashota in the Valley of Tranquility. The Ragashota elder, Shoa-San Greenbeard informed them the Hutters stole an important artifact and dispatched his fines warrior, Xang Flamesnout to join them on their guest beyond the wall.

Arriving at the Tormented Tomb

After five days in the wild, the group decided to take a rest and snapped at Claire and Tironus for their constant complaining and bickering. After Tyrionius threw a stone at a nearby owl like Scion, they realised to late the owl made an attack run at them by sending a psychic attack against them that send the group flying into the air. After recovering from the attack, the group arrived at the Tormented Tomb.

Fighting the Tormentor

The group entered the tomb only to find themselves under attack by the legendary serpent Scion Darkarg. The Scion easily overpowered the group and Xang and almost fnished them off when a sudden cold breeze was felt, causing the Darkarg to leave. In a nearby hall, Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing had summoned the Tormentor. As the entity began shifting into the mortal realm, Corva joined her friends by firing her weapons at the entity, distracting it in hopes of preventing its arrival in the mortal plane of excistence. Together with the arrival of the Typhon-Class time weapon and Claire's mystical Atlantica powers the entity was stopped, albeit at the cost of Claire. She was frozen and her body crystallized. Saddened by the loss of her best girlfriend, Corva and Tironus later escorted her remains to her father, captain James Rambo after attending the celebrations at Arcaniox and the personal congratulations of Empress Ramashe.

With the loss of Claire, the crew of the Falcon returned to the Cyrannus Galaxy where Corva became the captain and leader of the Falcon-crew.

Commander of the Falcon Squadron[]

Coming soon or to be adjusted

Physical Appearance[]


Corva and Tironus in earlier days.

Corva is seen by many as a beautiful Alavar with bright blue skin and a petit, softly featured face. Corva dislikes wearing clothes normally attributable to the female members of her race and instead wears a swashbuckling outfit that mixes both utility and style, perfect for her role as a smuggler.

Personality and Traits[]

Corva is a good-natured young woman who enjoys nothing more than receiving a payment of credits after a successful mission. Unlike many smugglers, Corva dislikes taking advantage of those in less powerful positions such as innocent civilians or children and has a deep-rooted distrust of those in positions of power and authority. Unfiltered and outspoken, Corva has been called a great annoyance by some who meet her and a source of great friendship and amusement for others.



Green face.pngI like these guys!


Blue face.pngNot too shabby.

  • Kjac: Crazy old guy.
  • Xora: Poor girl. If it makes any difference, she rocked it in that slave outfit...


Orange face.pngUh, why are you trying to talk to me?

  • N/A


Red face.pngGo shove a Star Destroyer where the sun don't shine.


A great friend of mine! Now together on a girly thrill adventure onboard the Falcon Corva can finally see something of the Universe!

- Claire

I smelly funky! Yippee she likes me!

- Stench



  • Corva is based on Vette from Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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