Vureos Kalhalum (Now Corteus) is one of a few drallivians to serve in the imperial marine corps. After being severely injured during the Andromeda War, Vureos was chosen as a prime candidate for the Wraith Unit; A top-secret supersoldier programme using candidates listed as "killed in action" by the imerpial government prior to initiation.



Vureos looks like a large and muscular Drallivian and his body is littered with patches of synthetic muscle. Both his arms have been replaced with synthetic replacements sheathed in synthetic muscle fibres. His eyes and thighs ahve also been replaced with synthetic analogues

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Corteus was modified extensively in part due to the severe mutilation he suffered as a byproduct his injuries, when he does not push himself he is capable of exerting 20x the strength of a normal Drallivian but it is possible that he is capable of bursts of strength of up to 100x what is normally possible. The elastic and durable nature of the muscles allows him to leap and bound for a considerable amount of time and can jump up to 10x higher than normal.

Other augmentations include enhanced multispecral vision, imrpoved dexterity, immunity to airborne poisions or toxic elements in the atmosphere. The Morphis nanites in his bloodstream allow him to achieve what other morphis hosts are capable of (such as tissue morphing, heightened senses, enhanced regeneration and a strengthened immune system). His implants are very extensive and are designed to mimic the properties of his central nervous system, making him highly resistant to an electromagnetic pulse. While buffers in his CNS improve his resistance to being adversely affected by direct electrical attacks, he is not immune.


Both before and after his operation, Corteus was a reserved man. He kept to himself and would rarely speak to others of his unit if it was not critical. Depite this lack of communication the soldiers under his command respected him for his tactical ability and he considered that he did waht he was doing for the good of the Imperium.

He became more cynical and reckless after his operation. Although he does nto consider himself superior in all aspects, he still feels that he is, in soem ways, better and stronger. Even though he admits hiself that he is something that one may find difficult to feel for or approach, he is convinced by Vidius's words that Morphis (and to a lesser extent people like himself) is the "next step" in the Imperium's evoloution.


Vureos Kalhalum grew up on the Drallivian colony of Acahas III and at the age of 37 signed up to the Talon Ground Legions four years after the Republics agreed to join the Imperium. His skill on the battlefield made him a consideration for the Imperial marine corps when he was 43 and in the decade since served the Imperium with distinguish. His career was cut-short early in the Andromeda War's darkest hour when the Mali'Zane interrupted an invasion on the TIAF planet of Vashkya. He was picked up by the horns by a giant Mali'Zane acting as the leader and was thrown some distance away. He was saved from death by a medical team who managed to recover his body for an as-of-then uncertain purpose.

While he lay in hospital, professor Vidius Senvinus (The progenitor of the Morphis project) secrety larranged fro him to be fitted with the finest cybernetics available, offering to use House Senvinus's personal funds to pay for any imported technlogy. Vureos was augmented behind closed doors, his survival was kept secret from the rest of the universe and he adopted the moniker of "Corteus" to fit his erasure from normal society.

The newly-dubbed Corteus accepted an invitation to train and adapt to his new lot in life under the Morphis project. He grew accustomed to his new implants over time and eventually he became comfortable with them. His first mission was to the planet Nocturnia as an escort to Uriel Ultanos, Iovera IX and Tyraz, meeting Kithworto in orbit above the planet. Corteus excelled in performance despite the individual power of the denizens of the Nocturnian Collective Mind. While Tyraz and Kithworto battled to keep back hordes of unkillable natives, Corteus travelled ahead and through a cave. His excellence was cut short when his implants began failing at the shores of the lake that contained one component of the Cathamera Cure, an effect caused by the massive psionic potential of the Nocturnian Imperator. Fortunately, the Imperator was merciful and after an agreement, Corteus was left for his implants to reintegrate themselves.

One of Corteus most prolific early operations was the missions set for him during the Second Borealis Galactic War. He was paired with Soredus, a Draconis legionnaire unknown as he wore an opaque face-concealing helmet. Despite the mystery the two performed several missions for the forces of Order during the war, with particular effect during the invasion of the Borealis Grox Empire. Due to his cybernetics, Corteus was one of the few individuals outside of the Empire that witnessed it's hive-mind, namely the hyperintelligence Regnatus.

Corteus was exposed to this intellect twice; the first time he hacked a Grox drone and the second time was when he hacked into the inactive brain of Commandant Khensu, initially exposed to the mind of King Mirras III who intercepted him while atempting to hack into Khensu. Going deeper Corteus was exposed to Regnatus' intellect a second time. Along with this he performed in several other operations alongside Soredus eventually leading to Regnatus' defeat and the Empire's subsequent collapse.

Third Xhodocto IncursionEdit

Corteus received a nanotech infusion to upgrade his cybernetics not long before being called on another high-risk mission, reunited with Hachiman, Kithworto, Sarec and assigned a full squad as well as joining Royal Admiral Koluap, High Inquisitor Arsac, UNOC and several Kicathian Agents who first traveled to a megaconstruct built by the Dominion of the Xhodocto Occasus, a derelict ecumeneopolis that served as the former proving grounds of the Kicathian Agency.

The missions undertaken during the Third Xhodocto Incursion, such as traveling inside the mindspace of a Xhodocto construct, helping save the Realm of Dreams from destruction and witnessing Santorakh in the flesh have been some of his most supernaturally-inclined to date, unfortunately reality hit him hard as before encountering Santorakh he watched as the Andromedan Light descended into disorder, shocked by the news of Arsac's fall, something he along with the rest of the team witnessed within the Realm of Dreams.



Green faceYou're good by my books.

  • Vidius Senvinus - He made me what I am. I guess I owe him for bringing me back.
  • Uriel Ultanos - I am sure you will go down in history.
  • Warlord Kilnok - Should we get the chance, I owe you a drink.
  • Soredus - One of my closest partners, even if he's old enough to be my mentor.
  • Tyraz - I like your attitude.


Yellow faceI'll pass.

  • Emperor Wormulus II - Now this guy's a leader!
  • Iovera IX - The battlefield is no place for a lady of your nature.
  • Kithworto - Scary git aren't you.
  • Arkarixus - Like Soredus only older, taller, blue, not a Draconis and with psychic powers. Maybe this is a bad analogy.
  • General Volim - This guy... has issues.


Orange faceKeep your distance, got it?

  • Sollow - You give augs like me a bad name.
  • Falrik Zaarkhun - Help all you want, you're still a smug, snake-tongued little git to me.


Red faceIf we play a game of "who dies first", I'll let you win.


He seems ot have taken to his implants rather well, maybe there is a reason Drakon enligtened me to your people.

- Paragon Uriel Ultanos

It seems he has taken to his implants rather well.

- Vidius Senvinus


- Gratz'kaoz

Hmph. I honour strong warriors...

- Primarch Matheoward

Admirable warrior. I'm glad to have him on our side.

- Vekaron

I must commend you, Dravillian. You are an impressive soldier.

- Arkarixus


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