Commandant Kolger Bhtera is a former fleet captain of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah and later slave of the Corruptus, serving under Vanguard Varugr.


Early History[]

The Gros who would later be known as Kolger was the result of a top secret supersoldier project funded by the Stratocracy's government around the Earth year 2,632. They aimed to create an army of super-Gros that would act as the pinnacle of strength and intelligence in the empire, powerful enough to eradicate any enemy they could potentally face in Segmentum Exterioris and beyond.

Kolger was one of the few embryos who evolved, as the great majority died before birth. While the project was considered a failure due to the high mortality rate of the embryos, Kolger managed to grow into what the program desired: an imposing juggernaut loyal to Karnagtah, who would lead their armies into war.

Kraw Galaxy Wars[]

Kolger commanded the Gros into a mission on the Kraw Galaxy, taking part of the Asgord Genocide. During the war, Kolger personally slayed many Asgordians of the Friendly Republic of the Asgord while his ships captured and enslaved others. After some days and millions of slaves captured, Kolger left the Kraw Galaxy, succeeding in his mission. He knew he couldn't come back to the Kraw Galaxy anytime soon, but he couldn't care less about it.

Kolger would return to the Kraw Galaxy, however, years later in the event known as Tzhrhokia, where he led a fleet to attack the FRA once again. However, this time he met resistance in the form of the Kraw. After attacking and destroying multiple Asgord and Kraw planets, Kolger and his fleet were defeated by the Tyrek Dominion. Kolger survived and fleed the galaxy, swearing revenge.

New Dawn[]

Kolger fights the New Dawn crew after becoming a giant demon

Kolger would resume his usual activities in the years following the Andromeda War, where he would expand the Stratocracy's influence around Segmentum Exterioris. During the New Dawn, Kolger would eventually come across the crew of the namesake ship after it arrived to a planet owned by freed Gros slaves. Kolger arrived with the intention of decimating the slaves but as he was ordered to not engage any member of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth in hostility, he simply left.

Kolger would remain neutral to the New Dawn of the galaxy until his ship was invaded by the Corruptus servant Varugr, who wanted a Gros vessel to get to Grand Admiral Gnorvi. After a brief but rather violent battle, Varugr defeated Kolger and possessed his body. This resulted in Kolger being brainwashed into serving Varugr, and he acted as his personal enforcer and worshipper. He aided Varugr in taking over the Stratocracy by helping murder Gnorvi and a member of the Blessed Few.

When Karnagtah was hit by a rebellion during the fifth year, Kolger was empowered by Varugr and turned into a gigantic demon, and he then fought the rebels as well as part of the New Dawn's crew. Causing considerable destruction on his path, Kolger was eventually defeated when he was attacked from space at certain points of his body, which caused him to temporarily lose control over his essence and be crushed under his own weight. Following this defeat, and by extension the defeat of the Stratocracy, Kolger aided Varugr into deporting as many Gros as possible to the Dominion of the Xhodocto before they could be destroyed by Project Adaru.

Kolger would not be seen after that, with later reports declaring him deceased. It is widely believed that he was devoured by Varugr, after he offered himself to be eaten by his adored master.



Due to being a supersoldier by Gros standards, Kolger had always been considerably larger in size than his peers. He towered over 4 meters tall in height, having very definite muscles. Kolger spoke in a low-pitched, demanding voice, even when happy. After being descended by Varugr, Kolger's skin changed into dark blue coloration and his horns became far larger.


Before his descension, Kolger was absolutely ruthless, making even the most powerful Gros soldiers back away in awe or fear whenever he arrived on the battlefield. He was a very zealous follower of the traditional ways of the Stratocracy and despised the idea of having to work with aliens, even though he understood they could be of use. After becoming a demon, however, all of this zeal turned into a religious obsession for the Zazane Varugr, who he considered his god. Kolger had the habit of calling his enemies and his slaves "scum" whenever possible.


Kolger was the most physically powerful Gros known, his strength allowing him to fight toe-to-toe to creatures like Cheuriths or Horders. He was especially skilled with a blade and delivers powerful, merciless and furious attacks on his target when he came in range of them. Like all members of his species, Kolger also had echolocation capacities, allowing them to find hidden enemies and locate himself in dark areas. Kolger was is equipped with a special blade which emitted continuous electricity, causing it to electrocute victims when they are wounded by it, as well as an assault rifle, shotgun and a jetpack. Since his descension, Kolger had obtained Nightmare Energy and as such, he had obtained abilities such as launching blasts, telekinesis and super endurance. He had also gained the ability of sprouting tentacles out of his back, similar to other Corruptus demons.



Blue face.pngIf you have gained my trust, you must be something.


Yellow face.pngHmpf.


Red face.pngDie, scum!


Your body is ugly and weak, but it will do, for now.

- Varugr

Such a disgusting individual, I would not deny a shower treatment after meeting with such filth.

- Crispy


- Agent Nu

A worthy ally in our struggle against the Commonwealth... and a tyrannical pile of filth to be disposed of later.

- Brother Althron




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