Oh lord, the kinky one. Don't remind me of the kinky one.

- Koluap

Karnak, also known as Marinox X002 was the second Marinox ever created and the main military authority of both the Marinox Empire and the Marinoxidiz. A direct servant of Emperor Marigrax, created to lead over the Marinox race's military affairs, he would become a demonic entity during the Plazithian Massacre and cause the deaths of billions of sapients in the Milky Way Galaxy until he finally met his end at the hands of Jerkon and his allies.

Widely known for his oddly sadomasochistic manners, Karnak was among the most dangerous of the Marinoxidiz and a force to be reckoned with. To this day, his existence is still remembered in the Indoctrinate Collective as a proof of how vile and wrong demonkind can be.


Marinox era[]

Karnak was one of the hundreds of Marinar who escaped Draka-2 over 60,000 years ago. He was the second Marinox to be created after Emperor Marigrax, and was chosen by Errr to be the main fleet captain. He led the Marinox and Grox armies into battle several times, and created a long time rivalry with the Dracogonarious Empire fleet leader, Captain Drakley. In the Marinox's final battle against the Dracogonarious, Karnak made several traps and attacked the allied empires several times, but was killed by Captain Drakley moments before the Generator was invaded by him.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Karnak and Marigrax present their Marinoxidiz forms to Errr

Karnak, alongside the rest of the Marinox, was resurrected as a Marinoxidiz prior to the events of the Second War of Black Fog by Arrtkar Crowart, and he spent the war serving under the Corruptus alongside the other demonic lackeys under Errr such as Hagto'Zhl. While his participation was rather restricted in the first year of war, Karnak would become the main leader of the demons during the event known as the Plazithian Massacre, where he nearly destroyed the Bonio Republic and crippled the Dracogonarious and Spinker empires nearly beyond salvation. However, Karnak eventually met his end at the hands of Jerkon, Koluap, Herquie and their allies, who killed the demon in combat.

Unlike other Marinoxidiz, Karnak was not revived as a Mari'verao. His soul is stated to currently reside at Tangent.



Karnak, as a Marinox, appeared as a regular Marinox drone, though his body had visibly much more cybernetic augmentation than the rest of his kind. He always appeared wearing a characteristic helmet which made him known and feared across the ranks of his enemies. As a Marinoxidiz, Karnak once again appeared as a regular member of his race, except he was larger and wore unique armor.


As a Marinox, Karnak did not possess a personality, being a mindless drone. However, as a Marinoxidiz, he became an extreme contrast to the rest of his race. Unlike other Marinoxidiz who were concentrated and serious, Karnak was a sadistic, hedonist and masochist. He took immense pleasure in causing destruction in the name of the Corruptus, both figurative and sexual, despite being a genderless being. He was always seeking for ways of satisfying his never-ending lust for pleasure, and due to his former rivalry with Captain Drakley, he made his son Jerkon a very frequent target. Despite this, Karnak showed to be very competent and loyal to Errr and Marigrax's orders at all times.


In his Marinox incarnation, Karnak was already extremely powerful, being capable to take on entire armies of Dracogonarious unassisted through a combination of physical strength and superior technology. As a Marinoxidiz, Karnak was shown to be the second most powerful of his kind after Marigrax, possessing enough power to surpass powerful soldiers such as Titanozor and Agent Mu by a noticeable margin. He had extensive mastery of Nightmare Energy which further enhanced his powers, allowed him to spawn tentacles out of his body and gave him accelerated healing. Karnak in fact used the advantages of this healing to inflict wounds on himself whenever he felt bored.



Green face.pngFun.


Yellow face.pngNot that fun.


Red face.pngNot fun at all.

  • Jerkon - What I've not done to your dad, I'll do to you.
  • Koluap - Funny guy. I'll still rip you apart though.
  • Herquie - Disgusting.
  • Kithworto - I like men who can take hits.
  • Agent Mu - I'm gonna enjoy cutting you.
  • Titanozor - I wanna know how you taste like.
  • Macin Xermilin - I'll break you. And I don't mean your bones.
  • Keldar - I'll pass my tongue through you until your flesh comes off.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Ew.


You wore my patience thin and my expectations of my enemies thinner. Be glad you may be gone from this world for your soul to hide within the next, for the mere thought of the touch of your vile fingertips drives me to madness.

- Tyraz




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