Commandant Darwishi, codename The Backbone, is the Ottzelloan Marinox commander, and a member of UNOC. Darwishi's notable abilities are his wings/boosters which allow him to fly at incredible speeds and bomb his foes, as well as his infamous 'nano-lasso'. Capable of capturing foes when necessary, and dropping bombs from high vantage points, Darwishi is the Unified Nation of Ottzello's most capable air force unit, due to his speed and strength.

Formerly an emotionless cyborg, Darwishi has the personality of an over-enthusiastic, war-loving cowboy, who has so much fun with what he is doing that he forgets the pain he causes to his enemies. Darwishi's personality is one of a reckless soldier, although he is still careful and calculating as most of UNOC are when deciding targets.



Darwishi was originally created by the Ottzelloan Grox king, King Thylaxiz. He was created originally as an elite guardsman, being seen as the King's strongest soldier, as well as his right hand man. Darwishi proved very effective in several various battles, and before long, was appointed as the leader of the Ottzelloan Grox. Darwishi had actually been programmed with a personality to enjoy war, though these programs had been isolated and locked away as they were considered irrelevant in the final process of Darwishi's construction, scrapped at the last minute.

Grox Empire[]

While the Ottzelloan Grox and Marinox were in the Meta-Grox Empire, Darwishi was simply leader of the Marinox in the Ottzello front. He was often seen fighting alongside the Ottzel leader Dakster. He served the Grox Empire for millennia, until the Second Ottzello Galactic War, when the Ottzelloan Grox were cut off from the Meta-Empire. Darwishi, at this point, took over the Ottzelloan Grox. Along with the Grox king, his brain simply became an AI, and his body was seen more as his avatar than his form.


When the Ottzelloan Grox became part of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Darwishi's AI was merged with UNO's AI consciousness, making him an important individual. Darwishi was made one of UNO's leaders of the Military, and among the strongest soldiers.

During Tantummodo Mortem, in a fight with a Nexus Grox, Darwishi was broken, and had to be repaired by Tuolog. In the process of repair, Tuolog unlocked several isolated pieces of Darwishi's robotic brain, which gave him an actual personality.



Commandant Darwishi never really had a personality, being nothing but an emotionless cyborg, for a long time. However, when repaired by Tuolog, Darwishi's true personality was unlocked; a war-craving cowboy, who enjoys destroying everything in his path so much that he forgets the pains he cause. He also loves the feeling of flight, and rarely leaves the sky unless he has to.

Commandant Darwishi's codename is The Backbone, as being the tactical soldier, he needs a lot of endurance and toughness to keep fighting, which the backbone is symbolic of.


Darwishi's appearance is unique due to his metallic skin, which is made of nanostructured electromechanical motor materials, consisting primarily of carbon, boron, and nitrogen. Aside from this, he has the equipment and armour similar to most Ottzelloan Marinox in battle, although his equipment is far stronger.


Darwishi uses grendaes which are shaped-charge quantum-class explosive; due to his implants, he's capable of throwing it incredibly far. The grenade is capable of having a lethal radius of 20m/2, of which anything can be destroyed unless it has severe protection. Darwishi carries a multipurpose laser rifle, capable of not only stun and lethal attacks, but tractor beams and decoy holograms.

One of his most notable strengths is his nano-lasso. A lasso made of the exact same motorized nano-metals that his standard UNOC muscles are made of, making them just as strong as he is, and given his thruster's incredibly powerful propulsion, Darwishi can lift almost anything with his lasso. The lasso is also flexible, containing nanomachines that can make new pieces of the lasso and extend its area, increasing its grip if necessary.

However his main skill is with his jetpack, which has both rocket boosters and wings. This is capable of prolonged, powerful ad incredibly fast flight; as he can also fire missiles and drop bombs, flying will fighting is his most common method of combat. For this reason, Darwishi is often described as "death from above", and it was originally debated that his codename be "The Wing". Darwishi can reach flight speeds of 50km/s, and thanks to his brain implants and powerful co-ordinating abilities, he is capable of surviving dogfights with ease.


Commandant Darwishi is capable of using his nano-lasso to disable an opponent, lift them and drag them to an advantageous position.



Blue face.pngSoulmates of mine!

  • UNOL - Sup?
  • UNOC - Hello, boys!
    • Thr'aloy - You crazy, man! You just crazy!
    • Durzhan - Why have wings if you're not even gonna fly that high?
    • Vaktyl - You remind me somewhat of myself!...when you're not depressed, that is.
    • Vailisa - Big, hunky scary guy!
    • Ghalan Elshan - Aww, cheer up old girl!
    • Zelfron III - How many of there are you?
    • Lupercal - You're so fast, you make me look slow!


Yellow face.pngI'll keep my eye out for you...

  • None


Orange face.pngRoasted and toasted and buuuurnt to a crisp!

  • Voa'reak - Man, you cramp my style!
  • Kal'kuir - If you try and fight me, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you again! And again!


You talk too much. At least you don't complain about your life.

- Dalverat

Soulless drones are never perfect soldiers. It is acceptable that he has evolved beyond such liminations.

- Arkarixus


- Kal'kuir


- Voa'reak

Never stop what you love doing, brother, but always feel free to fly into my arms if you need some comfort or support.

- Kalcedia Myran



  • Darwishi was created in response to the other Marinox commanders, and originally, the Marinox had no leader.
  • The current Darwishi is inspired by Batrider from Dota 2

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