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For a long time, I thought that I'd never find companionship. Nobody to confide within, talk to, anything really. Nobody to... be myself with. And then she appeared, out of nowhere and entirely out of the blue. I... I don't know where I'd be without her. I lost her twice before, but I fought to get her back. And to anybody that plans on laying a finger on her, I can promise I will not lose her a third time.

- Hachi

Clothovera Moirai is a young half-Imperial human, half-Aithrena Elf witch who currently resides at the Sovereignty of Dryada. Born in a clan of witches who once lived hidden deep in humanity's lands, Clothovera's life made a turn to the worse once her family was slaughtered by witch hunters and demons, turning the girl orphan at a young age. She has since learned her destiny has been meddled on since her birth by one of the Twelve Gods, Zran Kar, and she has come to realize her life is but the next step of a cycle initiated thousands of years ago on her ancestor, Witch Clotholaire.

At first a clumsy and somewhat psychotic individual, Clothovera has matured into a capable witch who aspires to make her witch clan proud. Accompanied by her magic cat familiar Nyakik and her talking hex tome Alhazred, Clothovera has made a name for herself for her acts through the land, and has even conquered the heart of a young warrior, the Lagosi exile Hachi, who Clothovera has fallen in love with. The young half-elf witch hopes to one day be as great as Clotholaire was before her, and considering the direction she is taken, she might even succeed.


Early HistoryEdit

Clothovera is the daughter of a Wildwood Elf father and a human mother, both members of an occult organization of witches who once lived hidden within northwest Mannazia. This witch clan made heavy practice of sorcery and hexing, despite the human empire's xenophobia toward magic, and because of this, they lived constantly on the run to not be arrested or killed. The witch clan lived this way in a rather prosperous way for several generations until Clothovera was born at 15 NA. Clothovera grew up like any other child of the clan, displaying fascination over their dark and occult sorcery and eventually beginning to practice on it herself. At the age of 8, she obtained a magical cat-like familiar by the name of Nyakik who was tasked to serve as her assistant while she was still alive, much to the young Clothovera's glee despite the cat creature's condensing attitude. The peace on the clan ended, however, in a fateful night where human forces discovered the witches' location and launched an attack on it. With their magic, the witches defended themselves, but the high concentration of Source powers being used attracted a third enemy into the fight: the Cult of the Eclipse.

The Lympharians arrived and massacred both the human forces and the witch clan, until Clothovera was one of the few survivors. At the time merely 12 years old, she took her belongings and escaped the battlefield once her parents ordered her to escape and survive. Clothovera escaped south until she ended up meeting a Merovar caravan who gave her shelter. Clothovera managed to survive by living through a combination of favours and stealing from human forces while still practicing her dark Source powers. About three years later, she would find one of the extremely rare Aether Emeralds located inside of what appeared to be a dead Lympharian. This emerald allowed her to empower Nyakik into an Aether State. During her travels, she also met Hachi and got a deep crush on him. Their relationship, however, immediately deteriorated after Minoqamius kidnapped Clothovera for her Aether Emerald, and Hachi stopped her from getting revenge on him. After that, the two would become hostile to each other, even though Clothovera's crush on the Lagosi had not died out at all.

Inferno RisesEdit

Clothovera's first major participation in recent affairs was in the exploration of Infernos Mons. At her way to a Merovar settlement, she was attacked by a bandit who wanted to steal her belongings. Before he could, however, Clothovera was saved by the Sea Witch, Hachi and Riad. Having heard tales of the Sea Witch, Clothovera quickly grew attached to her and managed to convince her in joining the adventure, despite Hachi's unwanted presence. As the team travelled to Infernos Mons, Clothovera also met Pelagrios and Kinmorunddraver. As part of the adventure, Clothovera encountered Tangilaruka, Grumbgor, Karps and eventually also met Javina Desertsun, who she quickly took a dislike of.

While exploring Infernos Mons, Clothovera was attacked by a Fogolarth, who dug its teeth on her right leg, leaving her temporarily unable to walk until she was healed by Hachi, much to her surprise. Clothovera would later aid the team in defeating and freeing Harkin from his corruption by the use of her hexes, and would later travel to Akriarion Island on Xitannoth's back. Clothovera travelled with the team through the wasteland of Akriarion, evading Vulcanus Horde monsters and the legendary chimera Atrocius on the way to the island's volcano. When Xacutus was reawakened by the Exacutus Vulcanus, Clothovera escaped the island alongside the rest of the team. Following the adventure, the Sea Witch officially accepted Clothovera as her apprentice.


Under the Sea Witch's guidance, Clothovera began training to become a master wizard. At first showing little progress, Clothovera impressed her teacher by her determination. During her initial training, Clothovera was taken to Hyperion Island, where she would actually become a heroine after slaying a dreaded Satamaxillus monster who nearly destroyed the home village of the Mikmik fairies. Following this adventure, Clothovera took part of the exploration of the Golden Necropolis alongside Pelagrios and the Sea Witch. Traveling with the pirate himself, Earath, Kanna, Ndrhthryr, Khadya, Sefarina Brightwing, Archaviour, Norrigan of Aynach, Ophellatar and Septimus, she explored the tomb of the Orichalcum Elves and obtained various treasures. She fought Janos Omegon, Ánnoria and Leviathan along the way.

During this time, Clothovera learned that her hex book was actually sapient and fully capable of speech, calling himself Alhazred. After the adventure, however, all of Clothovera's treasures were stolen by Xitannoth due to him wanting his share of the non-existent treasure of Akriarion Island. After this, Clothovera helped explore the Fog Forest, where she fought the Dark Caxildiz and helped defeat one of Vargash's tentacles. Her bond with Hachi was restored and the two of them began a relationship.

Fighting Vampires and DemonsEdit

In the following weeks of the Flesh Forest incident, Clothovera was approached by the Simulacrum Zran Kar and mind-controlled into servitude, leaving the Sea Witch and Hachi to be the demon's pupil. Afterwards, Zran Kar gave her control over the Nightshade Clan and turned her into a vampire, leading her to be turned into Countess Clothovera Moirai. Now swearing allegiance to Zran Kar, the young witch was turned into a dark magic master thanks to his power and by his orders, she declared war on the world, leading to the War of Vampires. Clothovera would remain at Castle Nightshade to overlook the war, where she would meet the Dalverat Sisters and receive the Simulacrum artifact known as the All-Knowing, an immensely powerful staff which she used as her magic catalyst.

However, despite Zran Kar's control over her, Clothovera grew few moments of freedom which she used to aid the Sea Witch and Hachi on their quest to save her from the Simulacrum's control. After several months serving as the Countess of Nightshade, Clothovera was confronted by Hachi, the Sea Witch, Kanna, Javina, Alfgund Stonesoul, Varelos von Dalverat, Dragostea, Khadya and Aurora, who proceeded to face her in combat, and the battle only ended after Hachi managed to pin the witch down and delivered a passionate kiss to her. Due to Zran Kar's lack of knowledge about love, Clothovera was freed from his control and cured of her vampirism, with her powers being absorbed back into Count Varelos in the process. Clothovera would proceed to help the team face off Zran Kar himself at Sanguine Hill, aiding in his defeat and keeping the All-Knowing in the process. Following the end of the war, Clothovera returned to the Skull Cave with Hachi, the Sea Witch and Kanna.

Some time later, Clothovera was involved in another event where she helped revive the Orichalcum Elf Longinus and aided in the defeat of Lord Akharav and was involved in the rest of the Eschaton. During this event, she was corrupted by Zran Kar once again and left ill until her companions ventured into her mind and broke free of the Blood God's control, though at the cost of the destruction of the All-Knowing, leaving Clothovera unarmed of any weapons.

Kame Isles and EducationEdit

Following the end of the Eschaton, Clothovera accompanied Hachi and Kanna to the Kame Isles in order to deal with the problems there. Working alongside them, she helped bring down Princeps and resurrect the ancient Kami, leading to the end of the eternal winter curse which had afflicted the Kame Isles for nearly four thousand years.

After resolving the matter at the Kame Isles, Clothovera was invited into studying at the Grand Sovereign State-College of Magicka of the Sovereignty of Dryada by Ennea Ignaura, where she re-encountered her lost brother Damon Moirai and became roommates with the Aithrenan Teael Sehenem and the Derevar Szalvetha Vairadi. While her first year was filled with danger in the form of vampires and activity from the Cult of the Eclipse, she would graduate under the Arts of Umbramancy at 36 NA, becoming an officially sanctioned witch.

In the following years, Clothovera, her brother and her friends visited the Shrine of Eostraeya in hopes to ask for the goddess' aid in order to remove the curse of Zran Kar that haunted her family; to do so, she would make a pilgrimage and travel the world to gain the favour of Vulcardentron, Tangilaruka, Arddraigr and Emryredin, so that their divine elemental essences could be placed in a magical artifact that would serve as a catalyst for a powerful spell. Succeeding in gaining the elemental gods' favour and defending the Shrine of Eostrayea from Zran Kar's attempts to hinder their progress, Clothovera managed to break the Blood God's hold on her family's souls once and for all, freeing them from his influence for the first time since the days Witch Clotholaire walked the earth.

Clothovera currently resides with Ennea Ignaura and Damon Moirai at the Sovereignty's capital of Purity's Apogee.



Clothovera appears as a young woman of both human and Aithrena Elf heritage. While her body shape is more human-like, she displays pointy ears like those of her elf father, as well as a pair of tiny horns typical to Aithrena Elf females, though Clothovera's horns are small to the point they are often hidden on her hair. Her skin is white while both her hair and her eyes are black purple in colouration. She is always seen wearing long purple robes, common to the witches of her clan. Clothovera's body is filled with black hex tattoos, which were made during her childhood. She is constantly seen with heavy eyebags which appear to be permanent, and is considered average-looking at best by most human and elf males.


At an early age, Clothovera was noted for always being shy and naturally sought to be alone. Having her family slaughtered by human soldiers and Lympharians, this grew more intense to the point she became completely socially awkward. However, once she grew her bonds with Hachi and the Sea Witch, she has allowed herself to be more open to outsiders and has lost most of her fear of strangers. Clothovera is nonetheless temperamental, competitive, quirky and sometimes even destructive and reckless, having otherwise weird tastes compared to other humans.


Clothovera's training under the Sea Witch allowed her to grow greatly skilled with her magic. She normally uses Alhazred as a magic catalyst, which allows her to do feats such as launch fireballs, cast curses, increase her speed, give herself flight or heal wounds. Her time studying under the Collegium of Magicka has taught her to cast her magic through the use of her body tattoos, allowing her to use her powers without Alhazred's assistance. Clothovera is quite fragile and weak in physical terms and requires her magic to fight at all times.



LoveRelationYou complete my life.

  • Hachi - Never leave me again, okay?
  • Damon Moirai - We can be a proper family again.
  • Nyakik - We've a legacy to continue.
  • Alhazred - Maybe one day we can get your body back.
  • Sea Witch - I'll come visit when I can, teacher.


Green faceI'm so happy to have you by my side!!


Blue faceOh hey.

  • Earath - Better than most Merovar I've met.
  • Vixaatus - It was nice to meet you and all, but let us not speak again.
  • Princepterath - I get the feeling leaving that guy unsupervised was a bad idea.


Yellow faceDon't touch me!

  • Norrigan of Aynach - I hear he got his head fixed. About time.
  • Varelos von Dalverat - We had our share of conversation, but I'm not interested in any more of it.
  • Pelagrios - You stay very far away from me now.
  • Riad - A nice fellow, but he attracts trouble.
  • Ndrhthryr - I like my neck intact so I'm not bothering him.
  • Septimus - You attract too much trouble.
  • Javina Desertsun - Refrain from speaking to me again.
  • Longinus - Let us never meet eye to eye again.
  • Khadya - Looking back to our encounters, you were *really* annoying.


Orange faceLeave me be!

  • N/A


Red faceI want to kill you! I want to make you suffer and die!

  • Zran Kar - You will never torment my family again.
  • Xacutus - We can stop him... right?
  • Tibias Merrow - It's because of things like you that people don't trust honest umbramancers.


I was an idiot thinking that I could give up on such a wonderful, pretty girl... I'd like to sniff her hair everyday while we're in bed and caress her thighs if I could. ...I can, right?

- Hachi

Carlini would have liked you.

- Javina Desertsun

Most peculiar sorcery, I must say. Many a mind in Arkendholdt agree that it is rebels and dissidents that move the world forward... you have a great destiny.

- Lekren-Lax

The powers of dark magic is a close verge of unbecoming.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

Strange to meet a good witch, wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't seen her soul with my own eyes. When that one grows up, she'll be a powerful ally, if she doesn't fall.

- Bastion

I have seen many umbramancers in my time; some good, most of them bad. Some of them very skilled. She has the potential to become more powerful than I ever could. The only thing I could wish for someone like her - someone who I was like at her age, is to know when to stop searching for the limits of darkness whilst she has the soul to do it.

- Taihadrae Ashdan

I like the kid. The angry and murderous side is always fun to watch.

- Ndrhthryr