Lady Eolania Menoraim is native to the Mirror Universe. For the Principal Universe version of this individual, see Iovera IX.

Don't listen to her, don't look in her eyes, and by all things holy do not listen to the voice in your head! She is a demon! She will command you to jump into a fire and you will comply, comply without doubts! She seeks to control, control everyone and everything, and what she cannot control, she destroys without hesitation!

- Unknown

Lady Eolania Menoraim is the current leader of the Serpent's Head, one of the Gigaquadrant's most powerful criminal syndicates. An orphan from the outer regions of the Empire of Dranvamus, Eolania was taken by the Head's leader, Nalarem Menali, as a young girl. The insidious TertanaI hoped to use Eolania's immense psychic powers to increase his own influence, but the Radeon girl, not conent with her role of a living weapon, rebelled and took over his criminal empire, eventually turning it into one of the greatest threats to the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony.

Having an immense desire to control stemming from her troubled childhood and youth and possessing the ability to control the very minds of her enemies, Eolania is a figure of dread all over the Gigaquadrant. She, however, does have a soft spot, as exemplified in her love-hate relations with one of the Hegemony's greatest warriors and the Head's worst enemies, commander Breek.


Early Life[]

Eolania was born in a family of Radeon government officials in the Umbra Province of the Empire of Dranvamus. Fervently devoted to their service to the state, Eolania's parents cared little for her child; because of this, she learned to be independent from young age. Desperate for love, the young Eolania became increasingly frustrated with her parents over time, and this frustration fueled her psychic potential, large even for a Radeon. When Eolania was 7, this potential manifested in form of a psychic storm which incinerated all of her family as well as a good portion of the city block she was living in. Now an homeless orphan, Eolania became a lone street urchin, having to resort to crime for the sake of mere survival.

Eolania seizes control of the Serpent's Head.

Eventually, the stories of a mysterious Radeon waif with near-godlike psychic powers reached the ears of Nalarem Menali, the leader of a criminal syndicate known as the Serpent's Head. Planning to use the girl as a weapon against both his rivals and the Hegemony, he found Eolania and took her under his wing. Over time, the girl became a woman, and came to think of insidious criminal mastermind that adopted her as of a surrogate father. Nalarem himself, however, saw Eolania merely as an asset in his quest for power - a useful asset, but an asset nonetheless. With her at his side, the Serpent's Head's influence increased, and his grand plan was almost complete... if not for a single, fatal flaw in it. As Eolania grew, she gained new abilities: among them, telepathy. And thus, over time, she understood the true nature of the man she once considered a father.

Crime Queen of Dranvamus[]

To realise that Nalarem had been deceiving her all along was a heartbreaking one, but as time passed, she recovered, and her depression was replaced by cold, burning hatred. For years, Eolania honed her powers, eventually realising that not only could she read others' thoughts, but also control them. Finally, when Nalarem's criminal empire was as its zenith, she decided to strike. One by one she dominated the minds of his bodyguards and assassins, and ordered them to kill Nalarem and all of his lieutenants in his sleep. When Nalarem screamed in pain as his most loyal soldier, Lemmo Meronis, stabbed him with his disruptor blade, Eolania watched, laughing; with this show of power, she proclaimed to the world that none may control her.

On the next day, Eolania pronouncer herself the new leader of his syndicate. Knowing full well of the extent of Eolania's power as well as of Lemmo, who now served her, none of the Serpent Head's members dared to object. In the following decades, Eolania eliminated or brainwashed all of her rivals, taking over most, if not all, lawless regions of the gakaxy, and thus became the sole Crime Queen of Dranvamus. Still, she wasn't satisfied. There was one more thing standing in her path to power, to vengeance against the cruel, uncaring universe. The Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, the mighty titan that reigned over all known universe, had to step down.

Safe in her hideout, Eolania commanded all members of her extensive network of assassins to eliminate important government officials of the Empire of Dranvamus, up to and including Uriel Ultanos, intending to throw the Andromedan province of the hegemony into a state of dissarray and reigh upon it unrivalled. Her plan succeeded... partially. Although Eolania did manage to damage the Empire's infrastructure severely, many of her targets survived, the Patriarch himself among them; Lemmo, who had been sent to destroy him, returned to his mistress bleeding and with his left hand ripped off. Only then did Eolania realise: powerful as it was, her criminal empire was still no match for the might of the united Gigaquadrant.

Commander Breek confronts Eolania.

In the following years, the Hegemony's taskforce, led by the infamous Tyraz Breek, retaliated against the Serpent's Head, rooting it out of the worlds of Dranvamus one by one. Eolania herself, however, continued to elude her pursuers, leaving them hints on every planet where she had been. Neverthless, Breek and his men continued searching for her, knowing full well of her powers and the danger she posed, even though the Head was all but destroyed now. Finally, after a decade of pursuit, Breek finally found his target on Pheon, one of the faraway worlds in the Umbra Province. With a squad of his loyal soldiers, he broke into Eolania's quarters, determined to end her life once and for all.

Noone knows what happened there, for all of Breek's squadmates perished in the attack, and the Zazane commander himself refuses to tell, claiming that he indeed succeeded in his mission. Some claim that the "Eolania" Breek confronted on Pheon was a decoy or a clone, while others say that for reasons unknown - mind control or perhaps, some sort of affection, he spared her. One thing is known for certain: Eolania survived. Having healed from her wounds, with new allies at her side, she now raises her empire from the ashes in shadows, preparing for her revenge against the Hegemony...



Eolania prides herself on her appearance. With a slender, elegant figure, radiant purple eyes and queenly facial features, she is considered to be a great beauty among the more humanoid species of the Gigaquqadrant. Eolania is fully aware of this, and uses her attractiveness as yet another way to enthrall both her allies and enemies. Always confident, Eolania moves with feline, almost unnatural grace, holding her head up high in a condescening manner. Much like the majority of her species, she has platinum blonde hair and a glossy sand brown coat.

Eolania's clothing is likewise designed both to flaunt her wealth, power and beauty. Her favourite apparel is a white, bodyhugging, fur-trimmed leather (rumoured to be made of bleached Zazane scales) dress which reveals a good portion of her midriff and legs. Eolania also wears a golden pendant on her neck, which is actually a very powerful electrolaser in disguise that can be used as a weapon in case Eolania's enemies do not fall for her charms and her mental persuasion powers.


Eolania is a psychic of great power, among the strongest in her species. Most of her powers are not revolved around combat, being used to affect the minds of others instead. Eolania's mind control is subtle, taking form of importunate suggestions implanted into one's mind which persuade one to do her bidding. The longer Eolania affects a person, the harder it becomes for him to distinguish her commands from his own thoughts, and those who serve her often find their personalities erased or warped beyond recognising. However, Eolania's mind control can be resisted or at least slowed if one's willpower is strong enough.

In case this happens, Eolania is also capable of more brutal application of her psychic might. Although her telekinesis and electrokinesis are weak compared to her mental powers, she is still not completely defenseless and can easily stand her ground in battle.


Above all things, Eolania desires control, whether through her charms, her psychic powers or her influence: having never experienced true love, she has come to believe that the universe only cares about those who are strong enough to force it to. A domineering, controlling presence, she instills both fear and adoration in her servants, and often punishes them in case they fail her or merely to show the power she has over them. However, Eolania is also quite pragmatic, and does not mistreat those who are of great usefulness to her, understanding that mind control is an unreliable thing. After all, to be loved is better than to be hated.

As befitting a person of her status and position, Eolania is not interested in long-term relationships; it is easy for her to instill fervent love and blind loyalty to the weak-willed, and thus, men are nothing but playthings for her, toys to be discarded after use. She, however, takes great interest in those who attempt to resist her mind control, which is why many claim she has an eye on her arch-enemy, commander Breek.

Eolania is a woman of great charisma and intelligence, and is thus a patient schemer. Her plans span all Dranvamus, and indeed the Gigaquadrant, and with every assassination, every brainwashed Imperial noble she comes one step closer to her ultimate goal: to crush the Empire of Dranvamus and claim the galaxy for herself instead. However, for all her cunning, Eolania has a fatal flaw: her vanity. Always confident in her success, she can often be venturous, even reckless, taking large risks even when the chances of success are very slim. Her arrogance was her undoing during the Dranvamus Mafia War, but now, she has learned: the Hegemony is no simple enemy. Neverthless, she still believes, she knows that no matter how powerful it is, she will find a way to bring it down.


Although Eolania's main means of defense are her psychic powers, she also uses several conventional weapons in case they are blocked somehow. Most of these weapons are disguised one way or another, but are deadly nonetheless. For instance, the hand fan she often holds in her hand is in fact an advanced disruptor blade, capable of shredding through flesh, armour and power fields alike; many an assassin, believing themselves to be invincible because of their psychic dampeners, found their death at the end of this fan.

Other weapons in Eolania's arsenal include a necklace laser (described above), a power field projector hid in her clothing and a plain old plasma pistol in case Eolania deems her enemies' lives unworthy of an elegant death.



Blue face.pngControl is mine.

  • The Black Hunter - You will live.


Yellow face.pngYou might be of use to me.

  • Viscount Lorrelas - The enemy of my enemy is my friend, it is said...


Orange face.pngCome to me, darling...

  • Commander Breek - I love it when you resist.
  • Scorpio - Machines are so easy to dominate.


Red face.pngYou should have respected my authoritah.


Give me a target and I'll tear it apart.

- The Black Hunter

You are chaotic. Suppression is inevitable. Surveillance level: N/A, unable to locate.

- Scorpio

An absolutely despicable woman, her slaves are even more sickening and weak.

- Commander Breek

Insolent little harlot. You dare undermine my galaxy and my eminent rule?

- Patriarch Uriel

Do not let your ambition get in the way of our supposed friendship. I am willing to cooperate with you to destroy the Hegemony, but if you cross me, then by all means I will not hesitate to destroy you.

- Viscount Lorrelas

Go to Xonexi. Attempt to control me. Attempt to kill me. Attempt to destroy the Hegemony you hate so completely. I invite you...

- Emperor Aedanius I

My lady, you need to learn a lot about the manipulation... What will happen when you face someone who has an enough powerful mind? I will tell you, your frustation will show your broken mind.

- Commandant Vankalian


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