The Empire shall be purged through turbolaser fire.

- Admiral Chathanglas

Chathanglas was a male Basileus who served in the fleet of the Cyrannian Imperial State during the rebellion against the Empire. A former captain in the navies of the New Basileus Empire and the Galactic Empire, Chathanglas was a keen supporter of Imperator Tyranus and his self-proclaimed successor Tyermaillin. Once celebrated for his stunning victory over an Imperial dreadnought in the Abrion system, Chathanglas has since suffered the worst defeat in State history in a battle against the Empire's dreaded flagship, the Imperatore, leaving him as the only survivor.

While he emerged as the State's highest ranked officer in the aftermath of the defection of Zillum and Tyrant, Chathanglas would be killed during the final Siege of Vasuband, ramming his vessel into the New Republic flagship Sword of Peace in a failed effort to destroy the resolve of his foes.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Vasuband in 64 BNE, Chathanglas grew up in an aristocratic Basileus family in one of the opulent cities of the Basileus homeworld. From an early age however, the life of a Basileus noble bored him terribly and the life of a spacer became more and more appealing as the years progressed. Over the years, Chatlanglas became a strong supporter of Imperator Tyranus and his belief in Basileus supremacy. Though disgusted by the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, Chathanglas gladly joined the New Basileus Empire when it was formed at the nadir of the Great Cyrannus War. Though initially pleased with the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Chathanglas became increasingly disturbed with the Imperial system, particularly after the attempted coup by Tyranus.

Rebel AdmiralEdit

Battle of Abrion

The Empire and the Imperial State clash over the Basileus colony of Abrion.

Let him return to his compatriots with the tale of our new flagship and how it destroyed one of the largest rebel fleets in the galaxy with a single shot.

- Tyrómairon to Carandial when told that Chathanglas survived the Battle of Abrion.

After the creation of the Cyrannian Imperial State, Chathanglas left Imperial service and joined the State soon after the Sacking of Vasuband, earning the favour of Tyermaillin and earning a commission as admiral in the Rebel fleet. In his first major engagement over Abrion, Chathanglas earned praise in the State and derision in the Empire when he destroyed the Imperial Dreadnought Illustrious in a crushing victory over Abrion. However, this battle would result in the admiral being targeted for the Empire's newest flagship, the Imperatore, which arrived over Abrion under the command of Grand Admiral Carandial. The resulting confrontation was settled by a single firing of the Imperatore's matter cannon, which annihilated the State fleet, leaving Chathanglas as the only survivor. Returning to Vasuband, Chathanglas told the story of his defeat, prompting the State to consider potential countermeasures against the massive new ship.


The massive battle above the Antemurale Space Station.

Chathanglas was later awarded the Martos, a Vengeance-class frigate, which he commanded during the massive Battle of Antemurale. Fighting alongside Imperator Tyermaillin himself, the rebel fleet almost managed to secure orbit over the planet were it not for the unexpected arrival of a Rambo Nation fleet. Fighting tooth and tail against both the Imperials and the Rambo, Chathanglas agreed nevertheless to retreat once enough damage to the Imperial fleet was dished out. After the battle, he returned to Vasuband to help coordinate the war effort.



The Martos rams the Sword of Peace, killing Chathanglas.

Thus at the end of Vasuband, I find my last breath. Helm, ramming speed!

- Chathanglas' last words

In the aftermath of the defection of Zillum and Tyrant, Chathanglas became the de facto highest ranked officer in the State armada. In such a capacity, he tried in vain to halt the Imperial advance into Basileus space—a task made immeasurably more difficult by New Republic intervention in the conflict. After two months, State forces had been utterly defeated on multiple fronts, with Chathanglas drawing all State fleets back to Vasuband in an attempt to protect his beloved homeworld.

In the subsequent battle, Chathanglas fought fiercely, though in his desperation, he ordered the Martos onto a collision course with the Republic flagship Sword of Peace. His last words mourned what he saw as the "end of Vasuband", aptly predicting the fall of the Imperial State several hours later.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A green skinned Basileus with ancestry in the outer Basileusi colony worlds, Chathanglas was nonetheless a Vasubandian to his very core, despite his appearance. With piercing yellow eyes and a deep commanding voice, it was often said that Chathanglas was born to sit under the rank of admiral, a claim that the Basileus would not shy away from, eventually decking himself out in a traditional style of Basileus suit heralding back to the days when the Basileus Imperium reigned supreme over the space surrounding Vasuband. This suit was somewhat reminiscent of styles favoured by Imperator Tyermaillin and included an elaborate hat to signify his high position in the fleet of the Imperial State.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A disciplined and focused individual, Chathanglas was designated as one of the Cyrannian Imperial State's greatest assets in their war against the oppression of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, perhaps second only to Zillum and Tyrant. Though composed and courteous when interacting with aliens, Chathanglas was an unrepentant Basileus extremist holding views that include his people's fundamental right to sit at the throne of Cyrannus, a belief which fuelled his abject hatred for Tyrómairon and his underlings. Chathanglas, despite his admiration for Tyermaillin and Tyranus, held a deep grudge against politicians and the politics they espouse, earning him a distrust for democracy and civilisations that subscribe to it, particularly the New Cyrannian Republic.

Though a generally stoic individual, after the cataclysmic Second Battle of Abrion during which the Empire completely annihilated his fleet, Chathanglas wept in the face of such a defeat. Indeed, his final act in ramming the Sword of Peace demonstrated his irrationality, as an existence as a Republic prisoner would be immeasurably more dignified than that of an Imperial.



Green faceGood to see you.

  • Tyermaillin: Our Lord, who will lead the Basileus to galactic supremacy!


Blue faceYou have earned my favour.

  • Zillum: A brute. But an effective one.
  • Tyrant: Yet another blunt instrument for Tyermaillin's noble work.


Orange faceStand aside, pleb.

  • Apollo: You stand for government of the ignorant. How absurd.


Red faceI kill you not because it pleases me, but because you stand in the way of the Basileus people.

  • Carandial: By the sands of Vasuband, how could you wield so much power?!
  • Tyrómairon: The end of your rule is nigh.


You shall share your fleet's fate, traitor. Prepare for Imperial judgment.

- Carandial

I am no brute, green skin.

- Zillum



  • Along with Tyermaillin, Chathanglas is the first character created for the Cyrannian Imperial State.


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