People who threaten the Empire and her Inquisition have an atrocious mortality rate.

- Charcar'maer

Charcar'maer was a male Aqualinii who served as an agent of the Imperial Inquisition, the first individual who ascended to the rank of Grand Inquisitor. Unlike most of his kin, who are often considered to be cowardly and meek, Charcar'maer embodied cold, tactical and analytical intelligence, using these virtues against any who would stand against either him or the Empire he swore to protect. Though he was somewhat dismissive of martial combat, he was nonetheless an expert swordsman and was known to implement his people's natural ability of flight into his battle technique.

Though loyal to Tyrómairon, Charcar'maer was somewhat distrustful of Moranonúngur, who he viewsed as little more than a madman working to further his own selfish interests rather than those of the Empire at large. Despite this, he was quite capable of masking these feelings and working with the Bisistar overseer, though was known to hide certain aspects of his organisation from him and report directly to the Emperor. As a high ranking member of the Inquisition, Charcar'maer was responsible for recruitment, which the Aqualinii took very seriously as with all of his duties as Grand Inquisitor. Though often stationed on Orbispira, Charcar'maer was also known to venture out on top secret missions of his own.

Charcar'maer served the Empire throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War, though was killed in a duel against the Aldárae Knight Kara Inviá during the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the Aqualinii homeworld of Yávessë in 246 BNE, Charcar'maer's long life has been one of intense training to improve his already considerable bank of knowledge, delving deep within the ancient archives of civilisations both famed and forgotten to improve his grasp on the vast galaxy he inhabits. As a young being, he travelled far and wide throughout Cyrannus, visiting and learning from vast superpowers such as the Federation of United Worlds and the Basileus Imperium, all the while learning the strengths and weaknesses of the various races he encountered.

Though he remained uninvolved in politics throughout most of his two centuries, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed upon the end of the Great Cyrannus War, his vast intelligence gained the notice of Tyrómairon himself, who groomed the Aqualinii in various aspects of lore involving the history of the Mornûnendur. When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out in 04 NE, Charcar'maer was chosen by Tyrómairon and his acolytes Moranonúngur and Venatorius to lead the Imperial Inquisition, becoming the Grand Inquisitor of that dark order.


The Inquisitor duels the Blade of the Primercer.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Your victory matters not. There are things far more frightening than death.

- Inquisitor Charcar'maer taunting the Blade of the Primercer, forshadowing the arrival of the Phaedra.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Inquisitor was called to Orbispira to meet with Lord Venatorius himself, who had a secret mission for the eager Inquisitor. Informing the Inquisitor that it was the Primercer rather than the Cyrannian Imperial State that represented the most crucial enemy to the Empire, the Phaedric Lord commanded Charcar'maer to hunt down and destroy the so-called Blade of the Primercer. Upon arriving at Carthaniapian, Charcar'maer engaged the Blade in a vicious duel, which ultimately resulted in the Blade reigning supreme. However, the arrival of Venatorius and (unbeknownst to Charcar'maer) Agonânghâsh quickly turned the match in the Empire's favour.

After the duel on Carthaniapian, Charcar'maer faced the displeasure of Lord Venatorius and was ultimately demoted to the rank of Inquisitor. However, Venatorius claimed that he would prefer such a posting, which Charcar'maer ultimately agreed with due his distaste for combat and special aptitude for subterfuge.

Second Great WarEdit


Charcar'maer interrogates Janice.

Clearly you did not expect the Imperial Inquisition! How do you plead, rebel?

- Charcar'maer, during his interrogation of Janice Ross

Over a decade later, Charcar'maer continued to serve the Inquisition under his replacement, the powerful Basileus justiciar Vandalion, who led the Inquisition to new heights of power within the Imperial order. However, remaining generally uninterested in internal power struggles, Charcar'maer continued to work loyally under the Emperor, bringing lesser beings to heel under the Empire, and routing out those who would defy the Phaedric Order. When the Second Great Cyrannus War broke out, Charcar'maer was assigned to the Outer Rim frontlines, where he served as an interrogator to potential Resistance and Aldárae spies.

Prior to the Battle of Laurantia, Charcar'maer was tasked with interrogating Janice Ross, a known member of the Aldárae Order recently captured by the Empire. Though he grew to respect Ross' tenacity in the face of torture, he quickly grew frustrated by her refusal to reveal the location of the Resistance's new base, believed to be located somewhere in the far northern sectors of the Outer Rim. Before he could complete the interrogation, however, he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the Aldárae Grandmaster Ryen and the tirolenros Arasah Nui, who defeated the Inquisitor in a duel and rendered him unconscious. When he woke, he learned that Grand Inquisitor Vandalion had been seriously wounded in a battle against the Aldárae, Ross had been rescued, and that Laurantia had fallen to the New Republic.

Alongside Vandalion, Charcar'maer helped oversee the occupation of Capricaerón during the reign of the Occupied Republic. In 20 NE, however, he finally met his end in a duel against Kara Inviá, who utilised her superior knowledge with a blade to counter the Inquisitor's attacks, killing him mere moments before Aoirtae Valaeris killed Vandalion. The death of both Inquisitors dealt a serious blow to the Inquisition.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Cold, analytical, brilliant, sociopathic and intensely intelligent are all apt descriptions of the Grand Inquisitor of the Empire, who despite his anti-social personality inspired both loyalty and fear among those who happened to serve under him in his various clandestine missions throughout the First Gigaquadrant. Though stereotypes about his people often paint them as being cowardly and shy, Charcar'maer was a dominant personality and tended to view most other people as mere means to an end, seldom finding the time to actively like or hate any particular being.

Noted exceptions to this are the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon and many of his fellow Inquisitors, who were the only beings that Charcar'maer devoted any fond sentiments. Though his intelligence was undoubtedly his greatest weapon, Charcar'maer was also an expert swordsman, with his particular fighting style incorporating the swift nature of his kind, and well as their natural ability of flight. Indeed, Charcar'maer was as much at home commanding troops against the Empire's enemies as he was studying ancient lore in his elaborate apartment on Orbispira.



Green faceWhat is your will, my Lord?


Blue faceObey my orders.


Orange faceI have little time for your idiocy.


Red faceCurse in vain as I end your life.


The Inquisition's success is your prerogative, Grand Inquisitor. I will watch your career closely.

- Tyrómairon

A potent servant of the Dark Lord.

- Venatorius

As long as you point me to where I can thrust my blade, I don't have to speak.

- Kit'tharojanaril




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