Chainarr is an extremely talented engineer and can create anything he wants.


Chainbarr was created by the Great Core, a gigantic source of energy. He is only fragment of that energy and was completely unstable. Like most of his kind, he had to wear a large Anergy Suit to suppress his power. Chainbarr is rather large for someone of his species and was well respected by his people. He was considered a hero to his planet and fought off any intruders.

Service to the NebuloriansEdit

Chainbarr later learned of his true creators. The Nebulorians Created the Helmore centuries ago. Chainbarr and his kind worked day and night for the Nebulorians, mining precious metals for unknown purposes. Eventually, Chainbarr became the favorite servant of Lord Ne'yon, the Nebulorian leader,and was promoted to commander of the Helmore army. Years passed and the Nebulorians mysteriously disappeared. With them gone, the Helmore were free.

Battle of MineraEdit

One day, the Antroths invaded his home and overwhelmed him with their massive numbers. Chainbarr was then ashamed of his failure and decided to call for help. Prince Glynn heard the call and quickly rushed to help him. With the aid of the Volver Empire's army, they were able to take the planet back and save Chainbarr's people. Afterwards, Chainbarr decided to travel with Glynn on his adventures and become his engineer and weapons specialist.

Galactic WarEdit

Chainbarr joined the war late, hearing word from Glynn after Ascon was attacked. He rushed with his army to the battlefield to aid his friends.

Chainbarr mainly stayed behind the front lines giving weapons and orders to the men out in battle. He also repaired ships that were damaged. King Ziskin tried to continue the Grox's original plan of eradicating all living things, but Chainbarr quickly picked up on it. Chainbarr located the facilities of the Biskin and comanded an assault. He later discovered that King Ziskin had created a mega weapon that could destroy all life the galaxy.

Chainbarr, Glynn, and many allies went into battle against the Biskin Empireand their new allies the Infectants and the Antroth Empire. The battle was long and the weapon was set off. Glynn and co. tried their best to stop the weapon, but none of their weapons would work. Chainbarr knew that he had no other choice but to use his ultimate weapon, himself. He evacuated all of his friends before his final attack. He then threw himself into the weapon's core. The reaction between the core of the weapon and Chainbarr's core caused a huge explosion that destroyed the weapon, the planet, and himself. A statue was made to honor Chainbarr and was placed on his homeworld, Minera.


Quotes from himEdit

Ah..I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Somethin' broken? I bet I can fix it.

Go ahead. I'll give you the first punch, it's not like it's going to hurt.

Quotes from othersEdit

Ill miss you old friend.. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

- King Glynn
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