He lies. Do not believe his lies. He lies. He lies. He lies.

- Unknown

Khathulusin, most known by the moniker of Catulus is a Filtroo of the Bisistar Domain who is a veteran of thousands of successful missions. His great skill is legendary across the Cyranai Galaxy, with him being credited as having subjugated entire civilizations single-handely with nothing but strategic thinking and elaborated planning. A cruel and malevolent Bisistar, Catulus is an infiltrator who hunts more vulnerable civilizations for sport, and takes great amusement in their futile struggle to oppose the Domain.


Early HistoryEdit

All records of Catulus's existence are highly classified and available only to his superiors, therefore only a handful of individuals know of his past or even where he came from. This is done so that he is harder to track down, but it is known he dates back from at least 8,500 years before the New Era, making him a rather old Bisistar. He is said to have been infiltrating other races for as long as he has lived, and while his record is not perfect, he has typically proved himself worth of his title by exterminating whatever race discovered his existence.

Ermitant ConflictsEdit

The Infiltrator's Entrance

Catulus about to kill Daleigh

In the beginning of the second year of the Dark Times, the Ri'nanov ordered Catulus to infiltrate a newly arrival government at Cyranai, the New Ermitant Republic, and he promptly did so by murdering the Ermitant senator called Daleigh and taking his place. Remaining there for a year, an oversight in his attention led him to be discovered by Nondarrrt, leading to the event known as the Cyranai Civil War. Ordered by the Ri'vanov to exterminate the Republic, Catulus begun infiltrating their allies and spreading lies about them, causing morale for the war to happen to diminish and leave the Ermitant defenseless against the might of the Bisistar Domain. The Filtroo personally attacked their capital and murdered Nondarrrt, but missed the opportunity of killing their leader who would run away to join the New Cyrannian Republic.

During the Great Battle of Venetia, Catulus intruded the planet in the middle of the conflict and attempted to murder the Ermitant leader Milinitt, having been left frustrated by her previous escape, but he was stopped and defeated by the timely arrived of Commandant Gavakar of the Indoctrinate Collective. Catulus retreated, but nonetheless vowed to exterminate the Ermitant people one day.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Few have glimpsed at Catulus's true form outside of the Bisistar Domain's highest authorities. He appears as a tall member of the Bisistar race equipped with a crown-like helm decorated in spikes and chest armor decorated with sharpened edges which let out a faint blue glow. Catulus also keeps a high frequency blade at the tip of his tail which serves as his favorite method of killing enemies, often by stabbing it through their throats or forcing it down their mouths.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Considered to be highly sadistic, Catulus takes glee in tormenting what he considers inferior lifeforms, often shaping his infiltration missions so that his victims suffer through them both physically and psychologically. He takes great pride of his position as a Filtroo and is highly insulted at the idea that he is not among the best. He has taken a particular distaste for the Ermitant people due to them escaping his wrath, and he vows to one day bring them all to their knees so that he can cut all of their throats individually.



Blue faceOur supremacy cannot be contested.


Yellow faceHmpf.

  • N/A


Red faceDeath awaits.




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