He is a worthy inheritor of the Daren throne! A true son!

- Kol Daren

Cattalix Daren, or as he prefers to call himself Prince Cattalix, is a powerful Zazane who is a member and lieutenant of the Clan of Daren and is the most powerful and intelligent son of the Zazane demigod known as Kol Daren, who is the Clan's head. Cattalix considers himself a worthy inheritor of Kol's throne and is devoted and loyal to his father, always seeking to impress him although he retains moments where his own goals and desires can get in the way. Cattalix possesses a superiority complex, seeing himself as superior to all other mortals and demigods aside from his father.

Cattalix has been known to be somewhat immature or child-like in his personality, usually being quick to annoy and anger and is not above insulting or disrespecting his enemies. Cattalix is selfish and inconsiderate, seeking only to serve his own benefit when acting independentely. He has been known to work on his own although he ultimately prefers his work done for him by other people.





Cattalix Daren stands at 4.6 meters in height, which is considered unnaturally massive for a normal Zazane. Cattalix possesses a muscular body figure and retains a single wing, a result of a physical deformity during his developement. Cattalix is defined by his purple colouration, being a mix of both light and dark purple shades across his body which depicts his superior and preferred usage of Dark Chronoscopic energy over Descension energy. Cattalix's nails and claws are long and sharp, mainly used for combat purposes although he does enjoy colouring them different shades in his spare time and is usually not seen without at least some hint of it. Cattalix possesses no scars aside from his missing wing, something he often tends to ignore as he does not require wings for he possesses the ability to levitate at will. Another rather odd mutation that occured during Cattalix's development was the appearance of not just a male reproductive system but also a female reproductive system alongside, leading to Cattalix possessing both male and female organs from the waist downwards.

Cattalix is usually seen adorning eccentric armour or robes to further put across the image of his prince-like nature, fancying himself as more powerful than other people in most aspects including appearance. Cattalix can also be seen wearing a ring or two upon his three sets of impressive, curved horns as decoration. While not confirmed, Cattalix has sometimes been claimed to wear make-up in public as a way to possibly further enhance the image of being a god.


Cattalix is selfish and egocentric, seeing himself as superior to those who do not possess his image or power and is especially disgusted by the thought of interacting with mortals, who he sees as little more than insects. Cattalix, while not especially lazy, prefers to stay away from hard work and prefers sending others to do it for him unless they are unable to do it or if he finds enjoyment in it. Cattalix is quick to annoy and frustrate and will usually revert to throwing insulting comments and remarks at others rather quickly if he comes to dislike them. Cattalix is ignorant of his own flaws and is not afraid to point out the flaws of others, or even imagine them on the spot if he is desperate.

Cattalix has a large deal of respect for his father, Kol Daren, who he is afraid to annoy or anger. Cattalix will not disobey Kol's orders although he will visibly show distaste and dislike for them if he doesn't enjoy the sound of his assignments and he will also perform the best he can in order to not let his father down. Cattalix dreams of becoming the future head of the Clan of Daren and believes that if he serves Kol loyally then he has a greater chance at achieving such. Cattalix has a high amount of regard for his physical appearance and desires to always "look the part", thus he wears eccentric, stylish armour and make-up to make himself appear more divine.


Cattalix makes use of a twin set of wrist blades that are capable of extending to 2 meters in length and are sharp enough to cut through solid Shidium for they are constructed and reinforced with the material itself, alongside several other alloys.




Yellow faceYou're helpful, for now at least.


Orange faceYou can have the honour of grovelling at my feet.


Red faceI'll crush you.


While he needs to work upon his patience, he seems to be a worthy successor for the future.

- Kol Daren

Bask upon real beauty, cretin. I will use you as it seems fit for me.

- Varugr




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