Sometimes I lie in bed and think about all the evil in the universe. And I wonder if the Xhodocto have got it right: Why not just destroy the place and have done with it? No more suffering, no more pain, no more death. But then I look outside my window, and I see how far we've come. We've gone from being mere cells in the seas to ruling entire galaxies. And we can't stop now. So I'm going to fight the Xhodocto and anyone else who wants to put an end to the miracle that is this universe until the day I die.

- Chief Ambassador Carillion

Carillion is the Chief Ambassador of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire. He was born into the Imperial House of the Gjigantrox, and his father served as Chief Ambassador before him. His cousin, Karadril, is the Emperor of the GIE, and his other cousin Maximilian held that position as well, having obtained it by usurping power from Karadril, before being killed by agents of the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Early LifeEdit

Carillion was born into the Imperial House of the Gjigantrox. His uncle was the Emperor of the Gjigantrox at the time, and as a member of the House Carillion was brought up in splendor, with anything he desired available to him. He also inherited the innate Psionic abilities of members of the Imperial House. Despite his privileged upbringing, Carillion was not spoiled or selfish, and he always appreciated what he had. While his cousin, Karadril, was groomed to be the next Emperor, Carillion was prepared for his career as the Chief Ambassador of the Empire, a position his father then held. Members of the Imperial family usually served as Chiefs of various departments of the empire, like Chief of Security, Chief of Colonization, and so on, so Carillion was naturally expected to assume this position. He did so gladly, though he always thought he enjoyed battle a bit to much for an ambassador. Still, he was undeniably good at negotiating, a skill that would one day save his life, when Maximilian came to power.


Carillion had served as Chief Ambassador for approximately a decade, after his father's unexpected and early death, when his traitorous cousin Maximilian took the throne from Karadril. The only reason that Carillion was spared was that Maximilian knew that he was the best negotiator in the galaxy. As Maximilian’s Chief Ambassador, Carillion took much less pleasure in his job. Most of what he did was negotiate unfair treaties that heavily favored the Gjigantrox with empires that were too small to do anything about it. He had been planning a revolt against the Emperor for some time when Maximilian ordered him to contact the Delpha Coalition of Planets. The DCP was very powerful, and Carillion secretly offered to aid them in their civil war in exchange for their help in assassinating Emperor Maximilian. The DCP agreed, and they soon cornered Maximilian’s personal starship, the No Escape, and destroyed it, ending his reign of terror. Carillion was hailed as a hero by the Gjigantrox people, and the grateful Empire allied with the DCP. He then returned Karadril to power.

Soon, Carillion was given command of the Gjigantrox fleet that was sent to aid the DCP, and he commanded the fleet to great success.

Military CareerEdit

March of the ApoclypseEdit

The Chief Ambassador fought in numerous battles during the March of the Apocalypse, before being pulled into the realm of the Xhodocto during the Great Shattering. There, he battled Morphos, a Gjigantrox officer who had betrayed the Empire to the Xhodocto and killed Carillion's son, Aerlon. Carillion was defeated by Morphos, but before he could be killed, the traitor was in turn betrayed by the Xhodocto, who killed Morphos to save Carillion. There motivation for this was, of course, taking Carillion prisoner and torturing him to gain valuable information about the Allies.

Later, Carillion was able to escape from the Xhodocto. He reached an Allied camp outside the Ninth Circle of the Xhodocto's realm, and was able to tell them of a way into the Ninth Circle, where more prisoners were kept. The Allies were able to use his information to free the prisoners, and Carillion convinced them of the wisdom of continuing the assault on the Xhodocto. Eventually, the attack reached the Nexus Deathspire, the center of the Ninth Circle, and Carillion fought in the battle to capture that evil structure. He and a Ravenrii called Ravosk were the sole Allied survivors of the attack on the Deathspire, and as they soon discovered, of the entire battle. As they reached the foot of the Deathspire, they walked out and found themselves surrounded by the Xhodocto. Before the demons could execute them, though, Ravosk began to Ascend, meaning that Kamik-Shi, the dark god of the Xhodocto, was dead. The Xhodocto were destroyed along with their god, leaving Carillion alone in the Ninth Circle.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

After the outbreak of war between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the GIE declared war on the CAS and joined the fray to aid their allies. Carillion is currently in the field, commanding a substantial Gjigantrox force that is pressing eastward through the Cyrannus Galaxy, battling the CAS. He has met with moderate success so far.


President ApolloEdit

Apollo, President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, is one of Carillion's closest friends. While they had known each other since their empiires became allies, their friendship began one night During the Great Cyrannus War. Carillion was visiting Apollo in the Republica building on Orbispira to discuss the GIE's role in the war, but they soon moved on to other topics, like their families. Apollo shared with Carillion some of the stress he felt about the state of the gigaquadrant and about the universe of war that his daughter would grow up in. Carillion decided that Apollo had too much stress and responsibility to deal with, and insisted that the President relax for one night and join him for a drink. They went to the Republica Restaurant, attempting disguised as normal citizens. They drank and ate and talked and were enjoying themselves very much when the bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa entered the restaurant. Gauisa, working on orders from the CAS, was on a mission to assassinate Apollo. He attempted to shoot the off-guard President, but was foiled by Carillion's quick use of his Psionic abilities. Gauisa fled, and though Apollo and Carillion pursued him he escaped. At this point Apollo and Carillion's identities had been revealed to everyone in the restaurant, and after notifying the police, the two spent an enjoyable time drinking, making friends, and making up a secret handshake. They returned to the Republica building early in the morning, parting as good friends.

Quotes From OthersEdit

Looks like we have another klinok, odd looking but a great and fearless captain... I hope to test his skills on the battle field.

- Captain Votarah

From what I have heard about Carillion, he is intelligent, bold but kind. He is a great warrior and leader.

- That guy who likes democracy

I shall enjoy smashing your corpse into a pile of bones and dust...

- Angazhar
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