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I love assassinating assassins. They're always so shocked.

- Caranye

Caranye Valaeris is a female Ortella who served as a special agent of Imperial Intelligence, before defecting to the New Republic in 15 NE.

Considered to be one of the most deadly operatives in Cyrannus, Caranye is skilled in the ways of assassination, infiltration and espionage, being considered one of the Empire's secret weapons during her time of service. She first emerged as a prominent Imperial operative during the New Cyrandia Wars, when she personally arrested Imperator Tyermaillin of the Cyrannian Imperial State during the Siege of Vasuband. However, while she believed in the Empire as a force of order, actions such as the destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance and the blind eye turned on Ruuvitharn placed the seeds of doubt in her mind.

Her conscience ultimately led her to defect from the Empire, despite her conviction that any galactic government needs a strong hand to govern the galaxy. In so doing, she discovered that her younger sister, Aoirtae Valaeris, was still alive and served in the Aldárae Order. Despite her scepticism in the Republic, she became committed to fighting against the Empire as the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across the galaxy.


Early Life[]

Caranye Valaeris was born on Orbispira in 15 BNE, to a family which eventually included a younger sister, Aoirtae Valaeris. In 03 BNE, while on a vacation to the Mid Rim, her family's transport ship was attacked by Panthrea slavers. Caranye watched her parents died and assumed that her younger sister was also killed by the Panthrea, only discovering the truth that she survived eighteen years later. The specific details of Caranye's childhood and adolescence were meticulously hidden by her superiors in Imperial Intelligence, the organisation she joined in 03 NE and in joining, she was forced to give up her surname, "Valaeris".

As one of the many new recruits to Intelligence in the early years of the Empire's rule over the Cyrannus Galaxy, Caranye's assignments in these early years tended to be quite small in nature, though her expertise and deadly skills in battle and assassination quickly marked her out in the Empire's supremely meritocratic structure, in which an individual's species or age is considered irrelevant next to their own merit. In order to test her resolve, Intelligence sent the young agent to the city-world of Tar Kuuraen in the Outer Rim, where she was successful in assassinating the Imperial Mandator of that sector due to her dealings with the Cyrannian Syndicate.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Caranye: "Come! The Tā will distract the tentacles!"
Hachiman: "H-Hey, I have a name you know! ... And a phone number if you're interested in--"
―Caranye and Hachiman during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone

After her operations on Tar-Kuurean ceased, she was sent to Antemurale, where she was promoted to "Special Agent", a title given to only the most lethal operatives of Imperial Intelligence. Her promotion came with her own personal starship as well as a loyal crew assigned to aid the up-and-coming agent in the dangerous missions to come. Soon afterwards, Caranye was assigned to the Chimaera, the flagship of Captain Tector Decimius to ascertain the reason behind the disappearance of Imperial colonies along the Neutral Zone. Though she initially believed the New Cyrannian Republic was responsible, it soon became clear that the Corruptus overworld Brezank was responsible for the destruction.

Though she was at first distrusting of the allied forces, the resulting battle saw Caranye gain a modicum of respect for her team members, which included Hachiman, Thea'Nhirara, the Kralgon Emperor and Han'Ateeshe. Her fight against the demon Libertus ended with the destruction of the second reactor and the imminent arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, which destroyed the demon world.

After the battle, Caranye returned to her own personal ship to continue her missions for Imperial Intelligence, which led her to investigate a derelict freighter in the Locháinín System, the home of the mysterious shapeshifting Pseudomorphs. On board the freighter, Caranye discovered the body of Atirieil, a mysterious figure known to be a member of the mysterious organisation Majestic. Well aware of the implications, Caranye reported the incident to High Minister Agnassana before once again venturing on her own missions in the Outer Rim.

Arresting Rivergron

Caranye and the Grand Admiral argue with the Inquisitors.

Ha! I love it when they run.

- Caranye, after Rivergron attempts to flee.

During the closing stages of the New Cyrandia Wars, Caranye was contacted by the mysterious Phantom, the leader of Imperial Intelligence, to investigate the circumstances regarding the near state of war between the Empire and the Republic. Eventually, it was the Imperial Overseer himself who tasked the agent with the arrest of the treasonous Mandator Rivergron, who was found guilty of working with the Cyrannian Syndicate to destroy the peace between the two galactic superpowers. Travelling to Rivergron's homeworld of New Tega, Caranye stealthily managed to kill Rivergron's guards and after a brief chase, Rivergron himself was captured. After the mission, Caranye reported her findings to her superiors.

Fall of Vasuband

I assume you're the first one to exit the shuttle. That way, your chest shields will protect myself and the others from injury."
"You know, I don't know what the Emperor was on when he decided to make you Grand Mandator, but I'm a thousand percent sure that your little clown act was a key factor which led to these sad little rebels from breaking off from the Empire. And for the record, I know that you outrank me and everything, but I have blades hidden in my hair and I'm not afraid to cause an incident.''

- Grand Mandator Erissare and Agent Caranye Valaeris argue during the Fall of Vasuband.

Caranye was later sent to Grand Admiral Carandial's flagship Imperatore, where she provided intelligence about State fleet movements above their capital Vasuband. When she returned to the ship, she attended a meeting between representatives from the Empire, the New Republic and Rambo Nation in preparation for the Siege of Vasuband. When the allied forces had emerged victorious in the fight in space against the State, Caranye and Carandial argued with Inquisitor Akagêlth about using the weapon systems of the Imperatore to destroy Vasuband and ultimately emerged successful in repelling the Inquisitor's sadistic plans.

Soon afterward, Caranye was sent to accompany Grand Mandator Erissare to the planet's surface, where she clashed with Erissare due to her eccentricity. Nevertheless, she was interested in Erissare's proposal that under her wing, she'll go far within the Empire. Eventually, Caranye managed to work her way into the Citadel of Basilban, where she arrested Imperator Tyermaillin and ultimately brought him to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation to stand trial.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Tracking Mich'Lea

During the Cyrannian Cold War's early years, Caranye was assigned to track down the treasonous Adelphi Senator Mich'Lea, who had defected from the Empire during the Dark Times. Caranye had ascertained that Mich'Lea abandoned the Confederacy of Free Planets when it sued for peace with the Empire during the New Cyrandia Wars, and instead turned his attention to the ever-illusive Capricorn Remnant Alliance—which remained fiercely opposed to any diplomatic compromise with the Imperials. While tracking Mich'Lea, she discovered that he was making regular trips to a world deep in the Unknown Regions, a world she correctly deduced was the hidden Hubworld of the Remnant Alliance. Caranye relayed her findings to Imperial Intelligence headquarters on Antemurale, which in turn informed Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur. After several days, Caranye was horrified to learn that instead of forcing the Remnant's surrender, Vosaetiur had used the power of the Imperial Battlestation to annihilate all life in the system. For the first time in her career, Caranye began to have doubts about the direction of the Empire, feeling an often overwhelming sense of guilt for her role in the genocide.

The Director introduces Caranye to Eternal Enigma.

Conspiracy on Antemurale
Director: "It is within our purview to monitor every security system in the Empire. Artificial Intelligences, as you can expect, make such a task immeasurably less complicated. Caranye, allow me to introduce you to Eternal Enigma. Say hello, Enigma."
Eternal Enigma: "Hello, Enigma. I'm sorry, I'm awful. I couldn't help myself. Agent Caranye, I've heard lots of... things about you. I'm looking forward to our time together."
―The Director introduces Eternal Enigma to Caranye prior to her mission on Antemurale

In 12 NE, Caranye was assigned to the Imperial Military hubworld of Antemurale, where she met with the Director, who assigned her to a top-secret operation on Antemurale itself, to uncover the truth behind rumours that a high-ranking Imperial had been leaking tactical information on the Imperial defence grid to terrorist cells of the Cyrandia Resistance operating deep within the jungles of Antemurale. Eager to start her mission, Caranye was nevertheless irritated to learn that the Director had paired her with an intensely egotistical artificial intelligence known as Eternal Enigma.

Though worried that Enigma would frighten away some of her less conventional contacts on Antemurale, she nonetheless travelled to her makeshift home deep in the Alvarian forest, where she hid away the outspoken conspiracy theorist Voe Dirais when she couldn't bring herself to assassinate him in an earlier operation. Caranye's patience was tested when Voe and Enigma began verbally sparing over the true nature of Imperial Intelligence, before she finally snapped at both of them, ordering Voe to access to the local HoloDomain network to find evidence on the Resistance cells operating nearby. Voe discovered that the main cell was led by the Anazasi known as Borravin, who operated close to the hut. When Resistance forces began attacking the hut, Caranye, Voe and Enigma fled into the forest, where they had to contend with the local alfrekeh before finally arriving at the base.

There, Caranye used her sniper rifle to kill all of the Resistance operatives with the exception of Borravin, whom she injected with a serum which muted his willpower. In a docile state, Borravin informed her his information stemmed from a mysterious Basileus informant, whom she ordered him to contact. The informant was revealed to be the Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn, who, via holocommunicator, snapped Borravin's neck and offered Caranye a place in his vision for the Empire. Refusing his offer, Caranye returned to the Director, who informed her that the Empire's newest Grand Admiral had ordered Intelligence not to act against Ruuvitharn, but merely track his movements. Increasingly irritated with this culture of secrecy, in which a clear threat was given a reprieve, Caranye returned to her starship, where she informed Enigma and Voe of the Director's report.

Early years of the Great War[]

Opening Stages
Aoirtae: "I thought my family was killed by Panthrea slavers..."
Caranye: "You were only a toddler when it happened. I don't expect you to remember me... but I am Caranye Valaeris, your older sister."
―Aoirtae and Caranye reunite

A few years later, Caranye was present on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and felt physically sick when it was used to destroy the New Republic capital Mou'Cyran. Conspiring with the Eternal Enigma, she sent top secret information to Republic Captain Helo Roslia, resulting in the Grand Republic Fleet assaulting the Battlestation in a desperate attempt to destroy it. She met with a team of Republic and Aldárae agents during the operation, where she was reunited with her younger sister, Aoirtae. Upon helping them sabotage the station's hypermatter reactor, she escaped on the Auethnen Raptor, keen to become reacquainted with her younger sister and help the Republic defeat the Empire.

The team confront the demonic Rambert.

For the first two years of the conflict, Caranye remind mostly behind the scenes, utilising her talents in the shadows to undermine the Empire's campaigns against the New Republic. Though she could not see her sister as much as she'd like, she remained on good terms with her, and often exchanged messages during the few lulls in fighting. In the immediate aftermath of the New Republic Civil War, however, she had been off the grid for several months, much to Aoirtae's chagrin. When they eventually reunited, it was under less than ideal circumstances, with Caranye joining Aoirtae's mission to investigate the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral.


After a dangerous mission into the heart of the Rambo Capital, the group ultimately discovered that Rambert had been corrupted by Mar-Júun, and despite a gruelling fight, managed to destroy the once proud King. After the battle, Caranye once again bid her farewell to her sister, telling her that with the Empire's takeover of Rambo Nation, her talents would be needed elsewhere.

After the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE, Caranye and her team began to focus on building a resistance network in the systems of the Occupied Republic, eventually coming into contact with Senator Raen Magalen and the Aldárae knight Arasah Nui. While she lost contact with her sister Aoirtae, Caranye kept a close eye on reports from beyond the Outer Rim, and ultimately learned of her sister's survival after the Republic Remnant's stunning victory over the Empire at the Battle of Harborage.

Personality and Traits[]

I identify the enemies of the Empire, both within and without. One by one, you'll notice them disappear.

- Caranye

Highly intelligent, mysterious and deadly in more ways than one, Caranye is by all accounts the embodiment of ruthless professionalism, an art that is held with deep reverence in Imperial Intelligence. Though ruthless in carrying out orders, Caranye is by no means a yes-women and has been known to question and even act against the orders of her superiors if see views them as being foolish or contrary to her moral compass. Indeed, Caranye was a loyal Imperial patriot, but upon seeing the depths of the regime's evils during the Second Great Cyrannus War, she defected to the New Republic.

Caranye, ready for battle.

During a mission, Caranye is perhaps infamous for utilising incredibly dangerous and well-orchestrated tactics which leave little margin for error, with each successful mission tipping the balance of power in the galaxy toward Imperial, and later Republic, dominance. Relying on highly advanced technology during operations, like many other high ranking operatives, the Empire spared no expense in ensuring that Caranye is always outfitted to perfection, which includes biological augmentation as well as cybernetic implants designed to ensure that she is able to adapt to almost any combat environment.

In terms of her personality, Caranye possesses a snarky and sarcastic sense of humour and is often quick to crack one-liners in any given situation, much to annoyance of her superiors and to the entertainment of her entourage.




Green face.pngYou and me. Taking on the galaxy. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Blue face.pngI suppose I could pretend not to hate you.

  • Hachiman: We worked well together, shame about the libido.
  • Thea'Nhirara: I do not believe I've encountered anyone with your powers. It would be interesting to see how you tick on the inside.
  • Kralgon Emperor: You did well in the battle with Brezank.
  • Ela-Mu-Ní: You need to help the Republic, Director. The fate of the galaxy is at stake.
  • Kara Inviá: You handle yourself well.
  • Vanikaimar: You're impressive, I'll give you that.


Yellow face.pngYou're dangerously close to getting on my List.

  • Apollo: I'm still not sure about the Republic, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Helo Roslia: You led the allied forces admirably.
  • Tector Decimius: One of the few Imperials I can respect.


Orange face.pngI'd throw you in lava, but it's not nearly scalding enough.

  • Charcar'maer: There's nothing your "Inquisition" can do that Intelligence can't do better. And with more subtlety.


Red face.pngWe have unfinished business. You have no idea what I'm capable of.


A useful asset for Imperial Intelligence. She has made entire rebel cells disappear.

- Taev Voseatiur

Mine are bigger.

- Erissare

A pebble in our shoes for certain. Someone should pay up to make her, let's say, disappear.

- Rivergron

Hmpf, I won't admit in public, but she gives me the nerves!

- Inquisitor Chi Chodecra



  • Much like how Venatorius is based on Cyrannian's Sith Inquisitor character in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Caranye is based on his Imperial Agent.
  • Cyrannian considers Caranye his most accessible Imperial character for use in fiction.
  • Caranye was voted the featured captain for September 2015.


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