All dissidents and rebels will be executed. Painfully.

- Carandial

Carandial was a male Basileus who served as a Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy, representing Basileus interests in the Imperial military.

Carandial served as one of the Tyranus's most trusted advisers, though did not support Basileus membership in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, instead goading Tyranus into forming the New Basileus Empire. Though it only lasted for a few months, Carandial served as it's highest ranking officer.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Carandial was delighted at the power it offered the Basileus and became a Grand Admiral, the highest ranking naval title. Like many of his race, Carandial is quite condescending to those who views as his lessers and yet is quite popular among the other officers in the Navy. Nevertheless, as his years in the Empire's service accumulated over time, much of his previously specistic ideals have dissipated. Despite being a high ranking Basileus, Carandial remained uninvolved with various Basileus-led coups against the Empire since its formation, even acting against own friend Tyranus when he worked against the Emperor. When the Cyrannian Imperial State was formed, Carandial declared their status as rebels and became quite keen to hunt down their leadership and execute them within the halls of Vasuband itself.

Carandial was the commanding officer of the Imperatore, a Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought which served as the flagship of the Imperial Navy, prior to the construction of the Sovereign. His illustrious and proud career came to an end during the Second Great Cyrannus War, when he was killed in action during the Great Battle of Orbispira.


Early History[]

Carandial attacking a Republic ship.

Carandial was born on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband in an era of prosperity and general peace for his people. However, his early life and details on his family are currently unknown, with Carandial first coming to public attention during the rise of power of Tyranus, where he served as an advisor to the aspiring leader, who eventually grew to hold the position of Imperator, the equivalent of emperor in Basileus culture. Over time, Carandial was promoted to the position of Supreme Commander of the Imperium's navy, leading his people into battle on many occasions.

Although he advised against it, the Basileus eventually joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems and were eventually dragged into the Great Cyrannus War. He fought in many battles, but never felt any loyalty toward the Confederacy, instead helping to goad Tyranus into creating the New Basileus Empire. With his new armies and power over the Basileus military, Carandial led his people into many further battles against the United Republic of Cyrannus, until the war ended with the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Early Imperial Era[]

Pursuant of the Artifacts

Loupál speaks with Carandial via hologram.

The Emperor wants the artifacts in this planet. Failure is not an option.

- Grand Admiral Carandial speaking with Captain Rela Loupál.

When the Empire was formed, Carandial, like the vast majority of Basileus decided to join, being offered the position of Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy, gaining command of a deadly new starship, an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer he dubbed the Empirical. He was tasked with the Outer Rim protection, with one of his first assignments being bringing the rebellious Agnassana to justice on Orbispira. Later, Carandial began to grow impressed with the young Alavar named Rela Loupál and took her under his wing. When the third year of Imperial Rule began, Carandial learned of an ancient treasury trove deep in the territory of the Neraida Gigamatrix. In the hopes of gaining the planet's treasure and as a test for Loupál, he sent her to lead the mission.

During the first weeks of 03 NE, Carandial's former ruler Imperator Tyranus began to concoct a plot against Tyrómairon and the Empire in the hopes of bringing about Basileus galactic rule. Tyranus approached Carandial to share in the plot, but the Grand Admiral dismissed it as utter nonsense doomed to fail. However, out of respect for the Imperator, he didn't report him to the authorities. As Carandial predicted, the plot failed and Tyranus was killed by the Emperor.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

As the New Cyrandia Wars began, Carandial was sent to the front lines in the Outer Rim in an attempt to curb the advance of the Cyrannian Imperial State deeper into Imperial territory. This led him to the Saurornithantan homeworld of Carinateron, where his fleet was successful in repelling the rebellious Zillum from the world.

The Imperatore fires the matter cannon.

Maiden Voyage of the Imperatore

Crew of the Imperatore, this is your Admiral. Today we launch the flagship of our mighty Empire, a colossal testament to the power of our civilisation, the majesty of our Emperor and the virtue of our citizenry. We are tasked with the extinction of those who would subvert our Empire, those who would seek to turn us against each other and fan the flames of rebellion throughout our peaceful and orderly galaxy. No more!

- Carandial immediately prior to the Second Battle of Abrion

As the New Cyrandia Wars went on, Carandial became dismayed that while once the other species of the galaxy began accepting the Basileus as equal Imperials, the rebellion primarily caused by Basileus was once again giving them a nasty reputation. To his surprise however, Tyrómairon himself promoted him to command the flagship of the Empire in the form of the ICS Imperatore in order to combat the Imperial State after the key rebel victories over Abrion and Tyranikus. Immensely proud that the Empire would reward a Basileus of all beings, Carandial swore that he would track down and destroy the rebels.

When he became acquainted to his first officer Captain Rh'vaurek, Carandial immediately took command of the Imperatore and travelled to Abrion, where a rebel fleet under the command of Chathanglas remained after conquering the world several weeks previously. The resulting battle saw the Imperatore completely wipe out the enemy fleet with a single blow from the matter cannon, incinerating dozens of top-of-the-line State vessels and thousands of rebel lives. With Abrion back under Imperial control, Carandial allowed his crew to celebrate their stunning victory and after reporting back to the Emperor was sent to the front lines of the Southern Outer Rim.

Fall of Vasuband

All ships, initiate pattern delta. Bring your ships directly against the State flotilla. We will broadside them into oblivion!

- Grand Admiral Carandial commanding his fleet during the Siege of Vasuband.

Over the next several months, Carandial would become the most feared individual in the galaxy to the citizens of the Imperial State, utilising the vast power of the Imperatore to annihilate hundreds of State worlds and fleet positions. By the closing months of 05 NE, he had led Imperial forces in the Southern Outer Rim to the very fringes of the Vasuband system. At this stage in the conflict, both the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation had joined the Empire after a failed attempt by the State to incite a new Great Cyrannus War between the Empire and the Republic.

Carandial and Caranye argue with Akagelth and Morhioven.

Gathering the allied leaders on the Imperatore, Carandial expressed his disdain openly about involving the other two powers in a primarily Imperial affair, though as the battle drew on he grew to begrudgingly respect both the Republic and the Rambo for their bravery against the Imperial State. By the time the battle in space had been won, Carandial faced opposition from Inquisitor Akagêlth of the Imperial Inquisition who desired to assume control over the Imperatore to obliterate the planet.

Standing his ground, Carandial refused to allow the Inquisitor to usurp his command, ordering him to the planet's surface for the final siege of the State's capital city. When the battle had ended, Carandial traveled to Imperator Tyermaillin's office to find the former State leader unconscious thanks to a blow to the face by Grand Mandator Erissare. Discussing the future of the galaxy with the gathered Imperial commanders, Carandial informed them that Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur had commanded Tyermaillin to be trialled on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. Before leaving, Erissare gifted Carandial the Dvottie known as Mr. Bigglesworth, the former pet of both Tyranus and Tyermaillin. Several months after the war, Carandial was pleased to learn about the resurrection of Tyranus by the Emperor himself. Now a loyal Lord of the Empire, Tyranus regained the respect of Carandial, as well as ownership over his beloved Dvottie companion Mr. Bigglesworth.

Second Great War[]

Over a decade after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Carandial was assigned to defend Basileus Space against any potential incursions by the New Republic, upon the onset of open warfare between the two galactic powers. However, when faced with an unexpected invasion by the Corruptus, Carandial's armada was forced on the defensive, and despite the power of the Imperatore, Vasuband and the majority of the Basileus throneworlds were lost to Mar-Júun's demonic forces.

The Imperatore smashes into the Sovereign, destroying both Imperial flagships and ending Carandial's life.

However, toward the end of the conflict, Carandial returned to Vasuband in the midst of a calamitous battle between the Republic and the Corruptus, and utilised the destructive power of the Imperatore's hyperlaser to annihilate the Corruptus armada. After the end of the battle, Carandial spoke with the Phaedric Lords Moranonúngur and Archaxys, and to his considerable chagrin, presided over Grand Mandator Erissare's return to power.

In 20 NE, Carandial was patrolling Basileus space when he learned that the Imperial capital Orbispira was being besieged by the New Republic and their allies. Confident that his armada and the mighty Imperatore would spell a quick end to the rebellion, he immediately departed for the battle, taking command of the Imperial fleet during its opening stages. While he successfully held off the advancing Republic armada, he failed to anticipate the actions of Voro Acetenus, who boarded the flagship of Grand Admiral Mortalagueis and set it on the collision course with the Imperatore. Unable to manuever his mighty ship out of the way, Carandial watched with dread as the Judicator slammed into his beloved flagship, sending them both smashing into the Emperor's flagship Sovereign, ending Carandial's life.

Physical Appearance[]

Carandial, in the white uniform of a Grand Admiral.

Carandial was a typical male Basileus with regard to his appearance. He was adorned in crimson scales across his body, indicating his Vasubandian heritage. Individuals that encountered Carandial were often struck by his piercing red eyes which they often claimed he used to penetrate into their very minds. However, while Carandial possessed no such ability, he was known to use his eyes to strike fear into the hearts of those who displeased him in some way.

Personality and Traits[]

Embodying many of the traits that make his race, the Basileus, so infamous, Carandial was condescending, sarcastic and harboured a distaste for non-Cyrannians, though he could bear working with any being from the Cyrandia Cluster. As one of the most efficient officers of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he was often sent on missions of great importance to the interests of Imperial security, with the crew of his flagship, the Imperatore being considered some of the greatest in the entire Imperial Navy.

As an officer, Carandial was loyal to his superior officers, though wasn't above manipulating them into proceeding into a course of action that would benefit his career. Though he generally didn't see the need in friendships, he was often seen as the closest confidant of Tyranus, sharing many similar interests to the Grand Mandator, having known him since childhood. Despite his manipulative tenancies, Carandial was an ardent Imperial patriot who would never willingly act contrary to the Empire's interests.



The Imperatore is truly a worthy extension of Imperial majesty.

- Grand Admiral Carandial
  • Registry:NSD-11
  • Class: Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought
  • Length: 60,000 metres
  • Launch year: 04 NE

The Imperatore was a Nemesis-class Star Dreadnought which served as the flagship of the Imperial Navy. A 60,000 metre long psychological terror, the Imperatore was primarily designed to subjugate entire civilisations without even firing a blaster. The primary weapon of the Imperatore is a coaxial hyperlaser capable of destroying an entire planet, as well as ripping apart space-time itself when placed at a higher setting.

Many in the Navy believed that the Imperatore was overkill for a job that can just as easily be done with a squadron of Imperial Star Destroyers, but others believed that they are worth the expense, pointing to the role of the Imperatore in annihilating entire fleets of Cyrannian Imperial State rebels as well as leading the charge against the remaining rebels on Vasuband. It was destroyed during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE.




Green face.pngI can work with you.


Yellow face.png...

  • Apollo - I shall never understand why the Emperor set you free.


Red face.pngDie rebel filth!

  • Agnassana: Foolish rat.
  • Tyermaillin: The future with the Basileus lies with the Emperor, not you.
  • Zillum: Surrender, rebel scum. Your years of atrocities are at an end.
  • Mar-Júun: Demon scum.


A valiant warrior, no doubt.

- Zillum

A trusted advisor and friend.

- Tyranus

He has my respect.

- Tyrant

I'm more deserving of his rank than him.

- Mar-Júun

I will return...

- Agnassana



  • Carandial's appearance has currently undergone three retcons.


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