Captain Ramosky

This character is not a very famous captain of the Rambo, but his writings in a diary is his top right now, this is because he mentioned his experience in the Tigris War.



Ramosky was born in the outer colonies of Rambo, in farm family, that collected spice, HIs father was indeed the Responsible of the Colony as he had the greatest farm, he was born between rich people, so he had a good education, and he was also very popular, he advanced in his life helping his family in the collection of spice, that after this it was sold to Rambo Nation.

Radical change[]

He still was young, when Rambo fleets arrived to the colony, he was fascinated in the ships, his weaponry, that when the soldiers were left, he began to build his own spacecraft, his family didn't like that, so they destroyed every shipment he built, his father said to him that the Rambo Nation wasn't worthy of trust, his father hated the ways Rambo held the spice, but it was his only customer. When the Rambo Resistance began, his father's colony was one of the main rebels, this depressed Ramosky, since he dreamed to be a Rambo officer, he escaped the colony without warning, and travelled to Rambo territory, there he was asked about the Resistance, he didn't knew anything, but he requested entering the Academy of the Rambo Command, at the beginning it was hard to admit, but then he was accepted.


Ramosky was the bluff of all the cadets, since all were from Rambo capitol except him, but didn't stop him, he continued his training, and became a ensign in a Miranda Class, were he also was promoted to a marine, where he propose himself to pass any test he may have, there he acomplished many missions and became officer of the security in the ship, the battles against different aliens give him enough expierence to become a Captain rank, but then a battle against a hostile race took him away his arms, Rambo command was really surprised to see how a Rambo survived this, although he was Captain, he could not have the opportunity to command a ship for himself, so he was drawn into other missions, like teaching to students, but he always dreamed with having his own ship.

Tigris Galaxy[]

One day two officers arrived, captain Ramikku and Ramantas (before his disappearance in Ramirith) and told him of a fresh start in a new world, he wanted to make a difference, so he was selected to the project METAL.

Project METAL[]

When he arrived to Tigris galaxy using the wormholes, he entered DSC 02 and was surprised to see his heros with low moral, as the colony was invaded by hostile race and very powerfull called the Congregation, He was also amazed by the galaxy beauty, after he was briefed, he entered a lab where Rambo scientists explained the project, they were able to capture a Krudha and studied it, and ended that with this bionic technology of Metal, replacing bone tissue by metal tissue, they could possibly return possibly extremities of injured Rambo, he accepted, so he was summated to experiments, ending in having both arms again, then he was promoted with a ship, Akira Class, recently arrived by the Rambo Command, he could finally accomplish his dream.

Tigris War[]

Captain Ramosky participated on the reconstruction of Rambo influence in Tigris Galaxy, he engaged many time the Congregation, and he worked with the Cianju Alliance to retake the territory. He also was promoted to Captain of fleet, and he was the one that, with the help of Captain Ramikku established again the front against the Congregation.

He returned to Quadrant 82 before the Scourge and was not active during the Galactic War.

Second Galatic War[]

Outer Sector 147, the place were Captain Ramkoty perhished and the USS Bellerophon was destroyed, is patrolled by Captain El'd'Tall of the Soterus.

The USS Tempest crippeling the Soterus

After the loss of the USS Bellerophon Rambo Command dispatched Captain Ramosky of the USS Templar to investigate the attack and if possible, capture or destroy the one responsible for it. However, the travel to that sector took a long time, as the Galactic War was still waging and the new one was also starting. Upon arriving, Ramosky ordered most of usefull pieces to be brought on board for investigation. Upon finding the black box of the ship, the Soterus decloacked and engaged the USS Templar. During a long dogfight, Ramosky managed to hit one of the Warp Nacceles of the Soterus, leacking plasma. He then fired multiply phasers and torpedo's at the Soterus. Effectivly disabeling there engines and long range communications. Even shields were down.

Ramosky then opened a channel and demanded surrender, or else he would be destroyed. El'd'Tall was not a Captain to simply surrender, and instead opened the possibily to discuss matters in private, in return for his release he would tell everything to Ramosky about the USS Bellerophon's destruction.

Ramosky however, was not yet sure wat to do. After recieving the information he needed, he let El'd'Tall go.

USS Templar[]

USS Templar


The USS Templar is an Akira Class ship which is capable of Warp 9.8. The ship is one of the newer classes and is frequently used in Battle Fleets and Task Forces, the ship is considered a new succes.

It is very manouverble and she is fast ship. The USS Templar is also equipped with the most modern weapons and technologies.


The ship was constructed at the Dissia Shipyards and was launched during the Algernon War were it fought in the last battle of the Algernon and was also active in battle during the Siege on the Algernon Capitol.

Afterward the ship was assigned to the 25th Fleet under command of Captain Ramtterson. When Captain Ramosky achieved the rank of Captain, command of the USS Templar was given to him.

Under command of Captain Ramosky the ship saw action against the Cianju Alliance and the Congregation.

Technical Data[]

The Ship is equipped with:

- Phasers.

- Photon and Quantem Torpedos.

- Shields.

- Planet Buster.

- Other UFO Weapons found in Spore Game.

The ship is capable of Warp 9.8.