Captain Jazzaroth is a fairly new captain of the DCP. He is a Postgrimbolsaurian - a Grimbolsaurian with enhanced ablities.

History Edit

  • Jazzaroth became captain after attending spacefleet academy.
  • His first mission was to infiltrate and sabotage one of the last pirate holdouts within the DCP.

The Expansion Wedge Edit

Back in the Milky Way, there is a new effort of expansion - a small fleet of Galactic Star Runners, battleships and colonisation ships have travelled to a new sector, under the command of Captain Jazzaroth. It is a pretty region of space, with nebulae and open clusters of hot O-type stars, aswell as a wormhole that leads straight to DCP space. They met a small, foolish and aggressive empire, who demanded 750,000 Sporebucks, however the DCP soon enslaved them. Next they formed a trade route and established colonies, which are blooming, as many planets in this sector, have purple and pink spice, as well as rich in ores. One of these planets was Mylak.

The expansion wedge is new, and it hoped that the DCP will eventually occupy a triangular area of space, however they must "tame" the native empires first!

Xhodocto-DCP truce Edit

The Xhodocto and the DCP are now in a truce and are beginning peaceful negociations. The Xhodocto have been giving the DCP advanced weapons technology. In return they wanted Captain Jazzaroth's genetic code as an advanced Grimbolsaurian. The DCP although now more peaceful with the Xhodocto, are still a little wary (and many vote and argue that the DCP should not have open diplomacy). However, despite the DCP's suspicions, Captain Jazzaroth has agreed to have his genetic code experimented with.

DCP Civil War Edit

Captain Jazzaroth was present in the final battle between the warlords, and helped the Emperor and Admiral Kilnok to defeat Mauloron, Eclipsos and Tricarrion (even though he ascended).

Intergalactic War Edit

Captain Jazzaroth of instrumental in the DCP's first invasion of the Cognatus Alliance, and had driven the Cognatus away from the first planet that had been attacked, but soon he was called by the Emperor...

War of Ages/Descension war Edit

Jazzaroth joined the Emperor, Warlord Tricarrion and other DCP heroes to help Admiral Kilnok breach the walls of Sub-Necropolis, where the sword that would ressurect Kilnok was being kept. They brought reinforcements, but they were crushed by Kamik'Shi himself. However, the DCP gathered its last remaining forces inside Inferno Realm, and actually invaded the city, all the DCP heroes and captains fighting side by side, including Jazzaroth. This battle especially, has made him more respected to the universe.

More to come as I play more adventures

Trivia Edit

  • Jazzaroth grew up on a world, much like Earth, has dark winters and bright summers. There was not much light in winter, and hours of light were few. This is quite depressing in some ways, and then summer comes and the days are long, the hours of dark were few. Jazzaroth now lives on a planet tidally-docked with its star (one side always facing its home star), and so has endless summers and eternal brightness. Jazzaroth never wants to move from this planet. However, this is a problem, because in space, its dark. So when he is travelling in starships, the darkness makes him quite depressed (he is not scared of the dark, he just prefers the light of summer).

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