2nd Secretary(Diplomat, Rank 3) Vete is a Kharnor from planet Kharn. He captains the Flagship of the Kharnor Empire, and the GEC(Galactic Extrakharn Confederacy), the KCV Ambassador.


Captain Doyng Beshith Vete

Doyng's HistoryEdit

D.B. Vete belongs to the third longest lived civilizations in the Sporr-Anisauri Galaxy. As such, he holds a long and fulfilling record of selfless service to the Confederacy, and to his ship and crew. Soon after he became a captain, Vete earned his first master badge.

Soon afterwards, for unknown, or forgotten causes, Vete's ship, the KCV Ambassador, and the Kharnor Empire's first ship, was severely damaged, and suffered a crash landing on a T1 planet. He was rescued from this planet, and the Kharnor got right on re-creating the Ambassador. With this new ship, Recruit Doyng set sail on the solar winds to Colealia, to establish the first extrakharn galactic foothold, the Bosha colony.

Then, the Ambassador started what would become the reasons for it's celebrated name, when they made first contact with the Flitt Empire. Because of this great achievement, Doyng was promoted to Assistant! These peaceful people were also diplomats! They also found many biological trademarks to be 'copied' in the Kharn. Needless to say, these two peoples soon formed a mutual, inter-stellar relationship, involving mostly spice-trade routes, but also the occasional help was requested of Vete, and off he went to save Caraxibie from an eco-disaster, or save them from pirates, or the hated Dunkin Empire, which was the next Empire they met.

Afterwards, they discovered the Lillopod Empire, a race of Robots who, after their enemies destroyed their makers, took over the planets. They proved to calculating foes for their nemesis though, and that is why the Dunkin Empire is where they are today. However, unlike the Flitt, these creatures were Ecologists. So, the Lillopod Empire didn't immediately become friends, although relations were good from the start.

After Vete was promoted to Attache they discovered the Samsaur Empire. This species was the second militaristically inclined race they met. But, through assistance, and trade, the people of Kharn soon won the hearts of these honor-driven wariors! But that would come later.

The Dunkin/Kharnor WarEdit

Soon after Doyng had finished his mission to terraform Colealia, the Dunkin Empire declared open war. This may have had something to do with the fact that while defending the Flitt, the Ambassador destroyed 23 Dunkin vessels. This was the first war the Kharnor had been in, but having their alliance with the Flitt helped. Throughout the war, Doyng Beshith Vete achieved 3 master badges. The war never officially ended, but the offensive side, the Dunkin, stopped attacking in order to get some power back, having had only one planet left…


One of Three Master Badges from the War

During the course of the war 84 Dunkin spacecrafts were destroyed in defense.

Many other exciting, and profound events happened within the War-Time. The rest will simply be put in a list:

•8 new colonies, placed or purchased

•Garchomb Empire discovered and allied

•3 terraforming projects

•KCV Ambassador refitted as Ambassador 2

En Route to the GECEdit

The outward aggression ceased when the Kharnor came to terms with the Lillopod Empire, and the latter decided the former would make good allies, and would not pervert the balance of nature. Possibly fearing more attacks, the Dunkin Empire simply stopped attacking. Since then many debates on whether to pull down or strengthen the Kharnor Defense Bureau have taken place. None have veered toward any conclusive decision.

Also, for a short time a short, fraction of a year war broke out between the Kharnor and the Samsaur Empire. Fortunately, this was swiftly resolved.

A few years later, the Samsaur Emire saw good in the Kharnor, and decided to become their allies, followed by recently discovered species called the Troodan, and Dumsvin Empires.

The Ambassador 2 and Doyng were lost during a battle on the Shaggles home-world. The captain was quickly cloned, however, the KCV Ambassador 2 was beyond salvage, unlike the first. So, within the next week, they built the KCV Ambassador 3, a sleeker, fancier, and more advanced design.

The Meta R Empire was discovered. However, before any sort of relationship could be established, the Empire wiped themselves out with eco-experiments and prototype weapons designs.

After this profound loss from the Galactic table, the Kharnor went on to discover another of the many major species in the Anisaur Reality: The Natteran Imperial Merchant. As the title might suggest, the Natterans are traders with a strict hierarchy and a steadfast rule: A man is only worth the sum of his possessions.

Although the Natteran race generally runs from any opposition anyway, they accepted the diplomats proposal for(and I quote): "Brotherly protection, and inter-racial trade…" It was probably the second part that got them then…

Later, around the same vicinity, the Wub Empire hailed the Ambassador and asked for a trade agreement. The Kharnor went the extra mile and told them they would ally them, and their proposal was accepted.

Another race, called the Nariagg Dominion, contacted the Kharnor, on something about the number of "border trespasses within the last decade"…after settling the dispute, and an additional year, the Nariagg allied with the Kharnor.

The Galactic Extrakharn ConfederacyEdit

Spore 2010-06-04 18-14-36

The Ambassador with it's Fleet, including Natteran Vessel

In civilian space, outside the chamber of the Kharnor Consul, and the Bridge of the Ambassador, some everyday people were sensing some unknown vibes. Unbeknownst to them, the Imperial Consuls were having a chat about their histories, how they met, and the future, with all the others, and the flagship. Up until then, each of the Consuls would send in their 'vote' and whichever idea came out with the most high receiving votes would win. Nobody knew who or why these votes were casted for.

But, during this fateful conversation, they debated the helpfulness and practical uses of an interstellar alliance. Eventually, the votes came out: Yes:8 No:1. It was settled, and the 9 allies would become part of what was then proposed as the Stellar Coalition.

When the public poles were opened, vast crowds swarmed to the boxes. Here is what the percentages voted: 12% voted No, 24% voted some empires out, and 64% Yes. So, in that way, all 9 empires became part of what was renamed by the honored Captain Doyng Beshith Vete, the Galactic Extrakharn Confederacy.

In honor of the new arrangement, the Kharnor Empire made the flagship, the KCV Ambassador 4.

Other InformationEdit

Planetary ColonizationEdit

After the first colony of Bosha was founded, the Kharnor set up the K.B.C.A., or the Kharnor Bureau of Colonial Affairs. It's directive was to look out for, set up, and plan colonies. Since then, the Kharnor have established 28 other colonies, including the colonies achieved during the D/K war.

The GroxEdit


A Grox Unit

Although they haven't really met them yet, the Kharnor have destroyed three Grox starcrafts in defense. Doyng Beshith Vete has been given a mission to locate and befriend the cyborg warriors if possible, but the last thing we heard was that Vete was trying to maintain his distance yet.

Prehistoric OriginsEdit


The earliest known ancestor of the Kharnor race is a cell known as Drim-Khaere, a large cell who's worst enemy was probably a Bloatiforme cell.


The Kharnor has a wide evolutionary path ranging from the first land walking vertebrates, the Drim-Khaerei(Khaeres Quadiflagella) to the 13th and last creature generation, the Kharei Taen(Khares Campophthalm). From the Drim-Khaerei to the Kharnor is a difference of 3 combat points, 8 physical points, 10 social points, and 2 speed points. The Kharnor color patterns were originally created in the Khaerei-Taen, with blue ankles and wrists, and the rest an emerald green.

Tribal PhaseEdit

Unlike most other species in the Anisaur Reality, the Kharnor(Kharnor Sapisalte) were adeptly varied at making clothes for the appropriate occasion, be it social, attack, or gathering. The Kharnor befriended all five tribes in their area. This gave them the friendly reputation.

Civ PhaseEdit

When the Kharnor finally made it to the status of civilization, they went right to work on building an atmosphere safe building of large proportions, and on technology that would allow them to cross the continent in just days. This was quickly accomplished, and then they went on to create a boat, and an airplane. In civ they were religiously active in the extreme, and conquered all of their cities through religious conversion.

KCV AmbassadorEdit

(This article displays the stats of the most recent Ambassador as of yet, the Ambassador 4.)

Social AbilitiesEdit

•L3 Happy Ray(a.k.a., Super Happy Ray)


•Crop Circles, Monolith

•Species Eradicator, SuperSizer, Creature Creator, Creature Tweaker

•Wildlife Sanctuary



The Ambassador Fires on a Dunkin Ship

•Minilaser, Mega Auto-Blaster


•Mega Proton Missile

•Mega Bomb

•Antimatter Missiles, Antimatter Bomb

•AOE Repair, Rally Call


•Repair Pack, Energy Pack, Energy MegaPack

•Static Cling

Main ToolsEdit

•Scan, Radar

•Hologram Scout


•Colony IncrediPak


•Loyalty Booster, Happiness Booster, Spice Storage

•Uber Turret

Terraforming ToolsEdit

•Cloud Accumulator, Cloud Vacuum

•Refrigeration Ray, Heat Ray

•Atmoshpere Generator, Drought Generator

•Ice Storm, Meteor Shower

•Asteroid Call, Atmosphere Freezer

Sculpting ToolsEdit

•ALL: Basic, Terra, Cute, Tentacle, Gear, Crystal, Chocolate

Planet Coloring ToolsEdit

•ALL: Sky, Land, Water, Reset

Other AbilitiesEdit


•Abduction Beam

•Basic Cargo Hold

•L4 Interstellar Drive, Wormhole Key

•L5 Health

•L5 Energy Storage

The Ambassador is equipped with two interstellar engines, and two sub-light, secondary engines.

(Since the article was made, Doyng Beshith Vete has been promoted 1 to 2nd secretary!)

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