The Emotionless comes, uncaring as possible as he punishes the souls of sinners. His indifference is a staple among the followers of the great God of Nightmare, and he will forever ensure his will is the law.

- Chant of the Devourer's Chosen

Capastrus Tva'naum, the Emotionless was an artificial member of the Iowroi Ast'ut race who served as one of the Champions of the Devourer's Chosen and served as the second oldest of the team. Descended from birth to be stripped of all emotions possible, Capastrus was a fearsome warrior whose sheer indifference made him a terrifying presence in the battlefield, and equal to it was his power, endurance and devotion to the Devourer.

Capastrus was among the most respected cultists of the Devourer's Chosen, serving as one of its greater commanders and preachers before the ultimate end of the empire. His loyalty to the God of Nightmare was absolute, and he would ensure his will was done through all means necessary, be it manipulation or superior firepower. Though in the end, he much preferred the latter.


Capastrus is not a natural Iowroi Ast'ut, but rather a genetic experiment hand-made by Geltastra's scientists to create a better soldier for the Devourer's Chosen. He was created to be extremely resistant and lack any kind of fear, which led to him becoming completely and utterly emotionless. His formidable abilities were noticed by the Dark Apostle, who made him a Champion after various victories against the enemies of the Chosen. During the earliest moments of the Second Borealis Galactic War, Capastrus participated in the final battle against the forces of Order, in an attempt to stop them from defeating the Xi'Arazulha. Capastrus was the first champion to fight, where he had a large clash with High Inquisitor Arsac. In the end, however, he was killed.

After being revived, Capastrus left to the Kraw Galaxy along with Nai-Ar'natl to fight in Tzhrhokia. While the Chosen prepared to sacrifice the Tahar, Capastrus convinced a Neo Lekortiig senator to show the Taharian senate Corruptus Shrines disguised as "beacons" which could detect the virus which was attacking the Tahar race. Capastrus built many Shrines around the Tahar Empire, but eventually the Tahars found out about the Shrines and burned them down, denying Capastrus of his sacrifice. He would return to Borealis to fight in the Second Borealis Galactic War once more, and during the Wrath of Gods, he launched an attack on the Draconid Imperium's Borealis capital of Praetoria where he caused major damage to the planet, before being once again defeated by Arsac. After his defeat, Capastrus was sent to the Realm of Absolution, where he was trapped in a state of near-dead neurosleep. During the Third Xhodocto War, the Realm of Absolution was attacked by the recently-converted Arsac, who got Capastrus out of his neurosleep and then devoured his soul, absorbing his powers to herself and destroying the Iowroi Ast'ut permanently.



Capastrus appeared as a considerably large Iowroi Ast'ut, his increased size being caused by his lab-born origin as well as his descension. He typically wore a suit of armor which also served as ceremonial clothing, allowing him to always use it for all relevant occasions. Upon achieving his Null State, Capastrus was transformed into a gigantic, grotesque version of himself whose swine-like traits appeared to be partially replaced by feline features.


Capastrus was notable for his sheer and absolute indifference for all things, be them his allies, enemies or even his god. While the cultists of the Devourer's Chosen were widely known for their aggression and raving, Capastrus was calm, collected and deemed all around him 'uninteresting' or 'boring', though he nonetheless retained a great respect for his masters and most importantly, his god. It is unknown if Capastrus was incapable of emotion or if his unique demonic traits made it impossible for him to emote properly, with equal amounts of evidence existing for each theory.


While a lot less agile than a regular Iowroi Ast'ut, Capastrus had extensive control over the Entropy, being capable of launching powerful bolts of energy in the form of purple thunder. Capastrus was also known to be able to breath powerful streams of purple flames, and he had also been seen taking over the minds of powerful individuals to use them like puppets, like he once did to Agent Nu. Like the rest of the Champions, Capastrus could also cure himself by sacrificing cultists, and once he turned into his Ascended Champion form, his powers were greatly amplified.



Yellow face.pngWe fight together, for the Devourer.


Yellow face.pngI have no strong opinion on the matter.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngI find you rather uninteresting.



- Ref'kolar

So sad...he shows no remorse, no pain as he causes all the suffering in battle...so sad! I fight with him, but I feel depressed when I do and he does not feel any pity or sorrow!

- Stolithik the Sorrowful

Hmph. No feelings. No ambition. Little use, in my opinion. Of course I am in no position to question the will of the Dark Apostle and the... Lord, but still.

- Kernax the Striker

Emotionless you say? I would like to examine you should you fail on your tasks, since you won't do it voluntarily, how about as punishment?

- Mahedore

Another cultist who must die by the sword. Should we meet again I will look foreward to the day I redeem your soul through death.

- High Inquisitor Arsac




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