Early Life Edit

Cal Trivic was a son of a farmer on Ugandalore's moon.After his famiely was Massarced by COnqrix,His adbotive father resuced him. Even after being shot in the chest,with no armor no less,He managed to Kill a Conqrix trooper with a stab to the neck.Impressed by his bravery,Cal Torka,was adbotied by Mukin Trivic.

Training Edit

Cal trained himself hard,even before he was of age.His new father watched him carefully,but Cal insisted on training himself hard.Because he missed a few meals during training,he was always a little shorter then the rest of the Ugandalorians.After he became of age,His father gave him new armor,which he colored gold,For Revenge,as well as the shoulder pades Cal's first father wore before he was killed.

Dark days Edit

Cal traveled the galaxy, killing as a merc,Bounty hunter,and sometimes,as a vigilante.He often went for missions with Conqrix-killing,Never forgiving them for what they did.Over time,though,he started to become a depressed Drunkerd,Before he accepted an invation to train Clones for the Zecky Cloners.

Training sergant Edit

As a training Sergant,Cal trained them ahrd,yet showered his Clones with care,treating them like his own sons.He offten would leave for periods after he was done training them,only to return.He was most famous for training the SOTC's Space Miltia clones.When he encountered the SOTC null Squad,he stepped in as they were about to be killed and trained them alongside the other clones.They usally hung around with him during the last days of training,and he was there in person,when they got their lifes back to normal lenegth,were's most sergants started to grow further from their men to prepare them for Combat.

Modern Operation Edit

Cal is enrout to join his sons in the Upcoming war Between Space Pirates and SOTC.He wants to fight alongside his sons and,when the war is over,bring them to Ugandalore to live out their lives.HE is joined by fellow Ugandalorian Kalon Zahn and Scimat'akar Sergant Cuvalash Darnash.It's also known that after their training was finished,when they were offically 19(Biologically) That he adbopted them.

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Cal Trivic,In his Dull Gold armor.he may be on the old side,But Watch OUT!

Personality Edit

Cal is a Caring Sergant and SHowers his Clones with Father-like love.Although his rival and Later Friend,Kalon Zahn thought this was weakening them,his squads were just as good as Kalon's.He,strangly enough,Is sickened at the site of blood and Hates grox deeply,not trusting even the Kraw Grox and their claims of neutrality,spured by his early life.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Hello there!

Null squad-My sons.

Kalon Zahn-Great fellow,once he stops being a Jerk

Cuvalash Darnash-A scimat'akar that respects others..Interesting.

Ugandalore the Great-Hail Leader!

Friends Edit


Barda Clett-Known your father,good guy before he lost it.

Xarphobos-Your good fellow,jsut a little too goofy.

Forbila Clett-She married Barda,Didn't think anyone was strong enough to handle that boy.

SOTC-I'm fighting with my boys,Wether you like it or not.

Hated Edit


Grox Offshots-I don't care if your "PeaceFull",I'll kill you just the same.

Zecky-Cloners,treat their Clones like animales,Hmph!

Eniemy Edit

My knife's been lonely

Dred Loath-Your worse then Kalon when it comes to training,I'll brutalize you for every kid you killed.

King Mirrias-Dirty little scum bag.You diserve worse then death.

King Gorchius-Another one?!I'll change you back to red by time i'm done with you...

Qoutes from others Edit

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Notes Edit

Cal Trivic was Inspired by Kal Skirata of the Republic Commando Novels.

  • He is named after Karen Travis,the Writer of the RC and IC books.

Cal is the first Ugandal,besides Dormuncka,to change coloration,Creation timewise.

His name is Korean for Knife or blade,Just like Skirata's.

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