The God of Dreams chooses souls through reality to do his bidding and bring light upon their universes. But... what happens when someone refuses to accept this task?

- Unknown

Cairaovén, otherwise referred to as the Night Terror, is the last member of the Rylin race and one of the commanding authorities of the Corruptus, exercising the role of an orchestrator of large-scale ground warfare. An archaic being of considerable age and significant might, Cairaovén is driven by the will of her gods and seeks to cause outright destruction rather than the corruption of others, although despite this passion for violence she retains considerable intelligence and awareness and can demonstrate an impressive amount of tactical thinking. Cairaovén sees little justification for mercy and honour and speaks very little, even less towards her enemies, usually communicating in indecipherable growls and wails while reserving speech for those that matter most, mainly the gods of the demonic legions that she guides into bloodshed.

Lacking in charisma and ignorant to the arts of manipulation and deception, Cairaovén compensates with exquisite mastery over Nightmare energy, to the point that she is able to alter the state of her physical form to become incorporeal, and also possesses something of a resistance to the antithesis of the aforementioned Essence - Dream energy - as a result of her life prior to her own corruption and surrender to the Corruptus, while other servants and demons would suffer immensely under contact from the substance. Cairaovén wastes little time in disposing of her enemies, refusing to boast and taunt as such activities waste precious time, and takes immense pleasure in outright killing rather than fighting, leading to many to believe that her lust for death knows no boundaries.


Early Life[]

Cairaovén was born into the technologically and socially advanced culture of the Rylin of the Tuuros Galaxy, approximately two million years before the present day. Benevolent and kind-hearted, while also calm and retaining a lady-like manner to her behaviour, Cairaovén was selected prior to her birth by the choice of the God of Dreams, Sonhadromerith, to be destined for a future that would emphasise greate importance towards her being. While it is unknown what destiny it was that had been set out for her, she had managed to achieve it in a matter of decades and inherited a great number of abilities granted by an affinity for Dream energy, including biological immortality and the ability to warp time and space around her to her benefit.

Cairaovén spent decades under the training and tutorship of the Dream energy-oriented entity Thea'Nhirara, whom she saw as a mother as well as a teacher, and even before achieving her destiny she sought to defend her people from the threats imposed by neighbouring, highly-advanced cultures and societies. It was by her actions that she managed to deter her people from war with other nations as well as defeat those that had set out to harm them, albeit with merciful and humane intentions, although sometime after having grasped ahold of and fulfilling her purpose, a twist of fate resulted in a spiral that would lead her descending into and becoming completely consumed by the dark; for reasons unknown, she began to suffer horrific, terrifying nightmares consistently, with hallucinations appearing to her even when awake, causing her to become agitated and frustrated with herself and others as the nightmares grew in potency and effect - the corrupting persuasion of the dark entity Shu'wokerama made itself prevalent to her, seducing her away from the light and subconsciously enforcing a belief in the lack of purpose into her mindset, that even after she had completed her quest to grasp her destiny she would possess no future under the guidance of Sonhadromerith.

Eventually, Cairaovén abandoned her role as a protector and merciful enforcer, infuriated by the repetition and persistent cycle of her activities. She had grown tired of living the same way with each century that came to pass, delving deeper into a personal madness despite the assistance and attempted comfort of her "mother", whom she also grew a distaste for and soon outright rejected her words, denying the love she had grown for her as both a mentor and a parental figure in exchange for a chance of accomplishing more than what she had done already, to break the repeating cycle. It would only be a matter of time before she embarked on a pilgrimage to the site of sealing for the Warrior of the Devourer, whose disembodied consciousness remained active while his body did not, and attempted to learn more from him via trying to break the seal - in the end, it would be a futile effort, although his lingering power and influence would find itself into her form and mutate her form, claiming her mind for itself and killing nearly all traces of the destined warrior she had once been.

For the next two million years, even after the decline and eventual downfall of the civilization she had once been affiliated with, Cairaovén would go on to wreck destruction across the known universe, destroying primitive cultures and conquering entire worlds with her capacity for power and strength, killing billions as she gathered souls and other resources to awaken her masters from their slumber. During this interim period, Cairaovén would also encounter the Dream energy being Laminoula'Fuerq, and made an attempt on his life - an affront to the godlike entity that had almost costed her existence, barely surviving his retaliation before resuming to gathering souls to empower and awaken her own gods.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Cairaovén stands at the ruins of Bonaih

Cairaovén finally joined her masters in flesh during the Second War of Black Fog, where she became a commander of the Corruptus's armies following the rise of the Marinoxidiz. Through the war, she spread destruction and anarchy across the Milky Way Galaxy, and became noted by the Dracogonarious Empire and its many allies after she led an attack at the Bonio homeworld of Bonaih and conquered it under Errr's orders. Afterwards, she attempted to defend the Corruptus Overworld of Variligan against the Plazith Allies but was defeated by their combined force, with them focusing their efforts in putting her down due to the threat she posed. This culminated to her and Thea'Nhirara battling each other at the ruins of Bonaih, where the Night Terror was slain by her own teacher, saving the planet in the process.

Like the rest of the Corruptus, Cairaovén found herself brought back to existence following the Annihilation, where she became part of the Corruptus forces left at the Onuris Universe while her masters were sent to Inferno. She would work together with Arrtkar Crowart and find a new generation of vanguards for Shu'wokerama, and once done, she was finally reunited with her demonic kin once her masters regained contact with each other. Cairaovén currently serves under the Dominion of the Xhodocto, awaiting for an opportunity to have her revenge against Thea'Nhirara.



Cairaovén appears as a dark purple, reptilian biped that portrays many traits typical of humanoid species; four limbs, including two arms and two legs, and a head, of which is rather lizardlike and maintains two, illuminated crimson eyes and a series of protrusions on either side of her skull. Her mouth is filled to the brim with sharp, serrated teeth and her flesh and tissues exhibit extensive signs of mutation as per her corruption, with red, sickly veins bulging throughout her skin while certain parts of her flesh have become jet black, along with a rather notable, almost unnatural arm-like tendril growth that extends from her left shoulder and a tail that has been reduced to the bare skeleton aside from a few demonic tendons and muscles. She also possesses a pair of large, seemingly demonic wings that are, in truth, remnants of the once-feathered wings she retained prior to her downfall, allowing her to fly with minimal use of Essence-oriented ability. Like a majority of the demons and minions of the Corruptus, a spiked growth emerges from her chest with a pinkish core.

Cairaovén is always seen sporting black, heavy armour consisting of an unknown, potentially alien alloy, indicating that the suit of armour had actually fused into her flesh and muscles and has become part of herself, as upon closer inspection miniscule veins can be seen upon the surface of the armoured plates and also regenerate alongside her when she is damaged. Her wings and third "arm" also appear to 'grow' from the armour. She wears a rather detailed, expressive helmet that covers her forehead and is adorned with spikes and other protrusions, emphasizing an expression of anger and scorn upon her face when observed from the front as well as the side. While they do not appear upon her person, Cairaovén is usually observed making use of several demonically-arcanised greatswords that she handles with ease single-handedly, which are often engulfed in black, fiery fog, much like herself on occasion.


Cairaovén is a reclusive and socially inept individual who restrains communication with others, even her own superiors although she nonetheless respects and complies to their authority, and interacts very little with her companions and colleagues despite their shared allegiance, seemingly preferring to treat her inferiors as if they do not exist within her eyes, at least when outside of battle. Cairaovén treats her enemies with an even more radically indifferent attitude, preferring not to boast or taunt as she views such as unprofessional and an utter waste of time, instead engaging in swift yet incredibly destructive bouts to finish assignments quickly. While she is often heard grunting, panting, even wailing to herself, she is not incapable of speech and can do so with perfect tone, expression, and literal understanding. Devoted entirely to her gods, Cairaovén takes immense pleasure out of the act of killing, taking lives and stealing souls for her masters - a passion that has led to her being instated as a destroyer rather than a corruptor, tasked to utterly obliterate the enemies of the Corruptus rather than convert them and add to their transfinite numbers.

Relentless, merciless, and surprisingly intelligent, Cairaovén is both a physical juggernaut and an adept tactician, capable of commanding the demonic forces of the Corruptus with terrifying efficiency through telepathy, although much unlike other military commanders she prefers to fight upon the frontlines rather than remain at the rear, using her physical prowess to complete objectives swifter. She refuses to engage in stealth, persuasion, seduction, manipulation or any other art along similar lines, while seemingly casting aside concepts such as honour and even resorting to using underhanded, brutal tactics to achieve victory under any circumstance. A notable aspect of her personality also revolves around her barbaristic nature; despite having once been a merciful enforcer and protector of life, she has forsaken the value of life and holds a deep, spiteful hatred towards those that affiliate themselves with Dream Energy, much like a grudge, and appears to take absolute satisfaction in overwhelming and killing such entities.


Cairaovén is immensely powerful in terms of strength and durability, capable of exerting and withstanding considerable amounts of damage to her armoured form, although she is not particularly quick or agile on her feet; as compensation for this, her entropic-oriented powers allow parts of her body, in theory even her entire form, to become an incorporeal, black fog that allows attacks to go straight through her without damaging her directly, which she can also use as an offensive maneuver as she can control the fog at a whim and command it to pass into the bodies of other people and deliver significant damage - a tactic she will often use while fighting competent opponents. Like many other servants of the the Corruptus, she is capable of spawning tentacles from her armour which she has direct control over and can use them to thrust through and whip enemies, while also utilizing concentrated blasts of Nightmare energy.

Cairaovén primarily wields two weapons while in combat, although they are not always seen upon her person - a pair of greatswords, one larger than the other, which can be summoned into existence at her telepathic demand, making her somewhat unpredictable when fighting seemingly unarmed. She is capable of arcanising the larger of the swords with Nightmare energy, allowing it to afflict more damage during attacks and can also phase through objects to seemingly penetrate through counters and blocks through the use of her black fog, although this can be resisted by Dream energy and other sufficiently powerful Essences. As a former master over the aforementioned Essence, she is capable of withstanding the substance much moreso than her brethren within the Corruptus, although she nonetheless takes incredible damage from it. As a vulnerability on her part, her armour is fused into her flesh and tissues, thus should it break she is liable to suffer from intense bleeding and pain, although she can regenerate should the time be given.



Blue face.pngThe void kneels to you, my masters. And so do I.


Yellow face.pngWe are not "friends".


Orange face.pngYou do not matter.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou will bleed!


Teacher doesn't like to talk about her... It's hard to believe that she was like me, once, but... I'd prefer not to think about it.

- Hachiman

Even the "chosen" do not appear immune to misguidance. A tragedy... A powerful one at that.

- Tyraz

Destiny failed.

- Sonhadromerith

To be rejected by you was... one of the greatest pains of my life. It will only be alleviated when you are put down once and for all.

- Thea'Nhirara

You fight like a convulsing child.

- Maktanshatinaknatazán

Madness is gravity.

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra





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