Escaping certain death, I found life.

- Sentinel Cainak

Once a noble warrior fighting on the frontlines of the endless pursuit of his people for Order dominance over Chaos, Cainak is a psionic user of the reknown warrior race of the Civatrons. Having escaped from the clutches of the ruthless Xol'Etra dominion over his beloved home galaxy, and believing himself the only survivor of his proud civilization, he was one of the many minds attracted to the presence of Du'utahrovin, the legendary dragon of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Away from his persecutors, in a sector of the universe where the Xol'Etra never attempt to influence due to its raw benevolent essence abnormaly filling it, he embraced this new essence in order to enhance his already tuned psionic energies. This brought him to meet Grandmaster Ryen, who was a pupil of his once powerful leader in times of the Great War. Ryen's innate connection to the psionic energies quickly drew Cainak, and his soul was overwhelmed by the Osteola's pursuit of peace, changing his notions radically in the process.

Now he's a full-fledged member of the Aldárae Order, having absorbed its vision as its own, discarding his bellicouse ways held by his kin. However, he cannot assist his new colleagues and brothers fully as he still fears his presence to be noticed by the Xol'Etra, fearing that they could trace him and inflict great damage to his new home. Thus, he helps his Aldárae brethren in the most indirect way, yet astonishingly effective, possible: Battle Mediation. His exploits in this type of spiritual warfare have helped turn the tide of some battles in the conflict between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, assisting the latter.

Still, deep within him, a stirring desire to return to his home galaxy afflicts him deeply. To his brethren, he is indeed the "Watchful Protector", psionically bound to all the minds of the order so to protect them from the clutches of evil to the full extent of his mental power. Yet, he's also known in Aldár as the "lost soul who always looks to the stars", ever hoping to see in his lifespan the glorious days of the Krassio return.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Cainak with his Farsight visor

Cainak has the appearance of a common Civatron, with his scaled skin tainted green and psionic, gleaming light emanating from his hairy tendrils and body parts. The most notable trait Cainak has are his messy chords falling to his face, barely stopped by his farsight visor which allows him to tune in with the mind of whoever he's supporting on a mission or battelfield. Since he is a peaceful Civatron, he's not fond of weapons. As such, he does not wield his energy blades most of the time.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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The lost soul who always looks to the stars.

Unlike the rest of his brethren, which tend to train and constantly discipline their minds and bodies to wage war against the forces of chaos, Cainak is a force of peace, harmony and rejects violence as much as his friend: Grandmaster Ryen.

He has the notion of being the only remaining Civatron alive, and possibly Krassio, in the entire Universe, as such, he has submitted himself to constant fasting and meditation to be as much a force of good as possible before he passes away. This has prompted him to discover and eventually become a prominent adept of Battle Meditation.

However, his inherited combat skills have not abandoned him entirely, and although he prefers to influence an individual's mind, he remains a skillful warrior capable of being a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Cainak has the tendency of walking through the pastures of Aldár, always remembering the great feats of his people, and somehow hoping and believing that some of them are still alive, clinging unto hope, like he does. In the meantime, he's devoted to serve his high authority in the Aldárae Order, and has learned to respect him.

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