One of the supposedly four Kolmik members, Brihir is calm, calculating, and silent. He bred the ice dragon Isko, and prefers to dwell in very cold places. Out of the four Kolmik that are known, Brihir is the least friendly and is very harsh. Brihir's name means "the deadly icicle" in Islyynurn, the language of the Society. He has been seen using odd powers, including lowering temperatures and supercooling matter. No eyewitness account of Brihir reports him attacking anyone, but throughout the ages several mysterious bodies of creatures have appeared on icy worlds, the most famous of these being the Isvera Man.

Abilities Edit

In eyewitness accounts, Brihir has been seen using the following abilities:

  • The ability to conjure ice from thin air.
  • The ability to see through solid objects.
  • The ability to survive despite all odds, even through massive explosions.
  • The ability to teleport at will.

More about the powers of the Kolmik are explained on their page.

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