I will teach you what it means to be a true Levarcor!

- Brakarion Gragon

Brakarion Gragon was an Elder Levarcor and the internal leader of Dark Grip, the special ops unit of the New Wranploer Legion.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Brakarion was born at 2383 in an unknown colony of the Wranploer Legion to serve as a soldier like all Levarcor. Initially, Brakarion did not show an distinction from any other Levarcor soldier he served with, though as time passed, he notably survived dozens of missions relatively unharmed, as opposed to most Levarcor who simply died as cannon fodder. Seeing how Brakarion was more intelligent than the others, the Wranploer chose him among various other exceptional Levarcor soldiers to be experimented on, in a secret project which aimed to create an army of super Levarcor warriors. While the project proved successful on Brakarion, it ended up killing most of the experimented soldiers and ultimately was canceled. Brakarion was turned into a giant, genius Levarcor, and once the Borealis Consortium Network fell, he was approached by Torrent to become a member of Dark Grip, which he quickly accepted.

Ice Age Edit

During the Ice Age, Brakarion and the rest of Dark Grip captured scientists over the galaxy to work on Torrent's clone scheme. When Vekaron invaded his headquarters to stop the cloning and save Baptarion Light, Brakarion confronted him, his team and Agent Chi. After a tense battle, Brakarion was defeated and forced to retreat. Once the planet was attacked by Vorius, Brakarion and the rest of Dark Grip all escaped with Torrent.

During the seventh year, Brakarion led an invasion on the space station of Hyperborea, taking the Polar Crystal Council hostage and planning to throw them off the roof of the Council Tower. He was eventually confronted by Vekaron and his team, and while he had the upper hand through most of the battle, he was eventually defeated when Vansenk shoved himself down his throat, causing the Levarcor to choke and fall down from the Council Tower himself. Brakarion's body was destroyed upon hitting the surface of the station, going through several floors and being reduced to a bloody pulp.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Brakarion appeared as an immense Elder Levarcor. His size was attributed to the genetic modification he went through, which made him grow to up to 25 meters in height, over 10 meters taller than a standard Elder Levarcor. Like all elder members of his species, his skin was ruby red with brown scales on certain regions.

Personality Edit

Brakarion was extremely devoted to Torrent and acted as his right-hand man. A zealous servant of the New Wranploer Legion, he did whatever it took to ensure conquest in the name of the Warlord. Brakarion was a ruthless leader who made sure there were no survivors on his path, and showed absolutely no mercy to his enemies. He loved the thrill of battle and the sound of explosions, and while he was large and strong, he was by no far stupid and could easily outwit enemies who underestimated him.

Abilities Edit

Being an Elder Levarcor, Brakarion was naturally the strongest member of Dark Grip. Using his nanomachines, he could harden parts of his body at will, making himself even more powerful, to the point he was only less powerful than Torrent himself. In addition, his nanomachines were overall more powerful than those of the rest of Dark Grip, as Torrent trusted him much more in comparison to the others. He was equipped with tank-grade grenade and rocket launchers as his weapons of choice, using them almost as if they were pistols to him.

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Allies Edit

Green faceFor the Legion!

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceWhat do you wish of me?

Enemies Edit

Red faceGuts and glory!

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The bigger they are, the smaller their dick.

- Kalcedia Myran

What do you mean that isn't an animal?

- Tetra

You're an idiot.

- Kilchárunya

Potential...though I'm still not convinced.

- Genrai Nal

Those horns don't look tasty, eh? 'Ow's about I offer yous a job?

- Billig Oltauris

yoo look liek a fukin weirdo

- Gol'thabex

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