Of course, my former comrades are not invincible... which is why they've created me. They've casted me out, declared me a failure, because I did not agree with their self-destructive warmongering agenda? Pity them, I do not. As for you, my friends, I may be able to help.

- Borlor to Lieutenant Irt and the Middleman.

Borlor is a heavily genetically modified Grox clone, created by the Subsume Contingency Corps, under the supervision of Superintendent Charr. Brother to Blustov, Borlor was considered a failure and imprisoned for most of his life by his creators. Borlor would later join the Middleman's squad and aid the Centapedus Empire in their effort to destroy the Terfinis Superweapon and the Darkspore Vicis.




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He's a big guy. But he's like a damned teddy bear, a teddy bear that you don't want to get angry.

- Crystalpedus Lieutenant Irt

A hulking combination of both juggernaut strength and supreme intellect, Borlor combines the Grox's greatest strength while balancing out their one weakness. Unlike the Grox, however, Borlor's intelligence also granted him with a high sense of empathy, driving him to disagree with much of the Grox's policies. Borlor has a high sense of honor, showing gratitude to his rescuers by escorting the pair out of the facility he was held in. On the opposite end, Borlor is quite fearsome in battle, not above brutishly punching his former captors in vengeance. His superb intelligence also makes him a valued technician and tactician, being only rivaled by Irt in the fields of technology. Borlor speaks in an accent very reminiscent of stereotypical Russian accents.

Unlike the vast majority of his race, Borlor has no cybernetic body parts and is completely organic. Physically, Borlor's massive body and extremely dense musculature gives him an enormous advantage in combat, with physical strength only being close to challenged by members of the Gigapedus species. While not as tall or wide as Gigapedus, his extremely dense body means that he is typically stronger than the average Gigapedus, able to punch with enough force to destroy walls, send opponents flying, and even kill the likes of a Strawberry Giant in a single, massive punch. This also means that his body is nigh-invulnerable to small arms fire and physical trauma. For these reasons, Borlor typically chooses to forgo most weapons and armor available to him.

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