My never ending-crusade to create the perfect diseases and creations has been going unnaturally well. True, one died a very explosive death, another melted all-over my laboratory, and seeped into my armor, but I have had successes.

- Bloran

Bloran is a Darkling Commander, and chief Scientist of the Brotherhood of Darklings. A powerful scientific mind, Bloran was, in their old lives, responsible for populating the universe with new creations, but his eccentric nature was there to see as well. When the Darklings betrayed their loyal brethren and the Lightlings, Bloran joined as well, mostly to keep himself alive, and not out of any true loyalty. As his experimentation and exposure to Dark Energy increased, so to did his madness, leading Bloran to further cut himself off from others, and become increasingly depraved.

Outside of this, Bloran displays a twisted parental touch with his servants, commonly treating them like children to him, and evern going as far as letting his servants call him "Papa Bloran" instead of Lord or Darkling Bloran.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Bloran is the Immediate brother of Zlorax, another Darkling that specialized in mutation and creature creation, with their home universe. Bloran was the brilliant scientist behind many powerful, deadly and evil creatures, but Darkling Miterix felt that the creatures were too evil, and had him discontinue his work. Though at the time less depraved, Bloran was slightly embittered that his work was ended and his creations liquidated, but never the less maintained his standard and helped engineer a number of other creatures for their universe.

As time went on, their use of Dark Energy corrupted their minds and bodies, the Darklings turned further and further away from their kin, the Lightlings, instead seeking power for power's sake, rather then helping and assisting those that once helped give their universe form and function. As such, when Terikalinra organized his revolt, the majority of their race joined, and turned on their brethren, both in the Brotherhood and the among the Lightlings.

The battle that followed annihilated most of the universe, and forced most of it's people to flee, piercing the dimensional gateways to flee into this one.

Life without God-like Power Edit

Bloran, after Dark betrayed his Sister, Zaraturai, was thrown into this dimension with his brothers and sisters. He lost his God-like Power, and became Mortal, with organs and everything, his powers drastically weakened, and his body not as rigorous or durable. Setting up a base on the planet Dastren, Bloran continued his work with developing bio-weapons for the Darklings to use against their foes.

After a few thousand years, and the other evolved past the point of needing organs, being energy in armor. Bloran, did not particularly care, nor did he actually like Terikalinra's way of fighting and conquering. Bloran, however, was happy to be kept alive, and being able to continue twisting flesh and bodies how he saw fit.

Return of THEM Edit

Smothering Hands Edit

When the Plague Wardens where first formed, Bloran took a kin interest in them, especially the Lead Medic trooper, Zhixishou. Long ago, before the Smothering Hands ever became so, Bloran long corrupted Zhixishou's mind, seeing him as a potential "son". Bloran bided his time, watching and waiting, and at times, telepathically assisting Zhixishou in his cataloging of diseases and developing counters to them. As the Plague Wardens where in battle with the Bio-Morphlings, Bloran struck.

Speaking to Zhixishou's mind, Bloran told him to activate an ancient artifact on the flagship. Zhixishou did so, releasing a horde of Dark-Morphlings, who attacked the regular Bio-Morphlings, as Bloran blessed half the Plague Wardens with his powers. Then, telling his sons to go forth and protect their brothers, sent them down to rejoin fight. However, the un-tainted Plague Warden fired upon them as well, after seeing them to be corrupted.

Bloran called back his sons and their fleet, bringing them to him in person. Zhixishou and his forces bowed before Bloran, who revealed his goals for them. Bloran promised to bring the other Plague Wardens under his command, in exchange for their loyal service.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Bloran, above all else, at first glance, appears to be simply a curious, data-driven Darkling, but in reality can be quite depraved and insane. His obsession with not only creation, but death, made him depraved and uncaring towards nearly ever life form except those corrupted or created by him, and was known to have his servants and drones record and analyze the deaths of every being that encountered his Rotting powers.

Bloran is known to treat his servants with an almost paternal love, showering them with praise and compliments when they succeed, and rarely dishing out punishments. Even those that fail, are given the benefit of advise and direction by Bloran, in hopes they will try again and do better then before. Rarely, will Bloran resort to executions and like, feeling it a waste of time. Still, towards those that harm his creations, or catch his fancy, Bloran is undeniably cruel and uncaring, hacking up parts, simply so he could study the body of a new creature, or simply out of revenge.

Bloran rarely ever acts towards other beings, and is not a warrior, but still is an expert combatant. Most of the time, Bloran relies on his overwhelming powers to rot the body, and his creations, to see to his victory, rather then anything else.

Abilities Edit

Bloran possesed the powers of most Darklings, including summoning Kraatos, powers of Shadows, and no need for organs. He has the power to prefely lock beings in silence, were they cannot hear or see, or talk. He is also a brillant scientist.

Bloran's servants are focused on either a lack of hope and despair, making a rival of Krianus in that field, or those who willingly give themselves over to death and wish to be free of the body that holds them back. As such, As Bloran corrupts, his champions will ultimately be able to shed their flesh for the chance to be a Darkling much like Bloran himself, free of suffering and age.

His Mark of Corruption is focused on rotting the body to the point it feels nothing, and causes the being in question to decay away, leaving behind an aura of decay and rot that sickens any near them.

Appearance Edit

Bloran's armor actually has two layers. The First, the armor that is his actual body, is a sickly green and black color, with a thinner build then most others, since he is a scientist. His armor is thinner, allowing him to move around faster, and be more agile.

Bloran's second layer of armor is a series of storage devices for energy, and experiments, and recharging devices for his powered armor. The armor will sometimes spark and zap him, causing him to fidget every so often.

Bloran's right hand has grown into a massive battle claw, the other is normal sized. His feet claws are more developed, allowing him to hang onto ceilings for ambushes.

Equipment Edit

Bloran carries a combat spear, for slicing through foes, but otherwise, carries little weaponry on him, due to his massive powers.

Relations Edit

Blue face Master Edit

For the Plan!

Blue face Close connections Edit

My little servants..

Yellow face Comrades Edit


  • Gieran - Loud and irritating.
  • Tibrix - Decietfull.
  • Yitrix - Do not dare attack me again, least you end up as a brain-dead Scavaneger Beetle.
  • Zorax - Stil upset about me stealing your slime-snake?
  • Krianus - Cry some more Krianus.
  • Torackix - Feeling murderous as usuall I see?
  • Trotodrake - No one is plotting against you!
  • Trodaka - Your name is just another word for treachery.

Orange face Enemies Edit

Feel the touch of glorious rot, and despair!.

  • Miterix - Sorry, Miterix. I must do my sworn duty.

Quotes from others Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Bloran was based on Mutran, Cioccolata from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the Chaos God Nurgle from Warhammer.
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