Billig Oltauris was a notorious and obese Wranploer warlord, and a crimeboss of his own Oltauris Consortium. A cannibal, a sadist and a lover of money and business, Billig was thought to be the most selfish and one of the most successful men in the Borealis Galaxy. Currently, he is also one of the smartest men alive, being a leader who is highly cunning, highly intimidating, and highly influencial.

Beginning as a member of the Wranploer Legion until events led Billig to cannibalism as a war prisoner, Billig joined the Borealis Consortium Network. Unlike many other Wranploer, Billig was heavily inspired by the ideals of Falrik Zaarkhun, although he considered himself much less of a vigilante and had less of an idealistic view. Following Zaarkhun's death, Billig was among the many in the galaxy who considered themselves a "successor" to Zaarkhun.

During his reign, very few saw Billig alive, as he often spoke through others and through false organizations created by him in order to cover his tracks. When he finally passed away, he was eaten alive by Zr'Ahgloth.


Early life[]

Billig grow up in a fairly average family. His family was fairly normal, going through ordinary schooling and the mandatory military training. While he had a low metabolism, he had kept himself in fit shape, requiring a lot of exercise, more so than the average Wranploer. While he disliked having to work so hard, due to his rather lazy nature, his father pushed him exceedingly, and beat him every day he refused to exercise. As a result, he had worked harder than an average Wranploer, and when the army did accept him, he was allowed to be the leader of a small Wranploer platoon.

As a commander, Billig took several men into war with the Zoles Imperium, striking at a Zoles research outpost on planet . However, as part of their research into the Wranploer and Wranploer behaviour, Billig and his squad were thrown into a pit after the Zoles incapacitated them, where they were isolated and studied by many biological scientists who recorded their behaviour. Eventually, the hunger between them grew when they ran out of food, and each picked on the weakest of the group to kill and feed on. Over time, the platoon were all killed by the strongest - Billig - who had eaten their meat, and then stacked up their corpses to climb out of the pit. As Billig left, his diet had changed, as his preferred diet was now Wranploer.

Agent days[]

Billig did not fit in with society any more, as all reports had listed him as MIA, so when he did return to try and get a new job, he was called out for having no proof of his identity, only able to work for the less honest Wranploer businesses. His cannibalism made him highly detestable, as it was seen as an unforgivable sin by Wranploer standards. Stuck to working with thugs, and wanted by many other Wranploer gangs and officials, he was soon discovered by Falrik Zaarkhun, who cleared his name completely (by erasing his name from records, paying people who knew him to keep quiet) in exchange for forcing Billig to work as an agent. Billig was soon one of Zaarkhun's most respected undercover agents working as a butcher, a great cover for his cannibalism and an explanation for how fat he had become, as being overweight is considered a disgrace by Wranploer standards.

Oltauris Consortium[]

When Zaarkhun was killed in the Second Borealis Galactic War, Billig didn't find himself particularly upset as a result of the death of the single most helpful person in his life. Rather, he saw only opportunity, and soon began to work on building his own criminal empire. He would look at the mistakes and successes of the Borealis Consortium Network and try and build a bigger, better empire where he would simply grow rich and fat.

During the Ice Age's early years, Billig worked on creating an AI to replicate the thought pattern of Falrik Zaarkhun, and make people believe that it was Zaarkhun's resurrection plan, as Zaarkhun's plan B if all else failed. In fact, Billig simply wanted Zaarkhun's mind, and when he figured out how to merge his personality and the AI's, he soon discarded Zaarkhun's personality, becoming as smart as Zaarkhun and gaining all his memories.

Billig Oltauris was imprisoned initially by the Polar Crystal Alliance. During the events of Da Blak Kroozade and Mass Armageddon, he was released in order to deal with Highly Classified Zone F13.


After having opposed gods like Zaarkhun before him, he accepted an offer from Zargoth to weaken the spacetime continuum in a way that could destroy the universe, in exchange for being granted his own timeline where he always won. At the beginning of the events of Time's Terminus, Billig assassinated the newly-elected president of the Union Republic of Ottzello, and taking advantage of the Branching Events, he then caused the weakening while the continuum was still unstable. Satisfied in completing his objective and having a timeline to himself, he was eaten alive by Zr'Ahgloth of the Union Republic.



Billig's had a notoriously obese appearance. He looked intimidating and unclean, very rarely showering after his cannibalistic meals. Billig tended to wear exquisite clothing that showed off his riches and his power, though he rarely bothered to change most of his clothes.


Billig was an extremely selfish individual who is full of himself, and has little to no regard for anyone else. He only ever took the feelings of another person into real consideration if said person was useful to him, and even then, was unable to comprehend emotion. Billig had little regard for anyone's opinion of him, resulting in him growing fatter and in a foul stench due to rarely showering. Despite this, Billig often managed to come off as very persuasive and composed in business discussion. Even still, Billig spoke through other fronts.

Equipment and abilities[]

Both of Billig's legs were broken due to his huge weight, along with his right arm which was broken in combat with Torrent. For this reason, these three limbs were all cybernetic. His brain was partially cybernetic also, granting him an intellect matching Zaarkhun's. Billig's main weapon was his arm-mounted hook, which he uses to pull in his foes as "meat".

Billig was notoriously persuasive and intimidating, traits he has mostly inherited from Zaarkhun. Additionally, Billig had inherited much of Zaarkhun's notoriously potent intelligence.



Blue face.pngYou're useful fer now.

  • Gyjak - This one sure knows how to deal with any kinda sticky situation.


Yellow face.pngLet's see what's on the menu...

  • None


Red face.pngYou'll look good with an apple in yer mouth!

  • Xerkea - Tired of dealin' with you an' your cops, 'ey?


He smells of shit, looks like shit and talks shit.

- Keldar Taran

I will butcher you, and serve your head as my dining meal.

- Torrent

Pff. Fat Wranploer. You're just one big joke.

- Xerkea

Hmph. Never liked cannibals.

- Venoriel

Now that's ugly.

- Lemmo

I don't care whether you're the Emperor of Borealis, you still owe me a drink.

- Agent Nu

Get back here! We haven't had dessert yet!

- Santorakh

Your flesh is mine.

- Vorius


- Zr'Ahgloth


  • Billig takes inspiration from many characters; Pudge from Dota 2, Krew from Jak and Daxter, and to an extent Ocelot from Metal Gear.
  • Billig is somewhat similar to the Boglot species. The reason why this wasn't selected as Billig's species was because Billig was hidden as a butcher, a possession considered unfitting of the Boglots.
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