This guy is serious business; stubborn, tough, and smart to boot. He's all about his work than he is people, and if you care for your fingertips you would think twice about touching any of his stuff. ... But, despite all of that, he's a good guy. Sure he is stern and always a bit agitated, but he's fair and understanding and never outright mean. He's one of the best friends I have ever had.

- Hachiman

Baptarion Light Tarcanite (Classical Radessic: Bæphtharian-havani Tharqanité) is a Radeon archaeologist who currently serves as one of the highest scientific authorities in the Indoctrinate Collective. Formerly a scientist serving under the Dei'Ar Theocracy, Baptarion was frozen alive after trying to save himself from Wranploer raiders until he was found and rescued by the Collective following their colonization of the planet he was located at, and since then he has given up on the Radeon race and dedicated his efforts to aiding the empire who saved him.

Extremely intelligent, Baptarion is obsessed with ancient technologies and discoveries, and has shown to be determined and not afraid to get his hands dirty if needed. He has been caught in numerous military conflicts over the ages, much to his own dismay as he declares he is a scientist and not a soldier, though his military prowess is still high enough for him to be considered an efficient commander for the Indoctrinate Collective territories of Borealis.


Early History[]

Baptarion's past is unknown, and he refuses to reveal anything about it. It is only known that he was once a brilliant Radeon scientist, developing advancing technology and new discoveries. He was an archaeologist, fascinated with the ancient technologies and relics. One day, Baptarion found a strange relic, apparently belonging to an ancient and advanced race, brought to him by his friend, a mercenary and an explorer who was wandering all over the universe. The artifact was of unknown purpose, always cold to touch and apparently consuming all heat around it - apparently utilising dark energy and other strange, alien technologies. Baptarion was fascinated by the relic - however, it could be used as a powerful weapon, and Clericarch Tadjamad ordered Baptarion to quickly find and mass-produce it for the military purpose. Baptarion refused, however, as he wished to find the civilisation who made this strange and advanced piece of technology, and so, was exiled from the Theocracy for disobeying the Clericarch.

Baptarion continued to study the artifact alone with only a couple of his most loyal followers now, without home or money. Eventually, he found the source of the relic - the Borealis Galaxy, a frozen nebula located in the outer rim of the First Gigaquadrant. He traveled there to discover more artifacts, but he was not alone in this galaxy; piracy was rampant in Borealis, and the fearsome Wranploer Legion was scouring its worlds. During one of his excavations, Baptarion was ambushed by a group of Wranploers who wished to take the artifact for themselves for power and profit. In the last attempt to protect the ancients' knowledge, Baptarion activated the artifact, freezing both Wranploers and himself.cvAfter many years, the frozen body of Baptarion was found by the Indoctrinate Collective. Dracogonarious scientists then unfroze him, healing his wounds made by Wranploer weapons with cybernetics and replacing lost body parts. After being healed, Baptarion decided to join the Collective to repay the dept of reviving him.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Baptarion meeting Hachiman

In the years prior to the Second Borealis Galactic War, Baptarion became the main commandant of the Collective's Borealis colonies after the previous commandant, Arberkul, was corrupted and assimilated into the Devourer's Chosen. During the Xi'Arazulha invasion, Baptarion saw himself haunted by visions of a mysterious zombie creature. During the final battle, Baptarion faced his descended brother Indricarron in battle, killing him with a headshot. He then swore to hunt down all Radeon under the Chosen's control. After the Xi'Arazulha were defeated and the Vague arrived, Baptarion was instructed to protect and teach the young human Hachiman. Baptarion did not like the Rianth's attitude, but followed the orders given to him anyway. During this time, Baptarion also met High Inquisitor Arsac and agreed to aid her in her crusade against the Chosen. During the battle against the Vague Mothership, Baptarion led the Collective into war against Dakster, aiding by destroying one of the ship's engines. Baptarion stood neutral toward the galaxy's later accusations on UNO, prefering to remain silent.

During the Wrath of Gods, Baptarion was nearly killed by Nai-Ar'natl when he attacked the Borealis capital in the galaxy. He later led and ordered the last push against the Devourer's Chosen, personally landing on the Chosen Homeworld and confronting the demon who haunted his nightmares, Emperor Marigrax. Even after the Collective was saved, Baptarion still lend his support to the rest of the forces of Order, until the defeat of the Borealis Grox Empire, the Borealis Consortium Network and Zargoth himself.

Distant Planet[]

Baptarion and the group in front of a cave at Macronormus

Baptarion would later be invited to join the exploration of the unknown planet of Macronormus along with Hachiman, Sarec, Lemmo, Agent Nu and Uriel Ultanos. When the group crashed on the planet, Baptarion had a leading figure and did his best to keep the members from fighting each other when the situation was dire. He grew a liking on the Mikmik creatures, as well as a rather deep hatred toward the dreaded Perterrent, who stalked and chased them at various occasions.

When arriving at the top of a mountain where someone allegedly awaited to get them out, it was revealed to be an ambush to kill the heroes of the Borealis War by Wranploer commander Zekuc. Baptarion was the one who had the idea of entering the body of the gigantic Brukar Colossus to disable its electric powers, as it was interfering in communications. Upon succeeding, Baptarion and the team managed to contact the Niaka Special Forces, who took them out of the planet. He then returned to the Collective capital of Kurithora to resume his studies.

Ice Age[]

Baptarion about to be kidnapped by Genrai Nal

Following the events of the ambush of Macronormus, Baptarion officially retired from the rank of Commandant of the Borealis colonies of the Collective and concentrated in resuming his archeology studies. During the fourth year of the Ice Age, however, Baptarion found himself victim of a kidnapping plot ordered by Torrent. Genrai Nal infiltrated Kurithora and took the Radeon scientist with him to the New Wranploer Legion's headquarters of Biavumd. Being taken hostage by Torrent, Baptarion was ordered to work on Torrent's project of cloning new Kvargo, in an attempt to bring the pirate warlord's species back to life.

Baptarion stood under Torrent for several weeks where, in one occasion, he ingested a portion of Torrent's body enhancing nanomachines which were located inside a vial. Baptarion was eventually found by a spy working for the Draconid Imperium and, some time later, Vekaron and his team came to his rescue. However, after Vekaron arrived at Biavumd to save Baptarion, Vorius also invaded, in an attack which caused an explosion right next to Baptarion which destroyed his entire lower body and part of his torso. However, thanks to the nanomachines he had ingested, he managed to survive long enough to be taken back to Vekaron's ship. After being saved, Baptarion was taken back to the Collective, where his body was rebuilt, this time with a much less robotic and much healthier design. Baptarion showed great glee about his new form, thanking Vekaron and his team for their help, and then returned to his studies.



Baptarion is notably different in look to other Radeons. His fur is blooded and grey, and his body is scarred due to his fight with the Wranploer. He was formerly very cybernetic in appearance before the Ice Age, but currently his body appears much healthier and less robotic, though there are still some cybernetics hidden under his skin. Baptarion wears clothing in a mix of both Indoctrinate Collective and typical Radeon styles.


Baptarion is an intelligent Radeon obsessed with knowledge. Much like most of his species, he is cold and usually shows little emotions, though he has shown to have warmed up since he was unfrozen, mainly thanks to his time acting as Hachiman's caretaker. He is highly fascinated with the technologies of any advanced civilisations, especially the Kormacvar. He does not like other members of his species, generally because he was exiled by them. Baptarion owns a female cyber-enhanced Iolestin called Zion, which he cares for a lot.


Baptarion's body was heavily damaged by the Wranploer weaponry, and so much of his body was replaced with cybernetics. These cybernetics give him strength and endurance at the level of a Borealis Zazane, as well as enhanced senses. He also uses a plasma pistol and like all Radeon, he has powerful psychic powers. Since the incident with Torrent, Baptarion has obtained his skin-hardening nanomachines which can increase his strength and toughness to several times its normal level. However, as a scientist and not a warrior, Baptarion only uses these powers for self-defense.



Blue face.pngHello there.

  • Vekaron - I own you a lot, Penumbran.
  • Xerkea - She needs to chill out.
  • Hachiman - You've grown so much.
  • Lemmo - Stop changing sides. Now.
  • Uriel Ultanos - You have quite an adventurous spirit.
  • Sarec - Take good care of the boy.
  • Agent Nu - He's okay when he's not threatening everyone's lives.
  • Arkarixus - Fascinating to say the least.


Yellow face.pngMeh.

  • Iovera IX - What, another Clericarch? Good.
  • Zelfron II - Hmpf. Zealot.
  • Tyraz - I heard a lot about you. The Collective seems to like you.
  • UNOL - You're not that bad after all.


Red face.pngDo you want to die?


What, a rebel? Huh. Out of my interest.

- Iovera IX

He has become a great commander as time passed. Even if he refuses to refer to himself as one.

- Jerkon

He has some cool gizmos, I'll give him that.

- Koluap


- Indricarron the Tormentor

Hey, hey! Nothing personal, mate. It's just credits and that's it.

- Lemmo




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