Across the lands of Koldenwelt, wherever humans call home, there are whispers slowly spreading. Whispers of a man unlike other men, one who is saviour to humankind and death to the monster. These whispers speak of the Alchemist, He Who Hunts Monsters. They speak of Avalir.

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Avalir is a human, of average height and athletic build. He normally hides his body under leather armour and a heavy cloak, but beneath the clothes lies a patchwork of scars and burns across his skin, each one a hideous reminder of a mistake or failure. His face is relatively untouched, with the exception of a scar down the left side of his face, and a powder burn extending from the point of his chin to his right ear. On close inspection, one sees that his narrow face harbours two piercing green eyes, constantly bloodshot from use of potents and lack of sleep. His charcoal hair is frequently tied back in a ponytail, however it is occasionally allowed to fall freely, reaching close to his shoulders.

His clothes usually consist of a burgundy doublet, thick leather gloves and boots, and a heavy black overcoat. This coat also has a hood which obscures half of his face when fully drawn.

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