In the great shaping of the thirteen planes, this world laid bare and formless, bathed in the shadow of Tlahlarān's great maw. The great gods Aurārel, queen of the highest suns and Kaurarān, king of the holy moons shaped great beasts in spite of Tlahlarān and his terrible form, and birthed the dragons of the sun and moon, and brought day and night to the world.

- Ancient Orichalcum Elf text

Aursorhataran the Brilliant (Protodynastic Orichalcum - Aursorhātāran Eširesaurhalādravemariñe: Aursorhataran, the Emperor of the Sun Dragons) was the Colossus of the Sun and believed to be the first and greatest of the mythological Sun Drakes. The Orichalcum Elves believed that Aursorhataran was also a key individual in the creation of the world.

History Edit

The Orichalcum Elves believed that in the very first moments of Koldenwelt's existence, that the world was a formless, chaotic mass of darkness that the deity Tlahlarān had inhabited in a vast sleep. The two gods of the heavens, Aurārel and Kaurarān had given Koldenwelt form and within the forming world had created the Sun Drakes and Storm Drakes, of which the Echdrarothrayu, beings older than that of Koldenwelt's creation itself had begun to speak to the drakes, allowing them to spread far and wide across the world. As Koldenwelt began to mature, it was said that the other ancient Colossi later shaped the world into what it is known to those in the present time, creating landmasses and separating the dominions of the sea, earth and sky between them. It was, because of that the Orichalcum Elves solely believed that the Sun and Storm Drakes were only responsible for the metaphysical separations of Koldenwelt, such as the concepts of day and night and the concepts of sun and storm magic.

Aursorhataran is only referenced very rarely in the ancient texts of the Order of Sol; Aursorhataran was described to have been the most radiant, eldest and enormous of Sun Drakes, and was said to have been the first Drake which was spoken to by the first Orichalcum Elf ever described in history known as Aurtalvaseius the Radiant. Aurtalvaseius was therefore to have been the first dragonrider on Koldenwelt according to the legends of the Order of Sol, and eventually, Aursorhataran parted ways with Aurtalvaseius - whether it was due to Aurtalvaseius' or Aursorhataran's death will forever remain unknown. Aursorhataran's death was never recorded in history, though in historical estimates, Aursorhataran died between 285,000 and 250,000 years ago. There is a high likelihood that Aursorhataran was slain by the physical manifestation of Caligaduro Provectus, who then exterminated the Sun and Storm Drakes. The death of Aursorhataran was greatly lamented by the Orichalcum Elves, though what was said to have been knowledge delivered from the dragon to the elves is what spawned the school of sun magic altogether.

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Any historical records that survive from the Order of Sol indicate that Aursorhataran was the largest and the brightest of the Sun Drakes, though there was no specification as to what size. Ancient murals of the Orichalcum Elves in the Golden Necropolis (though that of the dragon Selvikhrir) show that Sun Drakes were serpentine in form and used the course of magic to fly rather than any wings. As shown by Selvikhrir, who is perhaps over two hundred metres in size, Aursorhataran was believed to have been much larger.

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No real records of Aursorhataran's persona exists. It is implied that he inherited his personality from the denizens of the realm of Zenith of which his creator, Soldalatel reigns over; just, though quick to anger and bore great wrath upon those who he deemed his enemies. It was apparent that, perhaps under instruction of the Echdrarothrayu that Aursorhataran could easily communicate with the Orichalcum Elves of old, to the point where Aurtalvaseius the Radiant was able to use him as a mount as well as teach him the knowledge of sun magic.

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As the Colossus of the Sun, it was likely that Aursorhataran was the most powerful sun magic user on Koldenwelt's surface at the time and possibly throughout all of history. As the Orichalcum Elves believed that the Sun Drakes partook in the earliest stages of the world's creation, Aursorhataran as the most powerful and eldest of the Sun Drakes likely bore power to shift the course of magic from chaos into order using the powers Soldalatel had bequeathed to him upon creation. His powers were said to have diminished after the creation of Koldenwelt into its current state was complete, and possibly had some involvement in the spreading of fire magic and light magic as well.

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Blue face "The suns and moons look down upon us as their inheritors, children of Isiris."

  • Nalúnt Earth Scorcher - Storm-Brother, and the shaper of the storms and night.
  • Kinmorunddraver - Great teacher of the realm of night, speaker of the lord of tempests.
  • Soldalatel - Holy Aúr, mother of the light and creator of the sun.
  • Aethereus - Holy Kaúvra, father of the night and creator of the moons.
  • Venertimanoth - Great child and lord of flames, spreader of life.
  • Tritonomarth - Great child and lord of seas, separator of the lands.
  • Yakshrapala - Great master of the course of nature, father to all that is of nature in this world.
  • Athinyeras - Great child and lady of the sands.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "The sun rises and sets over you as it does me."

  • Maharaksas - Holy Tlahlávra, great father of the darkness, creator of the dark skies and the master of balance and destruction.

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Red face "The sun shall set you alight."

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