You believe yourselves safe under zhe sun? Vell, sorry to break zhis to you, but you are vrong. Nozhing holds back zhe Coven of Glass; you build your valls, ve vill eizher fly or break zhem. You raise your arms, and ve vill dismember zhem. Now, enough vords, too much talking and too little aczion! Enterzain me, playzhing!

- Aurora

Aurora Dalverat, otherwise known by titles such as the Diva of the Flame and the Sunlight Maiden, is a Pureblood Vampire who serves the interests of the Nightshade Clan. Straight-forward and hot-blooded, Aurora thrives from fighting as much as she does from blood, and is the leader and founder of a branch of the Nightshade Clan known as the Coven of Glass - a sisterhood of Succubi swordswomen and pyromancers who maintain the presence of the Nightshade Clan in the Eastern regions of Koldenwelt, particularly the Sea of Sand. An almost-mythical figure who has terrorized the East for millennia, Aurora is regarded as an incarnation of Eastern warrior spirit, liberation, and fire, and is both feared and respected by the denizens of the deserts and their neighbours.

Aurora is one of the eldest spawn of Varelos von Dalverat and is the first child of Anian Dalverat, and was taught in the way of swordplay and advanced pyromancy by both her father and her mother. While she is a terrifying opponent to face in combat, Aurora is hot-headed, impatient, and overcome with a sense of pride that dissuades any subtlety to her presence, as she finds it preferable to charge and face enemies head on rather than attacking from behind and remaining unseen. Aurora is a surprisingly honourable figure, at least by vampire standards, and has vowed an oath of truth, meaning she will never lie even to her enemies. Aurora will only ever drink from the blood of warriors and soldiers, and will keep children, the sick, and the elderly from being harmed, even going so far as to protect them.


Aurora, as the oldest of the spawn of the Nightshade Clan, was born to Varelos von Dalverat and his bride, Anian Dalverat, before he had reached even a century of age. Aurora, while loved by her family, was subject to oftentimes harsh and difficult training in order to prepare her for the future by her mother, exposing her to the powers of pyromancy while, while her father taught her the ways of the sword - as a result Aurora was forged into a potent warrior, making use of her dark magical abilities alongside her skill with the blade. For centuries, she had served as her mother's proud lieutenant and had massacred many drow and Akharavzund forces, and taught hundreds of her Succubi sisters how to fight alongside her mother.

Aurora, however, had never sustained a healthy, sisterly relationship with her sibling Dragostea, whom sought to change the bloodthirsty ways of the Nightshade Clan due to a hidden romance with a drow vampire-slayer. When the romance was eventually uncovered, Aurora was one of the first to launch an attack on the drow and his family, and assisted her father Varelos in dispatching of the drow himself. Soon, Dragostea became hostile to Varelos and launched an attempt to overthrow his position, although Aurora had been one of the first to get in her way in order to stop her from doing so; in the process, Aurora lost an eye to her sibling who used powerful ice magic against her, and her mouth was damage and left scarred by several shards of dark magical ice that Dragostea had used for one of her attacks - a reason as to why Aurora wears an eyepatch and a veil in the modern day.

Sometime after Dragostea's exile, Aurora was charged by her mother to watch over the Sea of Sand and establish the Nightshade Clan's presence there. As part of her assignment, Aurora took over a thousand of Anian's spawn and migrated to the Sea of Sand, adapting to the sunlight due to their heritage and pyromantic nature. From this point, Aurora founded the Coven of Glass - a sisterhood of Succubi devoted to both protecting the weak, the young and the elderly, and harvesting the blood of warriors and soldiers across the lands. Having been present within the Sea of Sand for thousands of years, Aurora has become a significant presence and has found her way into a semi-mythological status; she is seen as an angel of liberation and protection, as well as a demon of violence and bloodshed. Either way, Aurora's Coven has since influenced a small number of cults dedicated to her and her sisterhood, with most serving as a means to produce more Succubi spawn for the Coven of Glass.



Aurora's mentality focuses on the aspects of excitement and thrill, caring little for future consequence so long as she enjoys herself and remains entertained. She barely, if ever, passes a thought for the larger scheme of global events, preferring to live within the moment and attain a consistent adrenaline rush to stave away the threat of boredom. She places much consideration and respect into her underlings within the Coven of Glass and ensures that they too enjoy themselves, and thus many of her assaults and operations include explosions and other spontaneous occurences. Aurora is the type of woman who hosts parties on a regular basis and maintains an exciting life of sex, and there are only so few times where she is truly upset. For Aurora, fighting is equal to intercourse in terms of enjoyment, and she almost constantly itches for the chance to engage her enemies once more.

Despite her fun-loving attitude, Aurora possesses a somewhat strict code of honour and ethics; she will only ever kill and drain the blood of those that are armed and prepared to fight, disallowing harm to come to pass against the young, the elderly, the weak, and the innocent, and will intervene in the affairs of other races so long as it means protecting them. Aurora despises stealth and subtlety and outrights hates underhanded tactics and psychological manipulation, with her methods often being straightforward and "basic"; instead of ascending a wall, she would rather destroy it. Aurora will cause only so few enemies to suffer at her hand, otherwise she would rather kill them quickly, and will never bore her foes with unnecessary amounts of talking and speeches. During times of sadness, Aurora would rather motivate others rather than dwell solemnly.


Due to violent occurrences in her past, Aurora is forced to were both an eyepatch and a veil in order to keep various scars and injuries hidden, although a majority of her other features are considered attractive by many mortal men and women who have been fortunate enough to witness her appearance without having been killed. Her face is largely obscured by a headdress worn by all members of the Coven of Glass, although a majority of the rest of her body is exposed, revealing her slim and elegant figure and her perky breasts. Concerning her colouration, Aurora is a lighter shade of orange while her hair is said to gleam with fire and sunlight, although it remains largely hidden beneath her headdress, and she possesses a set of curling horns that extend from her head, giving her a semi-demonic aesthetic. Many, including vampires, state that if Aurora had not been so severely injured, she may have been as alluring and as beautiful as her mother, if not more so.

Like most Succubi, Aurora wears minimal amounts of clothing; her headdress, a mere bra, and a long skirt are the only features of attire that Aurora wears, possibly to prevent overheating in the harsh desert sun. This outfit allows for emphasis to be placed upon her legs and her breasts, as well as her belly, and she wears a pair of shoulderpads designed for combat efficiency, with little other forms of armour although she does not require much, although they are inscribed with vampiric runes that allow her magical powers to increase in strength and capacity if she sustains sufficient injury.


Aurora, as the first daughter of the Nightshade Clan, is one of the most powerful Succubi to currently exist. Like all Succubi, she possesses a connection with dark magic that allows her a variety of abilities in itself, having mastered the most volatile and explosive aspects of the Source, and has an affinity for pyromancy inherited from her mother, allowing her an incredibly potent capacity for destruction if she so desires it. Aurora is also a proficient swordswoman, wielding two swords, Strigoi and Tepes, which possess a symbiotic connection with her magical abilities; they can ignite their blades with dark fire, as well as shatter themselves into petal-sized, flaming shards of shrapnel, as sharp as glass, which can be telekinetically manipulated by Aurora to both damage her enemies and reform back to the form they assumed prior.

Aurora, by physical comparison, is an immensely strong individual; her age allows her strength to rival that of her Vurdalak kin and she possesses an unnatural amount of agility, stamina and durability, and as a spawn of Anian Dalverat, she is immune to the effects of sunlight although she still possesses an aversion to garlic and a harsh vulnerability to silver weaponry. As a vampire, she possesses regenerative abilities although hers are often slower than that of the rest of her brethren, and some of her wounds outright refuse to heal if caused by silver or strong enough magics. As a universal weakness, she can be killed through the destruction of her heart.



LoveRelationYou have touched me... I hope zhat I may touch back.

  • Alles Dalverat - “Zhere is more zhan one of your gardens I vould gladly explore.


Green faceI vould dance zhe vhole night avay vith you. If you could, zhat is.

  • Mortium - “I vonder vhat it must be like to bazzle deazh?


Blue faceWhezher it be a battle or a parzy, you're all invited!


Yellow faceVhat's zhe matter, bat got your tongue, or are you just shy?


Orange faceYou honeszly zhink you can catzh up vizh me, veakling?

  • Dragostea - “You take my eye, I vill take zhe flesh from your nezhers, bizch.


Red faceNow, zhis is vhat I call a parzy!

  • Praenuntius - “I vill keep deszroying you until you learn your lesson.


To zis day, you remain as one of my life's most precious treasures, my dear Aurora.

- Varelos von Dalverat

You make your mother so proud, even though I don't quite see the point for your compassion for the weak.

- Anian Dalverat

Come give Auntie Hamoins a kiss!

- Hamoins Dalverat

Normally I'd warn the city guard of Sohitaria that they got a Succubus right inside the city walls, but... she has been nice enough to not cause trouble.

- Earath

You know honour, demoness. I promise you a painless death.

- Javina Desertsun

Ah, what a wondrous magic creature... would she like to leave this sandy hellhole you call home and enjoy the icy forests of Saphronia with m- nevermind.

- Valdemar Mistwood

The way she conjures amorphous silicon dioxide is... interesting. Could this method perhaps be replicated through alchemy..?

- Lekren-Lax

Why do you have that accent? You are from the Desert, silly! You should speak like you're from the Desert! ♫ Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam... ♫

- Ophellatar

Perhaps Abyssus could open your eyes...that a desert such as yours is only worthy as a tomb.

- Praetor Valentinianus




  • Aurora was inspired by and intended to serve as the Fantasyverse counterpart of Kirlisir.
  • Aurora comes from the word aurora, which means "sunrise" in Latin and is also the name of the Roman goddess of dawn.
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