Much can be accomplished with diplomacy. However, much can also be accomplished by firing a big gun.

- Augustex

Augustex is a male Paladian diplomat who serves as one of the leaders of the Polar Crystal Alliance, as a Councillor of Hyperborea. A powerful speaker and a popular diplomat within the Alliance, Augustex often calls for situations to be settled by talking, though he is just as likely to promote a violent end to enemies of the Alliance if he believes that talking will accomplish nothing. Like most of his people, Augustex is highly educated and possesses a strong code of personal honour, which entails a deep hatred for crime and corruption, making him a common target to potential assassins that would prefer for his voice to be silenced.


Born on Pax Paladi in 2830, Augustex grew up in a powerful merchant family in the coastal city of Citacounn, where his parents expected him to follow in their footsteps as a wealthy merchant. As a young adult, Augustex was conscripted into the military of the Civitas--where he excelled as a keen strategist and leader to those in his squad. However, as his years in the military went on he began to consider his true calling in life to be political service to the Civitias, the interstellar government of the Paladian colonies. Leaving the military, Augustex began to ascend the meritocratic ladder of Paladian politics, ultimately becoming a key diplomat between the Paladians and alien powers throughout the Borealis Galaxy.

Eventually, Augustex was appointed by his government to serve as his people's representative to the newly formed Polar Crystal Alliance, the galactic government of Borealis. For many years he served as a senior diplomat of the alliance, bringing to the fore many of the concerns of the Paladian people with regard to galactic politics. Eventually, Augustex was honoured to be appointed to the position of Councillor--the highest political office of the Alliance--along with figures such as Kithworto and Nayanur of the Rovegar Matriarchy. The news was broadly welcomed, with Borealis Allied News reporting that "the Civitas are widely popular among the ranks of the Alliance, especially among the likes of the Niaka due to their great presence in the Alliance's conjoined military and the Aegis Guard police force which ensures Hyperborea's protection".

As Councillor, Augustex supports the growth of the Aegis Guard and increased participation in the Mou'Cyran Accords.

Personality and Traits[]

A middle aged male Paladian, Augustex carries himself with dignity and honour, adorning himself in the garb of the ancient warrior kings of Paladian histories, emblematic of a renewed interest in the cultural practices of the ancient ancestors of the Paladians. Though Augustex is a man who loves peace, he likewise embodies his people's appreciation for strength in combat and service to the state, be it the Civitas or the Polar Crystal Alliance. Augustex has been a strong proponent of maintaining order in Borealis through a galaxy-spanning fleet loyal to the Council of the Alliance to ensure that threats such as Da Rogue Boyz and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus do not rise to threaten the hard-fought galactic peace. Amongst his fellow councillors, Augustex is one of the strongest supporters of the Mou'Cyran Accords, believing it to be an ideal instrument of stability and order in the cosmos.



Green face.pngGood to see you friend!

  • Tuolog - I respect your wisdom.


Blue face.pngYou're not bad.

  • Aentaeus - A strong warrior and a capable ambassador of our people to the Penumbra Unit.


Yellow face.png...

  • Kithworto - The Covenant was a questionable act.


Orange face.pngBloody fool!

  • Unknown


Red face.pngMy trigger finger is itching.

  • Unknown


I respect him... and I don't even like politics.

- Tironus Manition




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