Audovacar Marrdhin (real name: Vivek Sandhound), also known by the aliases of Meredhin and Merlinius and by titles such as the Swordmage, the Sword-Sorcerer, and the Alhassan Cambion, is an adept sorcerer who professes within the arts of both arcane magic and weaponry. A benevolent individual, he is renowned for the potency of his magic and swordsmanship. Equipped with an Alhassan blade forged of Sohet steel, Audovacar is shown to be well-versed within the schools of alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchantment, restoration and various other magical arts, including anticraft as a result of his drow heritage.

Audovacar considers kind-heartedness above law and takes a firm stance against imperialism, which has led him to gain something of a reputation within the Empire of Man; he has challenged, even vanquished, some of the more powerful Inquisitors and knights that have made attempts upon his life as well as slain many monsters with his magical ability and skill with a blade. It is due to his knowledge and master of the arcane arts that he often teaches within academies across the Sovereignty of Dryada which allow the practice, study, and research of magic. Audovacar considers performing deeds of good will and the research of magic far more significant matters than political issues, thus he has managed to befriend a variety of races and people upon his journeys.


Vivek Sandhound was born as the illegitimate child of a celibate nun of a Hallowdom sisterhood, Chandra, who had been seduced by a drow rogue, Aodhán, who had coincidentally been hiding within the city of Aracadha and had romanced the young woman so as to secure a place of shelter; her home and residence. Chandra had left with Aodhán as she entered the more evident stages of pregnancy, seeking a new life and home within the outskirts of Alhassal so that she would be able to stay with both her lover and raise her child without fear of being executed for her treason against the church and humanity. Shortly after Vivek was born, however, Aodhán abandoned Chandra as the reality of being a father struck him, although he had left her with some material possessions so as to contribute towards her and his son's well-being for the time.

Vivek displayed a degree of magical potency during his infancy, causing items to levitate and unintentionally setting objects alight which made it difficult for Chandra to raise him among normal society. Eventually Chandra was discovered by the Inquisition of the Empire of Man and executed, her home razed to the ground while Vivek slept through the massacre, managing to avoid being found by the Inquisition by Chandra's own efforts. Mere hours later, Vivek's crying attracted the attention of desert-dwelling elves that were affiliated with the Sovereignty of Dryada, who proceeded to adopt Vivek as one of their own under a name given by themselves; Audovacar Marrdhin. Audovacar and his adoptive family would later relocate to one of the more central locations of the Sovereign in order for him to attend a suitable, high-class education and interact with others in order to develop social skills, as well as escape the potential reach of the Inquisition.

Audovacar attended education within the Sovereign city of D'Martha where he was at first considered mistrustful due to his heritage of drow and human; two species that are treated with a considerable degree of controversy throughout many Sovereign territories. However, influenced by the behaviour and actions of his family and the people around him, he eventually managed to fit within Sovereign society and gained a reputation through performing deeds of good will, such as charity and defending the weaker and inferior. Audovacar attended one of the most successful academies within D'Martha, where he learned to truly control his magical prowess and even amplified it as time went on, while he was mandatorily applied for an additional course revolving around anticraft due to his drow blood as well as an optional course involving swordsmanship. Eventually Audovacar would graduate from education and undertake travelling independentely, believing his services will benefit others although he occasionally returns to D'Martha and other Sovereign territories in order to teach.

Audovacar now wanders the continent in search of adventure and of those in need, no matter their race nor gender. However he has since been tracked and assaulted by various dangerous foes, including the Cult of the Eclipse and Inquisitors of the Empire of Man, which he has had to fend off with his astounding powers. Audovacar has encountered and befriended many, although he has also made many enemies who continue to hunt him. Aside from performing good deeds, Audovacar seeks to research magic and discover new forms of it and new ways of applying it, claiming it would benefit the world if he managed to unlock the deepest, undiscovered secrets of the Source and as such utilizes the arcane - one of the most primal and earliest forms of pure magic.



Audovacar is a somewhat rebellious individual, believing that the matters of both himself and those in need supersede the law in terms of priority, although he does not think law itself is a bad thing. Kind-hearted and considerate, Audovacar is known to undergo sometimes extreme measures in order to either help himself or somebody else and is not the type of person to surrender to a situation, preferring to analyze and calculate solutions to the problem. While not violent, preferring diplomacy as a first choice, he has been known to terrorize and pester those he dislikes, proudly admitting to being an inconvenience to them at times much to his pleasure and amusement. He is not above killing those who harm him and others however and has gained a reputation for eliminating the most competent of bandits and soldiers, including Inquisitors, and slaying some of the most difficult of beasts.

Audovacar displays little respect for his enemies, with the fewest of exceptions, and goes out of his way to cause strife towards them if not attempt to kill them. Audovacar is not shy to using magic in order to accomplish even the most menial of tasks and prefers to bathe in luxury rather than work, although he does enjoy travelling and recording information. Audovacar is known to seduce and charm his way out of situations, as an obvious side-effect of his drow heritage, and is not above deception, manipulation, and pickpocketing in order to achieve his goals if it means contributing to those who require aid.






Green faceAha, friends. Why, it is always a pleasure.


Blue faceOur understanding is mutual, I do hope.


Blue faceWhat would you wish of me, dear stranger?


Yellow faceProblems shall resolve themselves, but you must resolve yourselves first.


Red faceI am afraid that you have committed the prejudice of living.


He's... a good guy. Bit too polite for my liking, though.

- Headhunter Kanna




  • Audovacar was inspired the character of Arthurian legend, Merlin, and Big Hat Logan of Dark Souls.
  • Audovacar's Alhassan name, Vivek, was inspired by one of the three godkings of Morrowind in the Elder Scrolls franchise, Vivec. Vivek also happens to be a real name used within the Indian subcontinent - an inspiration for the province of Alhassal.
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