Name Krutanie Meca
Creator Aturox Shimyr
Translation Twisting Swords
Main weapon Lightning Striker (Level 1)
Main part of body used Wrists
Krutanie Meca (Kroo-tuh-nee Mek-uh) is a fighting style invented by Grand Admiral Aturox. "Krutanie Meca" is translated to "Twisting Sword" in Vyraklish. The style is largely based in the movement of the wrists, which twists the weapon very swiftly and accurately, if performed correctly. Krutanie Meca, if mastered, is great against large groups, as the swift strokes are perfect for disabling enemies and their weapons. Aturox is the only one to have mastered this style of fighting,as he has not trained anyone in the art.
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