In came the dreaded one. The demon who devours dragons. A beast of such malice and hatred it cannot be reasoned with, and a monster with such appetite it devours all on its path, from the weakest dragonlings to the oldest and strongest wyrms. It is an atrocity to our world, an offense to Kelodhroskind and a never-ending nightmare to all who calls itself draconic.

- Unknown

Atrocius, true name Kǣlodrôvsǽcratánualmarí Avkhámalasǣtrattankh (Chaosphere - The Chimera Who Devours Dragons) was an incredibly ancient Chimera Void Denizen who served the will of Caligaduro Provectus and was notable for its insatiable hunger for the flesh of all Kelodhros races, being seemingly created to hunt and destroy all dragons in Koldenwelt during the forces of the Void's original war against the world. More than eager to fulfill this purpose, Atrocius had terrorized Koldenwelt for over thirty thousand years.

With three hungry heads and a draconic body, highly resembling an hydra, Atrocius was an entity of pure mindless evil, destroying all that may dare stand on its way and devouring all dragons it encountered until nothing remained. Many attempts to slay the enraged demon failed, with Atrocius emerging victorious in immense battles against immortals and even Colossi, and he only met his end by the blades of the heroes of Dar-Nahalant. One thing was certain, though: as long as Atrocius lived, dragons through all of Koldenwelt had a reason to fear.


Atrocius was unleashed on Koldenwelt at the same time as the rest of the Chimeras, who were present in the world while it was under the rule of Caligaduro Provectus. He participated in numerous battles against the Colossi alongside the rest of Caligaduro's legions and was involved in the wars against the Storm Drakes, the Sun Drakes and the Shadow Drakes. Atrocius killed off all immortal Fire Drakes and Sand Drakes with the exception of Vixaatus, who managed to push the Chimera off the Sea of Sand.

Atrocius was involved in the destruction of the original Dawn Wardens, where he was along the Void Denizens who attacked their headquarters. During this attack, he nearly managed to kill Vixaatus before being stopped by Interivastius, killing him instead of the Sand Drake elder in the process. Atrocius is said to have been one of the few surviving Void Denizens of the attack. Once Caligaduro Provectus was imprisoned, Atrocius was defeated and sent crashing into the Polar Lands, presumably by the Colossi, where it was believed to have been slain. However, Atrocius in fact survived, remaining dormant for hundreds of years, slowly healing its wounds until it woke up once more, hungry for revenge.

In the last 5,000 years, Atrocius became undefeated once more, causing destruction across the land and slaying countless dragons. He notably created an intense animosity between itself and the Poison Colossus Xitannoth, and following the birth of Penumbra, Atrocius has aligned itself with the Legion of Shiarchon. However, this changed during the Eschaton when the demon was taken away by the Cult of the Eclipse so that it could aid them in their ritual to resurrect Kaherihonar, doing so by hunting the souls of Light Drakes across the east. Atrocius met his end by the hands of the heroes of Dar-Nahalant, who slew the demon after imbuing their weapons in a surviving Sun Whestone which resided at the ruins of the Dawn Wardens's fortress. The death of the demon was crucial in the survival of the Light Drakes, and served as a significant defeat to the forces of the Void.



Atrocius appeaed as a massive dragon-like creature with hydra-like traits. Most notably, he possessed three heads, two of them being located on a pair of arms. Only the head of the top possesseed a brain, with the two arm heads having little intellect in comparison. He moved almost always by levitating while slowly flapping the tendrils on his back as if they were wings. Atrocius' arm heads were blind while his top head possessed blood red eyes which possessed vision.


Atrocius was a brutal creature who had no other goal but to devour every living thing on his vicinity. He had eaten entire cities worth of individual, preferring to prey on dragons be they True, Greater or Lesser. It is likely that Atrocius was created to specifically hunt down dragons and kill them off. While his top head was fully sentient, his behavior was beast-like and his his arm heads worked solely on instinct. Atrocius showed no regard for other servants of Caligaduro Provectus with the exception of other Chimeras and attacked them on sight as if they were prey. Because of this, even the Shiarchon took caution when using Atrocius against their enemies.


Atrocius had immense Void Magic potential and could launch massive blasts of power from his three mouths, which could tear entire battlefields apart with their force. He had the ability to stripping the immortality out of immortals, an ability he had used to fight and destroy the ancient True Drakes who lived at Koldenwelt. He has also been seen breathing fire and sustaining tremendous amounts of punishment before even getting tired, as shown from his battles against the Colossus Xitannoth. Atrocius was immune to dark magic and appeared to be resistant to fire, water and thunder magic. However, he was heavily wounded by light magic and seemed to not enjoy the cold. Severing Atrocius' heads caused them to eventually grow back unless the wound was burned in sun magic.



Red face...


Red face...


Red face...


As long as I am alive, your death is a certainty.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

I wonder if it likes to dance.

- Hachi





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