Though I still hold the memories of what I once was, I am that no longer. Those memories are from a different me, a lesser me. Before I became free of death. What I am now is perfected; everything my old body could not do, this one can, and everything it could do, this one can do better. There is nowhere higher for me to go, but for you, my brothers and sisters, there is still much climbing, and I will guide your every step.

- Atrisk

Atrisk Prolikahn is a Techpriet and self-proclaimed "Perfectriarch" of the Blood Combine, known for his twisted experiments with cybernetic enhancement on a quest for transcendence through technology. He is himself made of more machinery than flesh and Mana, the latter of which is still necessary to sustain the conscious parts of his brain. His followers in the Perfection Cult have hailed him as a prophet, but most view him as an inventive madman.

One of his many goals is to rediscover or recreate the strange technology that initiated the Shining Days and was lost during the Blizzard. With few Regulators from that era still intact, his attempts have been mostly fruitless, save for the retrieval of a single word from a Regulator's mind core.

History Edit

Early Life and Revelation Edit

The exact date of Atrisk's birth is unknown, but what is known is that he showed promise as a potential Techpriest in his years as a scullion, when he would collect machine parts and secretly figure out how they worked, attracting the attention of the Blood Combine's collective of Techpriests. He was thus quickly assimilated into their ranks and placed in a gravity throne, and he began conducting his experiments with machinery. At first, he was an invaluable asset, refining many of the life-support systems aboard his Combine's ships.

That is, before he found Entix-3. One of the earliest Regulators, it had seen and been scarred by the Blizzard. The brigantine it lay within had been the site of a mutiny before it diverged from the Metafleet, and the crews sent to investigate found something strange: the Entix Regulator, its body welded to the ship and wired to an Honorless, surrounded by half-machine Saviki in a state of apparent reverence. Speaking through the Honorless puppet, the Regulator drawled out "Catylus, far lost, must find it" several times in succession. When attempts were made to converse with the "cultists," they stated that they had learned much from the broken Regulator, and were heading to "salvation," never being truly specific. Word of this oddity reached Atrisk, who entered the cultists' ship and, against his sacred obligation to the Regulators, removed its mind core. The half-machine fanatics snapped out of their trance and attacked him, but were quickly slain.

In his own quarters on a corvette, Atrisk pulled as much data as he could from the damaged core. Only two pieces of new information were found. The first was on this "Catylus." The decrypted string read: "The Catylus began the Shining Days, but did not end with it." The second contained surprisingly specific information on the cybernetic augmentation of an individual Saviki needed to make him or her functionally immortal. These became the two Doctrines of Atrisk's new creed next to his reverence of the Architect and Its Regulators. However, he would be exiled for his teachings by Blood Chrill Xerkrir Solvixo, as he was too potentially valuable to kill, but too dangerous at the time to be kept around. Thus, for years he scavenged in the wake of the Metafleet and it's pirating.

Return Edit

In the year 264 LD, Atrisk returned from his exile, the Chrill who condemned him dead and replaced, and his crimes forgotten. Orsik Corvosa took a position of tolerance of the Perfectriarch, as very few joined his radical cause dedicated to self-augmentation, and they posed no immediate threat to the Combine's survival. Now, Atrisk and his cult welcome those who desire "transcendence through augmentation," at the cost of submitting their will completely to Atrisk.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Atrisk is made mostly of metal and machinery, with only some of his organic torso, neck, and head remaining. His mechanical arms each end in a pair of symmetric claws, and his merged helmet and head displays a multitude of artificial eyes.

Personality Edit

Atrisk has a somewhat antisocial personality, preferring the company of computers and machinery to that of living things. Because of his severe augmentation, he has lost much of his former personality. He no longer feels pain, hate, attraction, or fear of death. He is, in many ways, obsessive, being devoted completely to the mechanical ascendance of his species no matter how long it takes, and finding the Catylus so that they may reinstate the Shining Days. However, he is not without restraint, as he prefers that the process of ascendance be completely voluntary, despite the fact that he enslaves his followers in the process. This twisted morality has made many uneasy with Orsik's decision to let him back into the Blood Combine, fearing what other psychopathic traits he may be hiding.

Atrisk's augmented body and modified gravity throne (which he has irreversibly wired himself too) are highly versatile as a mobile workstation, computer, storage unit, and battlewagon. With numerous attempts on his life having been made since his return, Atrisk has upgraded himself with numerous defensive measures, both automated and voluntary. A high-power personal shield surrounds him, similar to those used by Regulators, and his plasteel/liquid body armor beneath that is built to absorb the impact of mine detonations and deflect fired bolts. Offensively, he has two Mine Launchers, complete with his personal modifications, that can be directly attached to his arms in combat scenarios, two bolt-firing turrets on his gravity throne, a liquid nitrogen dispersal system for freezing nearby assailants, and advanced auto-targeting systems. In addition, his throne allows him limited flight capabilities and direct control over a number of advanced Rimmers that serve as his bodyguards.

Quotes Edit

He's almost certainly been driven to madness by his time in exile.

- Qurik Skel

Trivia Edit

  • Atrisk has been noted by some to bear a resemblance to the Flatwoods monster.
  • Inspirations for Atrisk include Aksis, Archon Prime, and (visually) Vosik, the Archpriest, from Destiny.
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