There are terrible things in this universe. Terrible people, terrible empires. And, indeed, terrible AIs. If they had their way, we'd all wish we were lucky enough to perish in a quick explosion like that one. And somebody had to turn the attention of the universe onto those enemies of peace and order. A few dozen diplomats from as many states dying at a conference does that so much better than anything else.

- Atirieil, to Captain Caelia Valerii of Station Halcyon

Atirieil is a Zuckhs-turned-Pseudomorph intelligence agent. Originally a Zxxon Monk in the Girdo Empire, she rose to become head of Girdo Intelligence before the Empire's dissolution led to her becoming solely part of Majestic.


Early life[]

Atirieil was born into a Zxxon monastery in the 2710s, around ninety years after the organisation fell under the control of the Tentekh. This was during the height of the Third Grox War, and although the conflict ended in 2724, its aftermath saw the network of military alliances built by the Tentekh around the galactic centre being left to crumble, and the smaller empires who were involved - already weakened by the Grox - destroyed themselves in a decade-long war. Furthermore, during this time, first contact was made with several newly spacefaring civilisations throughout the Girdo Galaxy who had not been involved in the galaxy's earlier wars. The rapid changing of the political situation led to Girdo Intelligence demanding a fresh supply of agents, so they ordered the Zxxon to alter their training regime so that new Monks could be recruited. Once her training was complete in the 2730s, Atirieil was one of the Monks selected to become an agent.

In 2738, the Post-Grox Crisis began, and large portions of Girdo Intelligence were directed to following the movements of the various pirate clans who had started to ambush Imperial traders. It was soon discovered that the newer empires had formed a coalition that they referred to as the "Third Galactic Federation", and contracted the pirates to search for technological artefacts of previous civilisations, particularly Ultraterrestrials and the Grand Galactic Fleet, in order to give them an advantage in a forthcoming war that they planned to wage against the Girdo Empire. As one of the traditional tasks that Zxxon Monks were trained to perform was to hunt down ancient relics across the galaxy, many of the Zxxon Agents were selected to work on preventing the pirates from achieving their goal, forming an elite team who were placed under the command of Commodore Hlraka.

During the crisis, Atirieil questioned several captive pirates and discovered that they had found the Belatra homeworld of Telan, and later managed to locate the Screeble homeworld of Bilzac, both of which led to major Imperial victories against the Federation and their pirate allies. For this and other work during the twelve years of the crisis, she became head of Girdo Intelligence within a year after the organisation's previous leader had been killed in the Battle of Taukappa. Once the conflict was over, Atirieil assigned herself to oversee an excavation of Duellator-class ships on Telemadros, the Madrosor homeworld.

War of Ages[]

In 2753, the Girdo Empire achieved intergalactic travel, and Atirieil was ordered by Emperor Ghelax to join him on board the Imperium for his mission to the Plazith Rim. After the Imperium had determined that the Delpha Coalition of Planets was one of the most advanced nations in the galaxy, Atirieil was sent to visit DCP representatives on the neutral planet of Lucara alongside the Fectonian Ambassador Karnidifos Tokzhalat. Their activities soon led to the Girdo Empire joining the DCP in the Seven Starr Alliance, participating with the expedition to the Tigris Galaxy, and subsequently becoming involved with the War of Ages.


By the early 2760s, Girdo Intelligence had begun cooperating with Majestic, and Atirieil was moved to Xonexi in order to work with them full-time. Most of her activities during this time are classified and still unknown. During the Annihilation in 2782, Atirieil was on a mission in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and therefore became the sole member of Girdo Intelligence to avoid either perishing in the catastrophe or being assimilated into Apalos. The loss of so many of her friends and the extinction of her species, combined with the psychic shock of losing her connection to the Girdo group mind, hit her badly, damaging her sanity and leaving her holding Apalos responsible.

At the turn of the century, Atirieil was behind a Majestic plan to trigger an intergalactic war. First of all, she used an Ultraterrestrial artefact, "Project Orthoplex", to interfere with Majestic's computer systems and thereby remove Apalos from being able to see what the agency was doing. Then she conscripted members of the Cyrannian Syndicate to smuggle hypermatter explosives onto Station Halcyon, convincing the station's head of security, Tazch'xatri, into letting the criminals go about their business in return for intelligence on them. Finally, she placed the explosives and timed them to destroy Halcyon-B during a peace conference, by which time she had already left the system. When Apalos arrived to investigate, it quickly deduced what had happened, but decided that it had no choice but to play along, and placed the blame on rogue AIs in the Technoosphere, increasing tensions and causing the event to become one of the flashpoints of the Great Xonexian Schism.

The Halcyon Scheme[]

A few years later, near to the end of the war, Atirieil travelled to the Locháinín system, where she died and transferred her consciousness into a Pseudomorph body. Although Imperial Intelligence found her Zuckhs body on a freighter in the system, they were unable to locate Atirieil, allowing her to return to Halcyon to reclaim the Orthoplex. However, her plan was complicated after the Grimbolsaurian Xigor, who had been investigating the Halcyon-B incident, was poisoned by Eltaron of the Syndicate using tripolixine, rendering him amnesiac but not before he wrote the words "Xonexi Stands" all over the walls, floor, and ceiling of an apartment room. Making sure to act before security officers found the scene, Atirieil killed and took the form of Nascbek, an independent Lacertian investigator leading a team sent by the Mou'Cyran Accords, in an attempt to lead the investigation away from Majestic and pin all of the blame for the incident on the Syndicate.

Her plan was partly successful, and she retrieved the Orthoplex from Eltaron, but when "Nascbek" apparently acquired the Orthoplex from Atirieil (at the end of a chase that nobody else properly saw) and encouraged Captain Caelia Valerii to have it scanned, allowing it to access Halcyon's computer systems and force the Apalos embassy to jump into hyperspace and detonate, she was arrested. She escaped, returning to her form of Atirieil and reclaiming the Orthoplex once more, but not only did Valerii find her and return her to the brig, she also realised that Atirieil had also been "Nascbek" the whole time.

Determined not to let the truth be revealed, Atirieil used the Orthoplex to send Halcyon to its destruction in Vundrum-Alpha's atmosphere before stunning Valerii and fleeing. In Halcyon's exterior-side tunnels, her path was blocked by the last Apalos avatar on board the station, and while it made no effort to stop her from destroying it with eighteen blaster bolts, it did give security officers time to catch up with her. There, they were able to force her to return the Orthoplex and use it to stop Halcyon's planet-bound descent, but she was able to escape as hyperspace returned to the station.

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