War is the answer for those who have no arguments left.

- Athan Apostila

Athan Apostila was a male Libertus who served as a noted diplomat within the New Cyrannian Republic. A close ally to Proconsul Apollo since his days as Presidential adviser during the Great Cyrannus War, Apostila quickly made a name for himself as a sharp negotiator and a skillful politician. Though young during the war, Apostila remained with Apollo during the Dark Times, becoming his second in command in many respects to the point where he was named acting President by Willelmus Cretacea when Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Apostila became a diplomat to the civilisations of the Quadrant Galaxies, often travelling the Quadrants on the Intrepid, an exploration vessel. During this time, he became influential within Quadrantia circles, working to influence his friends within Rambo Nation to undermine the Nim-Glaré Concordat. By the time the New Cyrandia Wars came to an end, Apostila was one of the most celebrated diplomats of the Republic, ultimately resulting in his appointment to the acting Presidency of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance during the first year of its existence.

After Senator Nexarón Valkistair was elected President of the Republic in 07 NE, Apostila was appointed to succeed Apollo as the Proconsul of the Republic Senate, a position which Apostila gladly ascended to. Apostila's tenure was often considered by those in the media to be a counterweight to the often vitriolic anti-Imperialism of President Nexarón Valkistair, with Apostila attempting to maintain what he terms "Cyrannian Concordance", or galactic peace with the Empire. In this regard, he approached the Republic's foreign policy as non-ideological, willing to work with Imperial diplomats to maintain peace in the Cyrandia Cluster. While his tenure lacked the key diplomatic breakthroughs of his predecessor, Proconsul Apostila was nonetheless regarded as an exceptional diplomat and ambassador-at-large, while his death during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm was mourned throughout the Gigaquadrant.


Early Life[]

Apostila was born in the city of Valeria on Virgon's moon of Hibernia in the year 21 BNE, and as a child, he loved reading about other cultures and civilizations, becoming quite charismatic as the years went on, gaining quite a few good friends. Despite being considered attractive to his fellow Libertus, Athan spent most of his time in his teenage years studying and reading. This eventually payed off when he was chosen by Apollo to be one of his personal aides.

Great Cyrannus War[]

The Ryderallo Beast escapes it's confines.

Throughout the Great Cyrannus War, Apostila served Apollo faithfully, helping him organise his files and plan meetings between other heads of state. He eventually built up a great friendship with the President, who believed that one day, Athan would make a great President. During the first year of the war, he as well as Apollo were trapped on Capricaerón when Zillum attacked, though he later managed to escape. Later that month, he was sent to Apailiana to investigate the ancient archives of the Great Library, a building constructed tens of thousands of years ago. Astonished by the discovery, he researched with great interest the records, before returning to Orbispira to report to Apollo.

In the second year of the war, Athan met his future girlfriend Princess Ramtilsae of Rambo Nation. The young couple would later find themselves in the path of the mighty Ryderallo Beast, when it rampaged through Orbispira's streets. Though they later managed to escape alongside Guolivian.

Dark Times[]

After the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed at the end of the war, Apostila was quick to join the Republic Remnant alongside Apollo and the rest of his former Presidential staff. During the prison break aboard the Astral Queen, Apollo sent Apostila in an attempt to defuse the situation. However, he was kidnapped alongside Captain Narea by convicted terrorist Zare'Anne. Luckily, he was eventually freed when marines from the Last Hope stormed the rebellious ship. In the absence of a Vice President, Apollo named Apostila his "de facto" second in command. Athan was overwhelmed that Apollo choose him, but was unprepared for the job when Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix. In his absence, Willelmus Cretacea made Apostila acting President. His tenure was successful in that he managed to stand against pressure from Zare'Anne to step down. Apostila was relieved when Apollo returned, claiming that he wasn't ready for the lofty position of President. When the Remnant fell to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Apostila and Captain Narea of Colonial One escaped to Capricaerón, upon hearing that Apollo was in the Quadrant Galaxies however, they decided to travel there.

New Republic Diplomat (03 NE - 07 NE)[]

Later, Apostila aided Apollo in the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic and attended multiple diplomatic meetings during the Cyrandia Conference. When the Republic was formed, at Apollo's recommendation to President Apaltar, Athan became a diplomat and was soon assigned to the CRS Intrepid under Captain Hakovon in his travels in the Quadrants. Before his tour of duty, Athan reunited and had dinner with his long-time girlfriend Princess Ramtilsae. For three years he served on the Intrepid, being a crucial figure in the establishment of diplomatic relations with many alien empires.

Eventually, Apostila was reassigned to the Republic Diplomatic Corps under the leadership of Proconsul Apollo. Under his old mentor, Apostila would work closely with the Mou'Cyran Accords, doing his utmost to restore peace and prosperity. Apostila quickly made a name for himself as one of the Republic's most prized diplomats, which led to President Apaltar to send him to Station Halcyon to help organise the creation of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance. As a neutral civilisation, the Republic was the first civilisation to be selected as provisional President of the organisation, with Apostila serving in that capacity despite his own misgivings about his qualifications. Nevertheless, Apostila would serve for the first year of the organisation's existence admirably, working to provide conciliatory dialogue between former enemies.

Proconsul (07 NE - 15 NE)[]

Nexarón Valkistair and Athan Apostila give High Councilor Balbus Marinus a tour of the Senate building in 10 NE.

A year later, Apostila would support Senator Raesa during the Presidential Election of 07 NE and would therefore be very surprised when President-Elect Nexarón Valkistair contacted him with an offer to be his Proconsul, once Apaltar and Apollo's term expired. Upon meeting with Apollo, Apostila gladly accepted, promising his former mentor that he would do him proud. Apostila, who was a member of the anti-Nexarón Valkistair Federalists, viewed his nomination as a welcome attempt to improve relations between the the differing political factions in the Republic.

During the disastrous Neraida War of 09 NE, Apostila proved to be a key figure in rallying an alliance of nations such as the Indoctrinate Collective, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos and the Allied Terran Republic to the New Republic's aid. Apostila successfully organised a conference on the ecumenopolis of Coruanthor, where he was surprised to learn that the Republic's former enemies, the Jenassian Regency and the Regellis Star Empire, agreed to join the coalition against the Neraida, despite their lingering animosity toward Republic astropolitical policies under President Nexarón Valkistair.

The last moment on Mou'Cyran.

In 10 NE, the Talven Empire came into contact with the Republic, with Apostila representing the Senate in their diplomatic dealings with the newly revealed Plazithian power. During his correspondence with High Councilor Marinus, Apostila invited the Talven head of state to visit Mou'Cyran, where the Talvo-Republica Pact was ultimately signed.

Five years later, Athan Apostila joined President Valkistair in rejecting the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat offered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, believing that it was completely against the ideals of the Republic. Later that same day, Athan watched in horror when the Empire unleashed the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. In his final moments, Athan realised that his efforts to create a lasting peace in Cyrannus had been for nothing, and as Valkistair rallied those around him in defiance against the Empire, Athan's thoughts drifted to his fiance Ramtilsae, realising that he could not say his last goodbye. He died, aged thirty four.

Physical Appearance[]

Athan Apostila in 06 NE.

Athan Apostila was a young male Libertus with light brown protofeathers that are found across his body and well as some darker brown stripes on his torso, arms and legs. He was considered quite attractive. A smart dresser, Apostila often wore a stylish suit and is rarely seen wearing anything else. He stands 3.09 metres tall, slightly smaller than an average Libertus his age.

Personality and Traits[]

At first glance, Apostila may appear to be timid and reserved, though this was merely the result of a lifetime of being taught to be polite and enterprising. In reality, Apostila was strong willed and determined to achieve his goals if he believes they are for the greater good of the people at large. His friendly personality was probably the main reason why Apollo gave him the position as aide in the first place. In time, Apollo hoped that Apostila would follow in his footsteps as President, though his untimely death on Mou'Cyran in 15 NE cruelly robbed him of such a bright future.



LoveRelation.pngThere is a special place in my heart for you.


Green face.pngI'm glad to see you!


Blue face.pngHello there.

  • Nexarón Valkistair - We may disagree on some aspects of foreign policy, but I'm grateful for him all the same.


Orange face.pngYou sir, are an idiot.


Keep it up Athan and you'll make a great President someday!

- Apollo

Stand aside kid, politics can be a deadly game.

- Zare'Anne

I hope he is alright..........as I am really, really fond of him

- Ramtilsae


  • Athan Apostila's original name was "Brisea".



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