You may call me evil. I am a necessary evil. Power talks and power consumes. I often devour such power as if it were lifeblood.

- Asv-Aldz

Asv-Aldz or Avore-Asule is the Simulacrum of Power, wealth, bargains and treachery. A notoriously cruel and manipulative Simulacrum, Asv-Aldz takes pleasure and amusement in the misery of those he controls, often exacting terrible fates upon those who are unable to defend themselves against the agreements they make with him. Alongside Zran Kar, he is among the more malevolent of the Simulacra. The Festival of Asv-Aldz is 15 Verdant Earth, the very middle of spring.

History Edit

Due to the methods of Asv-Aldz, little to nothing is recorded in history of him. Many believe that tyrannical and insane dictators throughout history that were not driven mad by Ramainaualmari were in turn corrupted by Asv-Aldz, who, through a dream or visitation was said to offer immeasurable wealth, power or immortality to those who wished it. Asv-Aldz may have granted these onto his new found playthings, though once it suited the Simulacrum, Asv-Aldz would cease the deal and usher in a horrific fate upon his 'clients'. Many of these fates are described as immolation or transmutation into gold; fulfilling a cycle of greed that Asv-Aldz had spawned in the first place.

Due to the greatly capricious and difficult nature of Asv-Aldz, he is neither enemies nor allies with any of the Simulacra; he has assisted both Nalashtannylor and Caligaduro Provectus in the past, though the latter only more reluctantly due to the Adversary's overwhelmingly terrifying power. This has made Asv-Aldz untrusted and reviled by the other Simulacra, though in many times through history has proved to be of some assistance to those who are enemies of the Chaosphere. In truth, Asv-Aldz is almost maniacally self-centred, caring only about his needs and exceptionally minor concern for those who may cross his path. Perhaps the only true agreement that stands to the present day with Asv-Aldz is the governance of the Lightless Plains; his Deathdealers and the necromancers residing there have a 'profitable' business which has lasted for around two millennia.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Asv-Aldz appears a massive, well built entity with bestial legs, six arms and an eyeless face with a jagged jawline. His body is covered mostly in golden armour with red hair attached to certain points the shoulders as additional decoration for his waist and shoulder armour. His arms and legs as well as his face appear to be made of solid gold or highly valuable minerals. Whilst he is able to assume any form he wishes, under this true form, Asv-Aldz stands at over twenty metres in height.

Personality Edit

Asv-Aldz is perhaps the most narcissistic and capricious of the twelve Simulacra; due to this, he has a very uneasy relationship with the rest of the Simulacra, especially Mortium and Zran Kar. As the Simulacrum of Power, Asv-Aldz is also indomitably greedy; dealing in material and supernatural items of value, including that of souls, Asv-Aldz is known for stealing souls out of the Underworld when it suits him, much to the ire of Mortium. Other than that, he is also known for stealing items of value of many other Simulacra, which implies his untrustworthiness to many. Nevertheless, Asv-Aldz is treated as a deity by the Freeland City States and is frequently depicted throughout Koldenwelt as, ironically, benign statues.

Abilities Edit

As one of the twelve Simulacra, Asv-Aldz has godlike power and status over Koldenwelt, though often recognised as one of the weakest of the Simulacra. His words are, to most, very alluring and his ability to shapeshift into almost any form conceivable makes him impossible to recognise among mortals. His nature has made him very sly and almost too intelligent for the Simulacra to bear, generally able to outwit other Simulacra in a battle of words.

Realtions Edit

Servants Edit

Blue face "Run along now, little mortal. Make me proud by deceiving others for me."

  • I'kan the Golden - Freelanders. Though are you actually free when I am your god?

Neutral Edit

Orange face "What business do you have with me? Make it quick; I am an immortal of a rather short attention span. And temper."

  • Zran Kar - Knowledge is power. That is true. Mindless control of mortals is also power.
  • Nalashtannylor - My bargains don't work with this one.
  • Mortium - All that power, and you use it on mortals.
  • Harstag - If it is a game to you, then you have more sense than some.
  • Maharaksas - The Shadowrealm. How unsavoury.
  • Kalisearan - Non-sequiturs are exceptionally bothersome.
  • Alar'xashan - I am not so sure as to whether you are insane or mindless.
  • Kinmorunddraver - You are now Nalashtannylor, as it seems. I will be watching you.
  • Caligaduro Provectus - One must be careful when negotiating with the God of Destruction.

Enemies Edit

Red face "Your pathetic souls are worthless."

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

A bargain I deliver onto you; the guarantee of a dead realm of which your ashes fertilize such death earth.

- Caligaduro Provectus

Toy with death and you will learn why immortals fear the Reaper, clown.

- Mortium

You can run... but you cannot hide. You cannot outwit someone... who knows everything.

- Zran Kar

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