A Grand-Commandant's job is never done. As much as we maintain peace, there's always something somewhere which needs doing.

- Asraels

Asraels Austoth is a Zoles who serves as one of the three Grand-Commandants of the Zoles Imperium, and currently serves as the highest leader of its space navy. A highly commended soldier with over two hundred years of experience, he leads over the military assets of the Imperium, ensuring its safety and also the safety of its allies. Despite being less known than the likes of Vekaron outside of Borealis, he remains one of the most known soldiers in Borealis itself.


Early History[]

Asraels was born at the Zoles homeworld of Zoleia at Earth year 2,532, being the oldest son of a particularly rich family. While his family preferred to live in luxury and not having to worry about the world around them, Asraels aspired to be notable and did so by joining the Imperial navy of the Zoles at the age of 27. Starting out as a mere cadet, Asraels's determination and skills eventually led him to become captain of his own vessel, where he served under the fleet of the former Zoles Grand-Commandant. Asraels made himself noticeable for his extreme discipline and his leadership skills, allowing the Imperium to wage victorious in battles against the Wranploer Legion, the Eaglartin, the Alvino Brood and the Old Niaka Order at multiple occasions. At the age of 136, Asraels had made himself notable enough for King Rebaris to appoint him as the new Grand-Commandant of the Zoles following his predecessor's retirement, allowing Asraels to fulfill his life dream by becoming the master of the Zoles' navies.

Borealis Wars[]

Asraels remained in the front-lines at all times during the Second Borealis Galactic War. While he was not as prominent in galactic media as his fellow Grand-Commander Vekaron, Asraels was nonetheless important for the recreation of the Polar Crystal Alliance, where he was directly responsible for the memberships of the Elzie Empire and the Herame Republic. Years later, during the Ice Age, Asraels aided Penumbran Tetra in fighting Zarkhator during the Zarkhator Incident, and later was present in the final battles against Vorius and Torrent.

Asraels meets the commanders of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos at Hyperborea

Years later, Asraels would join forces with Fleetlord Thaur Vicliquam of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos in the War of Cleansing, where the Alliance and the Order joined forces to push the Cognatus Empire out of Borealis and free the Eaglartin from their control. While successful, the war ended in heavy losses to Asraels's forces and also in the destruction of the Eaglartin homeworld of Fanaticus by the hands of Xarn Senakh'tenre. While the war was officially over, Asraels vowed to hunt down the Cognatus Empire if they ever attempted to set foot in Borealis again.



Asraels appears as a standard male member of the Zoles race, sporting purple and orange scales and imposing horns on his head. He wears a typical outfit wore by the Grand-Commandants of the Zoles Imperium, which also serves as armor in case he is somehow ambushed or removed from the safety of his vessel. Asraels commands a Zoles dreadnought named the Imperial Crown, which is currently the largest and most powerful vessel active in the Zoles Imperium.


Asraels is known for his extreme regard for discipline. He dislikes joking comments and prefers to go straight to the point at all times, not enjoying having 'petty' things on his way. While he does not admit it, he has a degree of jealously for Vekaron due to his promotion to a Penumbran and due to how he was declared a galactic hero for his efforts at the Second Great War instead of him. Despite this, Asraels is not the kind of person who holds hash feelings for others and merely does what his task demands, as long as it does not violate his code of conduct.


Asraels, as a Zoles, is naturally a physically strong creature. However, he is not trained in ground combat nor is equipped for so. Asraels's greatest ability is his leadership skill, and he is quick to devise plans or out-think enemies through series of strategies. If forced to fight up-close to an enemy, Asraels will use a pair of plasma pistols to keep his opponent at bay while reinforcements come to his aid. As a navy commander, Asraels is not interested in close-quarters combat, believing the destructive power of a spaceship is more than enough to deal with any army.



Green face.pngFor the Imperium!


Yellow face.pngSpeak your mind.

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Red face.pngTo the death!


I have seen first-hand why he is known as a Grand-Commandant. He's a powerful man with a powerful ship, and his work ethic is commendable. But... he's merciless and brutally efficient. I guess... I guess that's why he's a Grand-Commandant.

- Tetra

Having fought in the Second Borealis Galactic War, I have seen the man in action plenty of times. And each time, I was not left unimpressed. I will say this; I am glad that the Zazane and the Zoles find themselves fighting on the same side, for I would fear having to fight such a potent soldier.

- Tyraz




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