One of the most respected and revered zith of his time, and considered the greatest zith warrior still alive, Arzura is a master of combat. Once a shock troop in the zith armies, Aruraz has participated in ever major war the Alliance has been in and more. The Narmi War, The First Alliance War, and the Malevolence War. Currently retired and the reigning champion of the zith combat leagues, Aruraz is a legend to most.


Born in the fifty seventh year of the seventh age of the zith on the world of Rais, Aruaz grew up in a family with a strong military history, likly giving him an early infulance in the militiray. Aruaz was known for being very rough and agressive in his child hood, quickly learning fighting technices both hand to hand and with swords (fake ones of corse) in play fights with the other children. Soon however he became so skilled that no one dared even try to take him on, unless they wanted to get hurt.

After his coming of ceremony and his aquiering his own sword, Aruaz joined the Zith Empire's military to travel, having supposedly grown board with the quiet safty of his home world. Soon after his joining of the military the Narmi War broke out. Joning the shock troop devision, Aruaz became known for being not only the youngest shock trooper in the outfit, he also became known as the most deadly. Serving in at least five major ground battles, by the end of the war Aruaz had the highest kill record in his squad. He returned home after the end of the war, and stayed there for a while, but when the First Alliance War broke out Aruaz was a little bit too eager when he enlisted. Again becoming a shock trooper, Aruaz served on the hertic border, and won many honors and badges for his skills, and a respect for the warrior skills of the hertics, calling them worthy foes. During the war the Kings Guard for the King of Juta approached Aruaz with an offer to become a Kings Sword as a reward for his services, which he turned down without a second's hesitation.

At the end of the First Alliance War Aruaz was already considered a hero by much of the zith empire and even many in the greater Galian Alliance. Aruaz returned home once again but a rift soon emerged between him and his family and he soon left his home-world for the last time, never to return. Soon after Aruaz joined the Martial Arts Tournament of the Zith Empire and quickly became the champion in his second year.


Aruraz can be described as, "a mixture of sarcasm, a controlled temper, and a morbid humor". He is not known for being cheery or pleasant to be around, and often the only thing he is interested in is combat, tactics, strategies, and weapon types are common conversation topics of his.


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