He, who used to be one of our most trusted sages, turned his back on us. And for what purpose? To save his own sorry hide. Arrtkar is a betrayer to all that is Vida'Rra, and the day he is brought down alongside his master, he will learn it's too late to go back now. Siding with the nightmare is the worst mistake one can ever do.

- Rhigeo Fuerq, Vida'Rra hero

Arrtkar Crowart is an incredibly ancient Corruptus Demon who once belonged to the Vida'Rra race who acts as the very first Vanguard of Shu'wokerama and the fifth in command of the Corruptus. Having delivered his soul to the demon god in exchange of escaping his wrath, Arrtkar has since become a being detached from the concepts of mortality, believing it all to be nothing but tools and obstacles in the complete domination of the universe who must be forcefully removed if required.

Arrtkar has no love for the universe anymore, and his nature as an angelic being has since been replaced with intense disdain for all mortalkind. He has become beyond salvation, an entity who seeks only to fulfill his master's wishes through the most sadistic ways possible and forcing all beneath him to obey his orders. As deathless and eternal as the demon he serves, Arrtkar is a forced to be feared.


Ancient History[]

Very little is known about Arrtkar's history, though what is known is that he was once a high ranking sage of the Vida'Rra Imperium who served as an advisor for its leaders and that he had a younger brother named Felaanith. The Vida'Rranlora claim Arrtkar was always considered sly and manipulative, taking advantage of others to reach his goals and using less than honest means to get his way. During the original War of Black Fog, Arrtkar's home was invaded by the Corruptus under the lead of Shu'wokerama and instead of facing the demons like the rest of his people, the sage instead begged for the nightmare deity to spare him. Shu'wokerama accepted Arrtkar's offer in exchange of eternal servitude, transforming the Vida'Rra from an angelic being into an infernal fiend who became devoted to serve the will of Shu'rimrodir.

Arrtkar remained by Shu'wokerama's side for the rest of the war, causing the destruction of trillions of members of his own race until the nightmare demons were cast down by the ancient hero Rhigeo Fuerq, and Arrtkar was left imprisoned in the same dream energy crystal as Shu'wokerama himself for the next nine billion years.

Second War of Black Fog[]

An indeterminate time before the events of the Second War of Black Fog, Arrtkar reunited with Shu'wokerama after he was freed from his Thoi Themek prison and worked on reviving the Corruptus. Arrtkar would find and influence Errr into joining the Corruptus' cause, leading to the creation of the Marinoxidiz. Following this, Arrtkar aided the members of the Dark Five in their rampages by providing them with support. He notably fought Agent Mu, shielded Eleielord from the Draconid Imperium after they had wounded him and had a ferocious battle against Meketanor, until he was defeated by an entity later revealed to be Tyrómairon. Arrtkar was continuously defeated through the war, but kept returning, never being fully defeated. This would later be revealed to be his bond with Shu'wokerama, which disallowed him from being destroyed as long as Shu'wokerama was still alive.

Following the death of Kolossus, Arrtkar would stay with Errr to help him coordinate the Marinoxidiz's actions through the galaxy. He would come in conflict with his brother Felaanith as well. After Errr was killed, Arrtkar appeared to have been defeated for good until he revealed himself to Jerkon and his team when they attempted to destroy Shu'rimrodir from inside out. The allied force succeeded and Arrtkar was obliterated alongside his Demon God, though he was eventually returned to life to serve again during the Recruitment.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Arrtkar, along with the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, played a fundamental role in the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he aided in uniting the demon armies of the defunct Congregation, Mali'Nar and Xi'Arazulha together under the direct rule of the Xhodocto. After High Inquisitor Arsac was corrupted and joined the Dominion, Arrtkar was ordered by the Tandava Lords to follow her in a mission to attack the Grand Inquisition's Reliquaries to recover the Xhodocto Eye Terastia. After succeeding this mission, Arrtkar returned to Dominion territory. When Kithworto's team attempted to reach Anazopyrosi, Arrtkar and all other servants of Shu'wokerama tried to stop them, but were eventually defeated in combat and forced to retreat.



While a former Vida'Rra, there is little trace of Arrtkar's original form in his physiology other than his general body frame. His mouth has become a combination of a reptilian jaw and insectoid mandibles, and his wings have been reduced to bones. Arrtkar's armor is as ancient as he is, being the same outfit he used to wear during his life as a Vida'Rra.


Having lost all of his grace upon joining the Corruptus, Arrtkar is now an entity of pure disdain for the rest of the universe, believing it to be a mere setback in the plans of his master. He has little personal preferences or opinions and instead acts as dictated by Shu'wokerama, being content to simply follow the orders given to him while also demanding the respect of those under him. Arrtkar's relationship with his fellow Vanguards is rather shaky for he believes himself as the only worthy servant of Shu'wokerama, being distrustful of the younger individuals's prowess.


As a former Vida'Rra and oldest of Shu'wokerama's Vanguards, Arrtkar is one of the most powerful beings of the Corruptus, being powerful enough to take on his other six comrades and eventually defeat them together. All of his dream energy potential was transformed into nightmare energy prowess, allowing him to shape reality to fit his needs in the most nightmarish ways possible. Like all demons of the Corruptus, he can shapeshift and erupt tentacle-like tendrils out of his flesh, though his main weapon of choice are two pairs of blades similar to terran khopeshs made out of solidifed nightmare energy and wreathed in blackened purple fire, which he uses to deliver flurries of blows with his four arms.



Green face.pngI serve, for eternity.


Yellow face.pngObey. Me.


Orange face.pngBegone from my sight.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYour death will be slow and painful.

  • Thea'Nhirara - You are an abomination.
  • Mimi - Bothersome insect.
  • Jerkon - To stand against us is to prove you are idiotic.
  • Herquie - Your existence insults me.
  • Kithworto - Burn in the hell you escaped from.
  • Agent Mu - You will wish you were given the mercy of death.
  • Titanozor - Watch as your mighty empire crumbles.
  • Zr'Ahgloth - Changing sides was your last mistake, bug.


Demons, just for existing, are bad enough. But the idea that somebody can willingly turn their back on their friends, their family... their people and those that depended on them in order to join them makes me sick to my stomach. Demons are awful, sure, but traitors are the worst scum in the Gigaquadrant.

- Hachiman

Such powers are to be admired, mayhaps even feared outright, yet the one whose hands guides them remains short of being deemed an acquaintance, let alone friend. Follow your shallow heart but keep to mind that "ally" translates not to "servant" - especially as we serve the very same master.

- Mordathai


- Mad'Hatta




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